Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 666 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 666 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Mo Jue was driving a sports car, and he sat in front whereas Eleven and Ye Wei sat behind. He gave them a spin around Riyadh’s coastline. There were many cars in the city, so Mo Jue decided to head for places with less traffic.

Ye Wei could not help but laugh in the back of the car as she talked about everything under the sun with Eleven. Her laughter even drowned out Mo Jue’s displeasure.

It was so rare for her to be happy.

The car stopped on a mountain road where the sea was below them. The view from the top was not too bad. Ye Wei suddenly thought about how interesting things would be if Big Boss Mo was around.

She and Big Boss Mo had their own biases, and arguments were bound to ensue if they came together. Eleven and Mo Jue, those two honest folks, would certainly have interesting looks. “Eleven, do you want to call Big Boss Mo over to have some fun?”



Eleven and Mo Jue gave Ye Wei the same reaction as though Ye Wei had said something humorous. To think she could imagine Big Boss Mo coming over to Riyadh and staying under the same roof as folks from the terrorist organization.

This scene was indeed… a little jarring.

“Why? That can’t do? Isn’t Gorgeous Mo Jue already here?” Ye Wei propped her head and laughed, gently glossing over it. “Relax. We do not have our biases.”

If Big Boss Mo came, Chu Li and the others would have heard wind of it and come over. That would make for an even more interesting situation as they would certainly make things difficult for the Mo brothers. Besides, how could they not take it out on the Mo brothers when they had deep-seated grudges to resolve? Moreover, Eleven and Ye Wei were involved with the Mo brothers whom they could not quite trust.

“My elder brother is very busy!” Mo Jue said and looked down with slight guilt over how he came to join Wei Wei and left his elder brother to see to all the affairs of the Mafia. He must be overwhelmed with business, but he did not say a single word. Mo Jue felt that he had gone overboard.

Eleven nodded profusely, agreeing with Mo Jue for once. ‘Yes, Mo Ye is really busy. Wei Wei, that was too evil of you.’

“He is that busy, is he not? Even if he’s busy, it’s just with the Middle Eastern affairs. Mo Jue, since your elder brother is so busy, why don’t you go back and share the load with him?” Ye Wei blinked her eyes and said in an understanding manner with a sweet smile on her face.

Mo Jue’s face became even glummer and he harrumphed when he saw the twinkle in her eyes. This damn lass was deliberately teasing him.

Eleven gently laughed and said, “You really want to see them being humiliated, don’t you?”

“Definitely, but you have to be willing.” Ye Wei smiled in a witty manner. “Call him over, and Chu Li, Jason, and the others will automatically come over. That will be fun.”

Eleven smiled and shook her head as she looked at Ye Wei and considered its feasibility. She would not turn Ye Wei down, and she wondered how Big Boss Mo and those few good men would verbally spar with each other. They, for all they knew, could even become friends! Since everyone was already in this predicament, there were some emotional knots that had to be eventually reconciled, no? As long as they were on opposite sides of the planet and never met each other, these emotional knots would never be reconciled. They belonged to the terrorist organization but wished for reconciliation, so they had to think of a way to have them meet face to face. Since she and Ye Wei were injured and spending time in Riyadh, they would be able to solve this once and for all. While chances were slim for them to become friends, there was at least a chance that they would be able to politely engage each other.

Mo Jue looked at Eleven alertly. This woman wouldn’t sell his brother out so easily, right?

“Eleven, don’t act rashly. You’d better not call my elder brother,” Mo Jue said nervously. If they all came, he and his brother would be skinned alive, and he did not expect Ye Wei to help him.

It was already very good that she did not plot on teaching them a lesson.

“I didn’t say anything.” Eleven raised her eyebrows.

Mo Jue coldly harrumphed, and Ye Wei was satisfied.

“Mo Jue, I’m feeling a little jealous now. If your elder brother and I drop into the river, who would you save first?” Ye Wei broke into an extremely eminent smile and curiously asked Mo Jue.

This was an extremely serious question.

Eleven’s eyes twitched. ‘Wei Wei, you are just too talented!’

“Neither of you; you all can swim better than me, so why should I save you? I might, for all you know, end up needing help,” Mo Jue replied decisively without hesitation. The question was a no-brainer.

Ye Wei and Mo Ye were very good swimmers, and he was a little afraid of the water. If he had to save them, he could end up needing help, and they would end up saving him instead.

Eleven broke into a smile and buried her head in the back of the seat as she could not bear to see Ye Wei’s twitching face. Mo Jue was undoubtedly dumb enough not to read the implication of the questions. Ye Wei gritted her teeth and said, “What if! What if the both of us cannot swim?”

“Wei Wei, are you making things difficult for me? This is something that can never happen. There is no if here,” Mo Jue solemnly replied.

Ye Wei gritted her teeth. This little idiot. “Very well, then. Here it goes. If Kahn appears right before us now and captures your brother and me, who would you save? You can only save one of us.”

This was a much more plausible scenario.

Mo Jue went silent. Eleven raised her eyebrows and hugged Ye Wei by an elbow while she looked at Mo Jue, who was deep in thought. “It’s definitely you,” she whispered.

Ye Wei harrumphed in her heart. As of now…

Mo Jue’s purple eyes, which were drooped, seemed to struggle with the answer. He looked up at Ye Wei, then looked down again. Eleven secretly wondered if Second Boss Mo deserved a beating for taking this long to answer the question.

Immediately saying ‘save Wei Wei’ was no biggie, and everybody would go home happy.

“I’ll save my brother first!” Mo Jue solemnly replied as he looked into Ye Wei. While Ye Wei originally posed the question out of fun, like how the wife would often ask the husband whether he would save her or her mother if both fell in the river, any smart man would not quite know how to answer said question whereas the majority would say ‘save the wife’ in order to cajole the wife.

But Mo Jue… F***, he was just too damn honest.

Eleven teasingly said, “Seems like you can’t match up to his elder brother.”

“Hmmph! This we have long known! Gorgeous Mo Jue, how dare you break my heart?” Ye Wei gestured a heartbreak motion and fell into Eleven’s embrace. “Eleven, please console me… We shall live our lives together then.”

“What a great idea!” Eleven immediately promised her.

“Let’s get some girls’ love and stop going after them.”


Mo Jue was lost for words.

Ye Wei was not really hurt and had actually expected this response. She was too carefree to get angry with Mo Jue and could not care too much about said question. She was merely a little stifled, but that would pass.

Mo Jue looked at Ye Wei solemnly. There was something he did not say just now. ‘I may save my elder brother, but I will die with you.’

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