Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 664 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 664 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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“Ah, Wei Wei, I suddenly remembered that I should have my medicine. Let’s talk again later.” Ye Wei asked so directly that Bai Ye had to escape quickly, taking advantage of Ye Wei’s immobility to catch up with him as he made his way out. Ye Wei looked at his silhouette with a disdainful look.

Eleven broke into laughter whereas Ye Wei shrugged. These brothers were not the nicest.

“Stop asking him. You’ve scared him away,” Eleven laughed and said. “Hats off to you. Go show your feet more care.”

Ye Wei smiled sinisterly. “No worries. I’ll see where he gets to escape to during the checkup in the afternoon.”

Eleven was speechless.

When Ye Wei came to Riyadh, her mood became much better and she was smiling more. Mo Jue, who heard her laughter, wondered jealously why she did not smile as much around him.

And she never laughed this loud and freely.

“Wei Wei, do you want to inform your elder brother about your leg injury? He is still in the dark,” Eleven gently said. Third Young Master Ye had yet to be informed of Ye Wei encountering trouble in Oman, which extremely few people knew of. It was her murder of Daiya that had spread like wildfire.

“Don’t tell him lest he worry. I am mostly fine. Besides, Ye Hailan is still young and the young kid is not present. It will be better for Third Young Master Ye to remain at home and accompany third sister-in-law and my little niece. He can’t come to Riyadh. What if something happens?” Ye Wei slowly said. If Third Young Master Ye weren’t Ye Wei’s elder brother or the young kid’s father, he would have had little to do with the world.

He was originally the secret leader of the Dragon Gate, but Fourth Master Tang was seeing to most affairs and he rarely utilized his ties in the underworld since his main power base was still up and above. He was different from those who fully dabbled in the underworld.

She did not wish to put their family in danger.

Their family had endured much upheaval, and it was about time they had a peaceful life. She did not want to disturb other people, and likewise in her case.

Once her feet were fine, she would return to City A to visit them. She really wanted to see that magical niece of hers.

In the afternoon, Bai Ye checked Ye Wei’s leg as Mo Jue watched on. Eleven and Su Man were present. Su Man had little to offer in the way of such an injury since it was not his specialty.

“Beauty Su, what are you doing here when this isn’t your field of research?” Ye Wei smiled and asked Su Man, who was looking at Bai Ye ambiguously.

Su Man coldly harrumphed. “Waiting to read the report from your checkup.”

“Oh, I’m so touched!” Ye Wei cupped her hands in the shape of a heart, ignoring Mo Jue’s glum face. She smiled gorgeously and said teasingly, “Your Bai Ye is not some sick beauty, so why are you watching him so tightly?” I am interested in you, and not the slightest interested in Bai Ye.

Su Man knew that the more he said, the more Ye Wei would try to fish from him. He hence decided to shut up and fully put to practice the ‘silence is golden’ axiom.

“Would her leg be fully cured?” Mo Jue asked Bai Ye nervously.

“If you’re asking if she is to jump and hop like a normal person, then that is not too much of a problem,” Bai Ye slowly said as he looked at the figures from her report despite frowning. Mo Jue did not notice the frowning, but Claire did say that even if Ye Wei would recover, she would limp weirdly. He was disappointed. Ye Wei would definitely be unhappy.

When Bai Ye said she would be able to run and hop like anybody else with minimal problems, he thought that there was a way to cure her and was extremely happy. He could not help but kneel down and hold Ye Wei’s hands that had become damp from sweat.

Su Man looked at Bai Ye’s gaze and frowned silently.

Was there a problem?

Ye Wei was the calmest. “Carry on.”

Eleven felt her heart become nervous. Could it be… As she thought of the possibility, her face slightly changed. Mo Jue also started to realize. It seemed that he had been too happy too fast.

Bai Ye looked at Ye Wei and said, “If you want to fight like how you used to, I’m afraid that you will have to suffer quite a bit.”

“Bai Ye, what do you mean? Has she lost her skills?” Mo Jue asked nervously. Ye Wei would definitely be unable to accept this fact.

“She’s not completely crippled. Her hands are mostly fine, and she would be able to exert strength using her legs,” Bai Ye said. “You are all martial arts practitioners and should know that.”

“Do you have a way to completely patch me up?” Ye Wei emphasized ‘completely’. She did not want to be able to walk and run like any normal person and suffer arthritic pains in the rain.

She wanted a completely fine body and was willing to endure whatever pain that came her way.

“It will take longer, and… it will be very painful,” Bai Ye said.

“That’s okay! I can be operated on without anesthesia, so what’s this pain?” Ye Wei said as though it did not matter to her. It was not that she had not experienced pain before. She looked directly at Bai Ye and said, “I want to be completely healed!”

“I know,” Bai Ye said as he looked at Ye Wei worriedly before turning to look at Mo Jue. “Could you step out for a moment? There are some things I want to ask Ye Wei in person.”

Eleven raised her eyebrows and secretly wondered whether Bai Ye wanted to keep Mo Jue away. But given that Mo Jue would flare up and show his displeasure, he hence kept them away. What else would Wei Wei keep from him?

Mo Jue had a terrible look on his face but responded regardless. “What is there that I cannot hear? I would like to remain here.”

Bai Ye raised his eyebrows. A cold smile flashed through his eyes. “Second Master Mo, we are talking about some personal matters that seem to be about you guys in the Mafia that you should not be listening to.”

People who were familiar with Bai Ye knew that he was already displeased when he gave such a look.

Su Man harrumphed and stared coldly at Mo Jue before walking out first.

Eleven shrugged in resignation and walked out too.

Ye Wei looked at Mo Jue with raised eyebrows and smiled. Mo Jue, who did not speak, seemed even more irate. He knew that Bai Ye and Ye Wei were not talking about some personal matters. It must have been something about her body that they did not want him to know. He felt terrible.

“Just leave. It’s nothing major. Even Bai Ye said that my leg can be cured. There are some things that you really should not know, dear Gorgeous Mo Jue. Be impartial, okay? If you aren’t, how could I still stay with you?”

As Mo Jue heard on, he became even more displeased and walked out.

Bai Ye looked at his back and shook his head. “This chap’s heart is wholly for you. He is undoubtedly into you.”

“That I know. What do you want to tell me?”

“You had a miscarriage?” Bai Ye asked. He actually knew it was for sure.

Ye Wei felt that there was nothing to it and nodded. “You letting Mo Jue go out is right as I have not told him about it. Is there any issue with that?”

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