Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 668 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 668 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Bai Ye laughed and leaned back, looking at Su Man as though he was trying to figure out the emotion on Su Man’s face. Su Man was still flipping through the book in a steely manner, seemingly extremely calm.

At that moment…

Bai Ye did not speak but looked at Beauty Su from the side. Beauty Su slammed the book and his calm gaze seemed to become slightly colder as he said, “If you are not going, that’s fine too. I can go by myself.”

While his tone did not give his emotions away, Bai Ye knew that he was irritated.

Just as Su Man moved, Bai Ye grabbed his hand and stood up before turning around and pinning Su Man against the study table. His gentlemanly gaze seemed to be covered in a thin sheen of elation. He forcefully held Su Man and said with a smile, “When did I say I would not go?”

Su Man coldly harrumphed and shot him a cold gaze. “Let go!”

Bai Ye, on hearing this, hugged him even more tightly, pressing his body against Beauty Su. A gentle yet cold scent from Beauty Su wafted over, and Bai Ye was temporarily stunned to the point he became self-inebriated. That was how inebriated Bai Ye was from Beauty Su’s scent.

“Su Man…” Bai Ye gently called and turned onto his side to kiss Su Man’s lips. He tightly held Su Man’s hand that wanted to resist and forcefully stopped him. Although Bai Ye had yet to completely recuperate from his injuries, he had regained most of his strength, so he had little problem holding Su Man tightly.

He loved to hug and kiss him, but this lover of his did not seem to be the most cooperative and did not let him have his way. Said lover often showed an exceptionally calm look while resisting his passion.

As he was unwell earlier, the conditions counted against him and he lost so many good opportunities.

If he could kiss him, he would absolutely never let it go.

When their lips parted, Bai Ye’s breathing seemed a bit hurried. Su Man tried hard to keep his haphazard breathing in check as he stared at Bai Ye in anger. Bai Ye gently smiled and suddenly hugged Su Man out of the blue. Su Man was caught off guard and instinctively tried to push Bai Ye away, but he reached out to feel a body of bones and stopped in his tracks without using force.

“As lovers, we should behave like lovers, no? That said, you don’t dislike me touching you, am I right? We’re in our home, so what’s there to be afraid of?” Bai Ye spoke deeply into his ear with a hint of hoarseness.

He wanted Su Man…

“Aren’t you afraid of Ye Wei bugging the place?” Su Man coldly harrumphed.

Bai Ye broke into laughter and laughed uncontrollably. “Hahaha! You understand her way better than me.”

Su Man coldly harrumphed, but Bai Ye placed his lips on Su Man’s and pinned him against the study table forcefully. “Even if she sees it all, I want to kiss you!”

“You scoundrel, you… Ugh…” Before Beauty Su could complete his statement, Bai Ye kissed him again and all his words were lodged in his throat. His long eyelashes trembled before his eyes.

Although he should not entertain such thoughts, Bai Ye still felt that such a Su Man evoked pity.

Especially when he heard about what happened in his youth, he could not help but dote on him more.

He knew that he was an aggressive, tough-as-nails man who was outstanding enough to the point he did not need the love and adoration of others. What he needed was somebody who stood by him, but he could not help but want to shower him with even more love.

The two bodies tangled in the sun and fell onto the couch in the study room. Bai Ye’s body was pinned against him tightly and he forcefully kissed his lips. His hands could not help but rip open his broad white shirt.

Su Man was svelte and his bone structure was neither as broad as men’s nor as slender as women’s but instead perfectly brought out a svelte and good-looking figure. Bai Ye could not help but reach in and feel his smooth skin and persistently felt downward…

“Stop it!” When he felt somebody grip his member, Su Man was shocked and regained his sense from his dazed passion. His pale face was red, and his eternally calm gaze seemed to be caught off guard.

His expression sent Bai Ye into a frenzy. A torrent of kisses landed on his lips, the back of his ear, and his nape. Bai Ye bit on his skin hard. When men got down on men, they were not as gentle as men going down on women. There were a few hints of a bestial passion… Bai Ye decisively ripped off Su Man’s waist belt and reached downward with both hands and pleasured Su Man without opposition…

He had no preferences for men, and the people around him did not have similar preferences. He thought that he would have felt quite out of place and somewhat convoluted when going down on a man, but little did he expect himself to not feel that at all…

This body tempted him to hug it, to have it for himself…

“Ahh…” Su Man grunted. His face became even redder while he gritted his teeth to prevent these shameful noises from going out. Bai Ye, that scoundrel! If his heart did not ache over Bai Ye’s body, he would not have allowed Bai Ye to…

Beauty Su’s breathing became deeper as their lips tangled with each other. His gaze had a gentle sheen of lust to it, and his sense of touch was focused at the lower half of his body. The veins around his neck became evident, and he felt his body gradually squirming out of control, desiring Bai Ye’s touch. Bai Ye kissed his lips down his half-revealed chest and suddenly bit upward, precisely on Beauty Su’s protruding Adam’s apple.

Su Man felt a numbness surge down his chest and bit on his lip. He came onto his hands…

The sweat soaked through his white robe, and he could not gather his senses immediately. When he felt a hand reaching for his back, Su Man grabbed said hand. Considering they pleasured each other, this sexual intimacy was perfectly normal.

He was nowhere bashful and instead held Bai Ye’s wrists and said, “If you want to do it, sure. I’ll be on top.”

“I have not been… done by somebody yet…”

“Duh!” Had he been? Su Man coldly harrumphed.

Bai Ye kissed Su Man’s lips and ground his body against him. They had discussed this problem before and had shared the same bed for many days. Su Man, who was pure in heart, did not engage in many deviant acts. If he engaged in anything deviant, it was because Bai Ye had teased him for the kicks and stopped halfway.

There was once they almost went the whole nine yards and he said he would do him if he were on top. While that was okay, little did they expect him to be unable to stand the passion and break into a cough from the intense passion. That tryst had to stop in its tracks.

While he promised him to let him be on top, Bai Ye really wanted to take Su Man’s…

No man would allow himself to be pinned down by another man.

Unless he was naturally submissive.

But he was not!

“Be fairer! One person once!” Bai Ye said. He did not mind a man putting down his pride and ego for another man, and it was natural that he would exact the same payback.

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