Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 669 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 669 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Su Man frowned and looked deeply at Bai Ye with a slight passion in his gaze as though he was seemingly considering Bai Ye’s suggestion. Bai Ye was not in a rush and waited for his response.

All along, Su Man emphasized how he would do if he were on top. He had never said he would be below, and given his character, he would never allow a man to pin him down and do him. However, what was stopping him from trying? He had previously been in situations where he was harassed by men, and he certainly crippled those who dared to tease him and asked him out for a one night stand.

“How does that idea sound?” Bai Ye smiled and asked Su Man before leaning down to peck Su Man’s well-defined lips. Sunlight leaped around the bough in dribs and drabs. The darkness and brightness interweaving with each other created a state of confusion.

Looking at the handsome face before him, Su Man felt an unprecedented struggle in his heart. Bai Ye…

‘Bai Ye, how long can you stay by my side?’

‘Can you do so for your whole life?’

Didn’t he know that matters of the heart between people were never a given? If he had made up his mind to be with somebody, it would be for his whole life. What about Bai Ye? Was it a spur of the moment or companionship for his whole life?

Nothing in this world was a given, and nobody could exactly put a finger to the feelings between a guy and girl, let alone between two men. His heart, for some reason, seemed to be extremely calculative toward their feelings.

He never liked men at all, so how long could these feelings go on? Would he leave once the novelty wore off?

Bai Ye could see the struggle and hesitation in Su Man’s gaze and slightly lifted his body up. Su Man also lifted his body up, and the two of them sat next to each other on the bough. After some deep thought, Bai Ye asked,” Su Man, what are you afraid of?”

“How long would you remain by my side?” Su Man directly cut to the chase as he was not a bashful person. He did not want to beat around the bush whenever there were problems and instead sought to clarify them. If he had an expected answer, all was even better.

Bai Ye looked at Su Man and did not avoid his gaze. He looked at Su Man steely and did not spare even the slightest expression on Su Man’s face, yet he failed to see anything in his eyes. Bai Ye smiled and said, “I thought I had made it very clear.”

Not getting an upfront answer, Su Man was somewhat displeased and had a stern look. Just as he was about to speak, Bai Ye suddenly held his shoulder and said while punctuating each word, “I will remain as long as you want me to.”

He hoped for a lifetime. Why wouldn’t he want to be around for his whole life? This was simply beyond the question.

If he did not want to spend his whole life with him, there were so many beautiful and capable girls around. Given his good conditions, he could marry any of them and have children with her rather than provoke Su Man.

Once he knew he liked this man, he never thought of giving him up.

“Su Man, it seems that I should be more concerned about this instead.” Bai Ye laughed. Gentleness flashed across his handsome face while he held Su Man’s hands.

“Come. I want to hear you confess your feelings.”

Su Man’s face turned red and he launched a kick. “F*** off!”

Bai Ye broke into laughter and held Su Man’s hands even more tightly. Su Man calmed his gaze and could not help but ask Bai Ye,” What if, one day, you realize that we have made a mistake and there is still room for turning back. Would you turn back?”

“Would you?”

“I wouldn’t!”

“Me neither!” Bai Ye solemnly said. A lifetime was a long time, and nobody could say for certain what would happen in days to come. Matters of the heart were even more uncertain. Would they become sick of each other? Would they become tiresome of each other?

Nobody knew…

While many people started their romance well, the nitty-gritty of life wore down their romance and added to troubles; it wore down the passion and added burdensomeness.

Even the most intimate feelings started to drift, and what was initially beautiful ground down with time.


If he did not give them that chance, how would they know that they were different?

“Hey, can we get on with it?” Bai Ye suddenly pounced and acted as though he was about to kiss him. Being interrupted in the middle of the deed was something utterly painful.

Su Man was taken aback. “There is still a banquet that we are attending tonight.”

“Ah, you can’t be serious…” Bai Ye lamented and buried his head in his nape before suddenly heroically saying, “We can still make it for the banquet even after we are done.”

He continued harassing Su Man in a lusty manner.

“You’re asking for it!” Su Man punched Bai Ye in his abdomen and then sat up. “Are you sure that you still have the energy to attend the banquet tonight?”

“Beauty Su, are you questioning my prowess?”

Su Man broke into a rare smile and said, “I am questioning your ability to take me in my entirety!”

Bai Ye was stunned and lost for words.

One should not torture somebody like this. He really wanted to do it…

Su Man coldly harrumphed and pushed back insistently. To think that they had forgotten they were doctors and had also forgotten that they did not have the energy to do it despite being in throes of passion. Their first time would have been unbearable to watch. They definitely would not have the energy to step out of the house at night.

He did not want to lose his composure during the banquet.

“What about it?” Bai Ye pointed at his extremely excited little brother, fantasizing about Beauty Su jerking him off. After all, he had just helped Beauty Su earlier on.


Ye Wei and company returned from their joyride. As it happened to be evening time, Dana dutifully prepared a sumptuous dinner. Ye Wei and all quickly noticed the calmness and harshness in Beauty Su’s face whereas Bai Ye seemed exceptionally pleased.

Ye Wei and Eleven looked at each other, and Ye Wei asked, “Bai Ye, what’s the good news? Share it with us!”

“The weather today is exceptionally good!” Bai Ye smiled.

“Hogwash! How is the weather in Riyadh any good?” Ye Wei blinked as though something was off-whack with the two of them. “Beauty Su, did my Bai Ye bully you? Tell me, and Eleven will be the judge!”

Mo Jue was lost for words. Why should they tell her when it was Eleven being the judge?

Su Man quietly had his dinner.

“We are going to the palace in Riyadh for a banquet today,” Bai Ye said.

“Oh. Are you going with him?”

Bai Ye nodded and everybody was slightly taken aback. Like a good child, Eleven raised her hand and asked, “Beauty Su, how would you introduce Bai Ye? ‘This is my boyfriend’ or ‘this is my girlfriend’?”

Ye Wei broke into laughter but Bai Ye still smiled gently. “Please take away the ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ before ‘friends’. Thank you for your cooperation.”

“…Waah! Bai Ye, have you started to shield Beauty Su?” Ye Wei exclaimed in shock.

“By taking away the gender, are you implying your partner is a transgender?” Mo Jue asked.

Ye Wei hit the table and laughed out loud. Eleven could not hold back either. Bai Ye’s eyes twitched. Su Man gave Mo Jue a cold glance. Ye Wei hit Mo Jue’s face and said, “Gorgeous Mo Jue, I am somewhat consoled that you could say something like that!”

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