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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 670 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Ever since they knew that Su Man and Bai Ye would be attending the palace banquet, Ye Wei and Eleven’s interests were piqued and they excitedly wanted to tag along with Bai Ye and Su Man. Ye Wei and Eleven, having roamed the world, had attended palace banquets before and had seen various settings. However, they were still as excited about the spectacle to follow.

One could imagine how sensational the palace banquet tonight would be.

Su Man had no qualms about it. Given his identity, all he had to do was to inform the seventh princess personally and he would have no issues bringing a few more people along. While he had already agreed in principle, a snafu happened in the evening when Ye Wei accidentally twisted her leg and was in pain to the point she broke out in cold sweat. Since the injection of painkillers was not particularly effective, Bai Ye could only give her medicine and scolded her for her carelessness with a heavy heart.

Her leg was still unable to touch the ground, and twisting it like that must have hurt immensely. Given this condition, Mo Jue would not allow Ye Wei to go under any circumstances, and Ye Wei had to make do.

The plans could not keep up with the changes.

Since Ye Wei was not going, Eleven would naturally not go, so only Su Man and Bai Ye would be going. If she was the only one going, it did not quite add up and she felt that she would become the light bulb. If she did go, it was also unsuitable because she was also worried for Ye Wei. She eventually decided to remain in the Su mansion.

After Su Man and Bai Ye left, the three of them had nothing to do. Ye Wei suggested. “Mahjong, anyone? Mo Jue, do you know how to play?”

Before Mo Jue could answer, Eleven said, “Mahjong for three people?”

“Three people can play too! Let’s call Dana who is downstairs to come up. We have taught her back then!” Ye Wei said excitedly. As the night was long and they did not like to watch the television, not to mention her immobile leg, they naturally had to consider other forms of entertainment.

“Mo Jue, do you know how to play?”

Mo Jue shook his head. Eleven shrugged her shoulders. Ye Wei rolled her eyes at him and said, “This is the national pastime, and you do not know it! Are you just too stupid?”

“I am Italian.” Mo Jue’s eyes had a watery look in them. He might have Eastern looks, but his purple eyes identified his nationality. He actually had no idea how many percents Oriental his blood was since he was Italian. It was therefore understandable that he did not know how to play something as profound as mahjong.

Ye Wei and Eleven looked at each other before Ye Wei finally said, “Gorgeous Mo Jue, you don’t even know my second-most favorite activity after killing people. This… How am I supposed to marry you?”

Eleven held back her smile upon seeing Mo Jue’s face become even glummer. When did marrying him become related to mahjong?

“Mahjong is easy to understand. I’ll teach you in a moment, and you will get it in the next. Dana took half a day to learn it, and you are smarter than Dana, so your crash course would be a few minutes only.” Ye Wei sounded certain and had Dana bring the mahjong set up.

This mahjong set was bought when Ye Wei and Eleven were still there. They managed to teach Su Man and Dana how to play it. Su Man, wanting Ye Wei to stop for a while, joined her for mahjong so that he could have two days of peace.

Dana laughed and said, “Ye Wei, Eleven, be merciful and play a bit slower.”

“Sister Dana, don’t worry. We still have a rookie here,” Ye Wei said, extremely excited. She and Eleven then taught Mo Jue the rules.

Five minutes later…

“Do you remember everything?”

Mo Jue looked at the tiles before him and shook his head. “I only remember half of the rules.”

“You’re really stupid!”

Fifteen minutes later…

“How’s it this time?” Ye Wei smiled. She felt that Mo Jue would have learned the rules much better this time. Those who were smarter tended to remember the rules more quickly.

“About there!”

“Let’s begin then!”

Dana smiled and said, “Second master is really smart! My head was in a tizzy when I was learning it.”

She actually wanted to say that even though she remembered everything, she might not be able to use them flexibly.

“I’ve told you the rules. Play small and keep it to a hundred or two and you would be fine,” Ye Wei smiled and said. Dana secretly smiled when Ye Wei chose the most complicated moves. She was clearly out to slaughter Mo Jue.


The four of them sat down and started the game.

Mo Jue sat opposite Ye Wei while Dana sat opposite Eleven.

Ye Wei and Eleven played their hands extremely quickly. They knew which tile they laid their hands on and immediately discarded the tile if they did not want it. Mo Jue could not keep up with the speed, and Ye Wei had to rush him four to five times during their first round.

Ye Wei was the only person who would rush him.

Mo Jue took a tile and pondered before playing it. Ye Wei and Eleven ended up having a winning hand, and the tile, according to the rules, could not disrupt a winning hand, so he helped the others win but lost in the process.

And he turned over his tiles extremely aggressively.

Mo Jue was slightly faster by the second round, and Ye Wei was finally not rushing him. When he played his tile, he helped the others win but lost. The other three had a winning combination.

“All one suit, awaiting the only one necessary tile to win, concealed Gong…”

“Fully concealed hand, all triplets…”


He lost a few thousand yuan in a round…

Mo Jue’s face was a little dark. Were they in cahoots to scam him of his money?

Why was he always losing?

Dana gently smiled and said, “Second master, you must consider the situation as you play the tiles. Look at how they rarely discard the tiles that people want.”

Playing Mahjong also required skill.

That said, asking a greenhorn to demonstrate skill was quite imposing.

After four to five rounds of which Ye Wei and Eleven won most of them, Mo Jue lost all of them… The stakes became even higher and Mo Jue lost much in this round…

In their seventh round, Eleven played a ‘red zhong’ tile and Ye Wei was about to grab a tile when Mo Jue held her hand. He had a slightly lost gaze and said, “I think I won…”

Ye Wei was at a loss for words.

Eleven flipped his tiles. Three dragons, all triplets…

Oh? He did have a winning combination!

Ye Wei stared at Eleven. That fool! She actually allowed a greenhorn to achieve a winning combination!

Eleven blinked. It should not happen again, it should not happen again…

Mo Jue would determine who the banker was this round.

A minute later, he asked, “Do four of the same make for a concealed kong?”

Dana nodded. He had a concealed kong and was about to play a tile when Dana reminded him to take the tile before playing it. Ye Wei kicked Dana underneath the table.

Dana was lost for words.

“Self-pick!” Mo Jue flipped his tiles.

“You aren’t cheating, right?” Everybody looked at his tiles, and oh, my goodness… Ye Wei and Eleven looked at each other. He was thoroughly badass…

During the second east wind, Eleven secretly kicked Ye Wei and Ye Wei played a three bamboo tile. Eleven won, and Mo Jue also casually flipped his tiles. He won too… Ye Wei lost…

Ye Wei was at a loss for words.

She gritted her teeth.

Eleven was speechless.

Mo Jue, however, was very calm.

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