Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 665 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 665 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Bai Ye frowned and grabbed a chair to sit next to her. “Why didn’t you take care of your body after you miscarried?”

“I lost the child a few days before the incident, and I didn’t have time to take care of my body. Later on, I got busy looking for Mo Jue to settle a score with and went to Oman. Immediately after that, I encountered Kahn and got beaten up by him. I only slept for hours a day during those days and was in a terrible mood to care about anything else. In short, I simply did not have the time to look after my body. Forget it. All this talk is useless. Does my body have some underlying illness? Am I barren or down with some other gynecopathy?”

“You’re overthinking.” Bai Ye broke into laughter. Does having an underlying illness mean infertility? If that was the case, how would one explain all the children around town? That said, her body was indeed in bad shape…

“Your facial expression is so terrible that all my bad thoughts went off the cliff.” Ye Wei laughed albeit not happily. “Be honest with me. Is my body really that messed up? I feel especially tired for no rhyme or reason recently, and I don’t feel perked up despite whatever I do. I just thought that my leg injury was the problem.”

Bai Ye shook his head. Her leg injury was not the main reason; it was her body that was in bad shape and Kahn battering her until she sustained internal injuries made for a less than optimistic situation. “Your body was repeatedly battered and it’s in bad shape. You must allow your body to recover. Your body is nowhere near Eleven’s. The good thing is that you’re still young and there is still an opportunity to remedy it. When you become older, the complications become one too many. That said, please immediately inform me when you are pregnant. I will watch over you until you deliver.”

“Is it that serious?” Ye Wei frowned. She could not feel anything else apart from fatigue.

“If I say it’s serious, it’s serious. You shall not question the expert. Miss Ye Wei, I am unhappy at how you are questioning my expertise.” Bai Ye displayed the typical expert look.

Ye Wei was too lazy to bother and said, “Got it. To think that you can still joke about me and tell me there’s a cure. In that case, whatever goes then. My battered body is in your hands.”

“You sure are easy-going enough to ask me to take care of this battered body of yours.” Bai Ye rolled his eyes.

“Even you don’t want it? Hmmph!” Ye Wei gently harrumphed and was silent for a moment. “There really isn’t any problem too severe, right?”

“Are you afraid?”

Ye Wei shook her head and waved her hand cheerfully. “What am I afraid of? Mention anything else you will, but if that miscarriage causes me to have any underlying causes for gynecopathy, I’d rather take a few more bullets than face that. It pisses the heck out of me.”

Bai Ye was lost for words. Ye Wei’s thoughts were… incomprehensible by the typical men.

“Let’s use the traditional Chinese medicine approach then. It will take longer but is better than Western medicine. If you start off with consuming antibiotics or whatnot, whatever else you consume in the future won’t work anymore. It so happens that Su Man’s courtyard has many herbs that are good for reconditioning your body.” Bai Ye glossed over it but Ye Wei felt her heart thump. Things sure seemed serious. Should she try and ask him what exactly happened to her?

However, she would not understand a thing that Bai Ye said and would simply eat whatever he prescribed her anyway.

“This period will be a little tougher for you.”

“I can still give birth in the future, right?”

“Like I said, please inform me as soon as you are pregnant, and I’ll watch over you until you deliver,” Bai Ye said. He did not tell Ye Wei the rest, and he had to quickly take care of her body in this period of time.

Her body, however, was not as good as Eleven’s. While Eleven had a difficult condition to treat unless there was an antidote, Ye Wei’s was much easier to treat. The pro-bono doctor in him was properly busy.

He, half-dead from his illness, still had to worry for these two sisters.

“It’s a pity to lose one, and I still want one.”

“This is no purse that you can recover after losing it. The child you carry will be different from the previous one too.” Bai Ye could not help but laugh.

“That won’t do. I want a daughter. As long as I have a daughter, I will think she’s back.” Ye Wei insisted. Although she seemed too young for childbearing given her age, Mo Jue’s immense sex drive meant a huge chance at childbearing for her.

“You want to always have boys?”

“Until I have a daughter.” Ye Wei clenched her fist. Bai Ye broke into laughter and said, “Having a few more will do too! Based on the DNA of you two, as long as there are no mutations, your children can’t fall too far off. They will be fresh meat for our organization and boost its rank.”

“…” Ye Wei despised him.

“Why didn’t you want to tell Mo Jue?” Bai Ye suddenly asked.

“There are no more children and I don’t want him to feel bad when he learns about that. Forget it,” Ye Wei simply said. She was not too keen to talk about that child.

“If you tell him, his heart will ache even more for you.”

“Got it. I don’t want to earn his doting and pity because I played the child card.” Ye Wei smiled self-confidently. She had her own ways to get Mo Jue to dote on her.

“You are so obstinate…”

The two of them smiled as they walked out of the laboratory. Mo Jue hurried up and keenly asked about her condition. “She’s mostly fine. I will start to prepare the traditional Chinese medicine to condition her body starting from tomorrow,” Bai Ye said.

Mo Jue had a solemn look on his face. “Didn’t you say that you will only treat her after a while?”

Bai Ye retorted casually. “Am I the doctor, or are you the doctor?”

Mo Jue was speechless. Ye Wei shook her head at him. “Gorgeous Mo Jue, bring me out for a spin.”

“I’ll go along too!” Eleven completed the statement. Mo Jue did not respond. Why have a light bulb come along when they were going on a spin? “You wanted me to come over to protect Wei Wei, so I will watch over her 24/7. If that weren’t the case, why did you want me over here?” Eleven replied in perfect justification.

Mo Jue was once again lost for words, and fire almost spewed out of his purple eyes.


‘These idiots are definitely doing it on purpose. Yes, they must be doing it on purpose!’

Ye Wei looked at Mo Jue’s glum face with raised eyebrows. He was becoming even more adorable by the day. On the other hand, Mo Jue was starting to regret coming to Riyadh as there were too many light bulbs that were each too bright for his liking.

One of them was Bai Ye, the attending physician whom he could not afford to offend.

Another one was Eleven, whom he would be unable to defeat.

Mo Jue seemed to have felt that he was on the losing end. He and Ye Wei sure had a carefree life on the island, but then they came here only to see so many light bulbs.

Damn it!

Eleven was not particularly concerned about how Mo Jue felt. While she had not received information about Kahn reaching Riyadh, she was afraid it would happen. Given how their intelligence network was robust and how Ye Wei was wounded, she was not at peace when she Mo Jue went out.

If many took them on, Mo Jue would not be able to protect Ye Wei.

Eleven carried Ye Wei into the car and then shouted, “Mo Jue, if you aren’t coming, how about I drive?”

“I’m coming!” Mo Jue roared.

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