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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 663 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Eleven and Bai Ye discovered something interesting. Mo Jue’s overcast face became much uplifting, and he was smiling widely. His stunning face broke into a smile, intensifying Bai Ye’s disbelief.

How did he transform overnight?

Looking at how Mo Jue smiled foolishly at Ye Wei seemed to hark back to the times when he was Marshmallow. Bai Ye and Eleven felt that it was all too… frightening. Was he even normal?

Bai Ye blinked. “What’s with him? Did he become Marshmallow again?”

Just as he chuckled, Mo Jue looked away from Ye Wei and looked as sinister as Second Master Mo would. One could tell that he was Mo Jue instead of Marshmallow.

He only showed Ye Wei how he looked when he was happy and foolish.

He was extremely stingy with what people around him got to see.

Eleven and Bai Ye looked at each other and secretly thought ‘Wei Wei sure has a way to tame her husband.’

No normal person could learn that.

Ye Wei found an excuse to boot Mo Jue out, and Mo Jue, despite how unwilling he was, still went out. When Ye Wei wanted some time alone, Mo Jue had already learned to give her said freedom.

She would get irritated from him looking at her for the whole day.

“What did you charm Mo Jue with to the point he became like this?” Bai Ye gently smiled and sat on the sofa. His eyes were full of curiosity and teasing.

“I have my own bag of tricks.” Ye Wei deliberately kept him hanging. She would naturally not tell them how lest they joke about her. That said, there was nothing to joke about someone who took a liking to someone.

But she was still not used to telling others about it.

There were actually some things which they all knew and kept to themselves that needed no mention. Bai Ye and Eleven knew that she liked Mo Jue.

While she might be really touched by the fool in Mo Jue, she had no wish for him to leave. After she said that last night, he was ecstatic and hugged and kissed her. When she saw his expression, she suddenly thought how downcast and how hate-filled he would look if she left him, and her heart thumped hard at the thought. Her urgent desire to leave him became very faint.

Perhaps she had really put down all her reservations!

For her to really ‘just be unable to go with the flow’ rang true. She was never such a person, and it was only so because the person in question was Mo Jue.

“Wei Wei, it’s afraid that Mo Jue is the only person who could tolerate you. Which man in the world would want you and have the chops to want you?” Bai Ye gently laughed and changed the topic. “I’ll run a check up on you in the afternoon.”

“Is your body still in good shape? Moreover, is Su Man willing to allow you to get busy?” Ye Wei blinked her eyes naughtily.

Bai Ye calmly said, “A checkup is not particularly time or effort-consuming. An earlier checkup will allow me more time to work on the more severe problems. You’ve been injured for several days, and the recovery gets even harder once you delay treatment further and your bones fuse together.”

Ye Wei nodded as she did not have any opinion. Eager anticipation fleeted across her huge and beautiful eyes when she said, “You have to think of a way to get me to stand. I do not want to be unable to walk for the rest of my life. This sucks, and I’d rather…”

“You are talking nonsense again. Relax. I’ll make sure you’re fine.” Bai Ye smiled. “I can’t do anything about Eleven’s poison, but I am confident I can patch your leg up as it’s my specialty. Even if your leg is amputated, I would be able to attach it back perfectly. It’s naturally the same for your case.”

He had a confident glow on his face. It was his specialty indeed. If he was unable to heal her leg, it was afraid that there was no other doctor who could heal her.

“Dear Bai Ye, is Beauty Su mistreating you?” Ye Wei asked with laughter. “You look exceptionally pale. You look like the one who would initiate, so why did you look like you’re on the receiving end? Bai Ye, you must fight for the honor of our Organization!”

Eleven was speechless.

Bai Ye, “…”

Both of them had the same question. What did this have to do with their organization?

They were two different matters.

“Why do you have such a look? Can’t agree with what I said?”

Bai Ye and Eleven shook their hands in panic. They agreed, absolutely, with what she said. After shaking his hand, Bai Ye felt that something was amiss and was at a loss as to whether to cry or laugh. He was getting afraid of being schemed by Ye Wei time and again.

“That’s what I’m talking about.” Ye Wei was satisfied.

“How long would we have to remain in Riyadh?” Eleven asked Bai Ye. “I’m afraid Kahn will come over. He will definitely be able to locate us if we remain in a place for too long.”

“I’ve already gotten Su Man to be on alert. After all, this is his turf. We will definitely be able to receive information about Kahn coming.”

Eleven had a cold look on her face. She no longer felt the guilt she used to feel toward Kahn before. He had changed, becoming violent and cruel. But one wondered how his eyes were. Would he become blind?


The silver needles were so deeply embedded that one eye was certainly beyond cure.

If the other eye was infected, there would be no cure either.

While Eleven no longer felt guilt toward him, she thought about how he would look if he were blind and pitied him.

After all, she once respected and revered him.

“Another moment of weakness, huh?” Bai Ye raised his eyebrows and smiled as he asked. He, Chu Li, and the others did not quite have any feelings toward Kahn because he was above them when he just came into the picture. As one of the earliest batches of disciples, he was of aptitude and they, in comparison to him, were all rookies. They used to treat Kahn as an imaginary adversary and naturally did not have feelings for him.

Actually, when they were younger, there were so many people on the island that cliques were a serious problem.

Since he and Kahn did not belong to the same clique, there was nary any brotherhood between them.

“No, I just felt that if he did not leave us back then, he would be in our organization too and be on pretty good terms with us,” Eleven said.

Ye Wei raised her eyebrows. “Not necessarily! Fang Ying grew up with us, but why isn’t she on good terms with us? People are fated to click—or maybe not.”

“You could say so too. Don’t worry about Kahn. Su Man will keep a lookout. He is a very meticulous person and there should not be any glaring oversight on his part. I will have Chu Li look out too,” Bai Ye said. This was the most conservative way out.

Eleven nodded. “It will be best if Wei Wei’s leg can be cured before he comes.”

“That possibility isn’t high!”

“Bai Ye, how the heck did you manage to pursue Beauty Su? Come share, come share!” Ye Wei asked in a gossiping tone. She was not particularly interested in her leg at the moment. “Since you are no longer straight, come share with a fellow sister how you are so… not straight!”

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