Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 67 - The Father Of The Child
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 67 - The Father Of The Child
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Cheng Anya’s face paled as Third Young Master Ye gently cupped her chin and intimately ran his fingers across them. Anya took in Ye Chen’s scent, nervous.

Anya felt a thrill pass through her spine. She was too close to Ye Chen. She felt as though Ye Chen was going to swallow her up.

Anya’s cheeks became flushed.

Ye Chen’s gaze swept through her immaculate figure.

“Miss Cheng, I cannot imagine someone of your face and figure has a child who goes to primary school.”

Cheng Anya’s thoughts went deep and she regained her lost smile. As she gently pushed aside his hand, she said, “Boss Ye, you have no right to ask about my private life.”

With a sneer, Third Young Master Ye then said jokingly, “I can dismiss you!”

“Whatever works for you, Boss Ye. I have one too many job options given my qualifications, but losing me is your loss.” Cheng Anya smiled slightly, a hint of confidence and provocation apparent between her eyebrows.

“You sure are confident of yourself! ” Ye Chen smiled as his gaze settled. He could see the uneasiness in Anya.

Nobody could tell whether Ye Chen was scheming or shocked.

She has children!

Third Young Master Ye was angry. The anger leaped from the bottom of his heart and seared all reasons in him.

As he imagined Anya’s exquisite figure squirming under another man’s teasing and pleasuring, anger fleeted past Third Young Master Ye’s eyes.

He could not wait to ruin the goodness she enjoyed.

And the same fate awaited the man who once pleasured her.

An epiphany swept over her. As Ye Chen’s gaze deepened, she wondered whether he was starting to go crazy.

This woman, his sworn rival, her face… and the woman who caused him misery for a lifetime… They were 70% similar.

If they were related to each other, how could he stand that?

Looking deep into the night, Ye Chen’s thin lips were chilled by the cold and his perfect side profile seemed extremely ruthless.

Cheng Anya took a long sigh of relief. She had finally succeeded in diverting his attention. Even if Ye Chen knew she had a child, he would, at most, be shocked.

It was a taboo to ask him about his run-ins with the Yang family.

She forced herself not to think about the feud between the Ye and the Yang families. As an outsider, she would not be able to understand the feud. It would be wise to steer clear from it.

“Miss Cheng, you are unmarried but have children. Who is the father of the child? Yang Zekun?” Ye Chen suddenly asked.

Cheng Anya’s heart beat quickly, seemingly engulfed in darkness. She thought that Ye Chen’s attention had shifted. Damn it!

“The father died in a car accident! ” Cheng Anya said faintly, her eyebrows carrying a sorrow.

Ye Chen looked at her, speechless. He had thought that he grew up in a single-parent family until he returned to the Ye Family when he was ten years old. There was an inexplicable pain in his heart.

Of course!

Car accident! His mother… Because…

Ye Chen could not help but sympathize with the child he spoke with over the phone that day. The child had a very nice, child-like voice.

When he was a child, he was very polite to get the praise of his mother.

Awkwardly, hopefully, waiting for a compliment from his mother.

He seemed to hear such a mood that day.

He was able to empathize because he experienced that same pain.

Cheng Anya’s fist was tight, and the sweat on her palm betrayed her nervousness. She could not allow Ye Chen to ask any more questions lest he got suspicious and decided to investigate her. The entire charade she had put on would be to no avail then.

Nobody would believe her even if she said Ning Ning’s face resembled someone.

“Boss Ye, it would be better for someone else to accompany you to the future banquets the Yang Family hosts!”



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