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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 667 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Although Bai Ye was looking up medical books, most of his medical skills were in his memory and he was able to use them with immense flexibility. Although he occasionally practiced medicine in the past few years, he rarely flipped books save now.

Firstly, Su Man’s home had a massive collection of medical books that spanned from past to present. One would be able to find many lost medical manuscripts in his home, whether they were from the Orient or from the West. Secondly, the Ye family had many medical complications that involved areas that he did not often dabble in and he was inevitably less adept at those areas. As it would be tedious to cure her leg, he wanted to develop her constitution so that she would be able to endure the arduous process.

Bai Ye was almost half-settled in Riyadh. Like Ye Wei and Eleven, his whereabouts were a mystery and he often went around the world to the point his whereabouts were even more mysterious than those of Ye Wei and Eleven. He only spent two months in London to help Chu Li with the matters of their organization, and he spent the rest of his time experiencing the rest of the world and enjoying a carefree life.

He had seen all he could, enjoyed all he could, and did all he could in these twenty years.

Today, this carefree and unrestrained gust of wind that was him was willing to stop.

It was impossible for Su Man to relocate to London, and he had to accept all that Su Man was when he accepted his feelings. Bai Ye, after thrice considering, remained in Riyadh willingly without coercion.

He even did not suggest to Su Man to move to London with him.

He did not like the weather in Riyadh as he was not a fan of the heat which was often so in Riyadh for most of the year. The summer in Riyadh was as high as 40 degrees Celsius, and he had to spend a long time to become acclimatized to Riyadh.

He did not quite like the city as it was full of artificial greenery and fountains. When it was summer, there were few people in the city and it felt like a ghost town. Besides, there were few places in Riyadh where he could have fun, and the culture in Riyadh was also quite conservative.

Because of Su Man, he started to like this city.

Because of another person, one started to like a city.

This city gave the world and him a Su Man, and he, with this thankfulness, saw Riyadh in a much better light.

While people felt that he had given up a lot for Su Man, like the regal London and the carefree lifestyle, feelings were like water where everyone’s preferred water temperature was to their own.

He was extremely willing to give up all these in exchange for Su Man to be by his side.

Especially when Su Man launched a viral missile on his behalf just to save his life, and even personally went to Oman to look for him and pick him up. Bai Ye was even more determined to be together with Su Man, and even the gods would be infuriated if he chose to give up on Su Man.

This was the price to pay when loving a person.

One had to pay a price to earn the adoration and love of such an extremely eminent person.

Su Man’s courtyard was independent and next to Bai Ye’s courtyard. Ever since they returned from Oman, Su Man acquiesced to tearing down the wall between the courtyards, which signaled his acquiescence to Bai Ye being that closer to his world.

This left Bai Ye overjoyed as the courtyard was like untainted soil that few could enter. When he allowed Bai Ye to partake in it, how could Bai Ye not be happy?

What was even more worthy of happiness was how he, in his pain, hinted and explicitly went for Su Man’s bedroom. Although Su Man was utterly displeased, he was not calculative with him on account he was the patient.


When one thing follows another, everything else flows.

He stayed with Su Man, and they had a total of four study rooms of which two belonged to him and two belonged to Su Man, along with a small laboratory and a huge repository.

When Su Man found him, Bai Ye was attentively researching how he could concoct better medicines for Ye Wei. The previous prescriptions he wrote were not the best, and he wanted a better prescription.

“Time for your medicine.” Su Man placed four pills and a glass of water before him. As he had passed the time to take his medicine, Su Man could guess that he was so busy he lost track of time.

“Ah, I forgot the time again.” Bai Ye was a little frustrated as he consumed the medicine and water.

Su Man conveniently flipped through the book in front of Bai Ye. He slightly raised his eyebrows and looked at Bai Ye quizzically. “What’s with you reading this book?”

“Wei Wei had a miscarriage and she has many underlying medical problems.” Bai Ye explained. “She did not take care of her body, and Kahn bashed her until she sustained internal injuries to the point the functions of some of her organs are starting to deteriorate. I’m thankful that we discovered this early. I guess Mo Jue’s doctor had checked her feet up too. Seeing that she was pale, I did a checkup for her and there is indeed a cocktail of problems.”

“Miscarriage?” Su Man toyed with the word in disbelief. “Hmmph! Mo Jue’s courage is indeed commendable.”

Bai Ye broke into laughter.

“Is it serious?”

“I can handle it!” Bai Ye laughed and said. “I’m sure you found it unbelievable to hear of Ye Wei’s pregnancy. I also thought that there was a problem with my diagnosis.”

Su Man nodded. He was indeed in disbelief.

“Would you be going to the banquet at the palace tonight?” Su Man suddenly asked, his gaze landing on the medical book in his hand. He randomly flipped it and did not look at Bai Ye. If it weren’t the two of them in the study room, he would have thought the question was not directed at him.

Bai Ye was a little taken back. To the palace?

He instead laughed and asked, “Are you going?”

“The seventh princess’s invite has reached us, and there are two princes from Country R who will be attending the banquet. Chances are she would have to choose one of them to form an alliance through marriage.”

“Then, why are you going?”

“It’s nominally a palace banquet, so all representatives of the royalty are to turn up,” Su Man said. He actually did not need to go, but…

Bai Ye smiled and understood what he meant. Rumors about Su Man and the seventh princess had spread for years, and hearsay about Su Man fancying men had also spread for years. If he brought a man to the banquet, he would seem to be making a statement.

What was he trying to say?

For the royal family to give him an official status?

Or to say whether they accepted it or not was their business?

This was inevitably a little…

Didn’t Su Man care? The Su family was, after all, the top nobility in Riyadh, but if the royal family were ticked off….

“Beauty Su, are you sure you want to bring a man along to the banquet?”

“What’s wrong with bringing you along? It’s not like you’re unpresentable!” Beauty Su coldly harrumphed.

He had never hidden anything and he was above board in all that he did. If he wanted this person, male or female, did the opinions of others even his business? Bai Ye was above board and not some boy toy that he supported.

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