Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 671 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 671 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Ye Wei gritted her teeth. Mo Jue was on east wind and he would only roll his hand. While he thought of Eleven winning, he had to hand over the position of the banker. Little did he expect to win again and was on east wind twice.

Eleven clutched her face and perfectly covered her twitching lips. Ye Wei was about to stamp her to death and she wanted to cheat. Little did they expect Mo Jue to win again and played his tiles until their jaws dropped. If it weren’t for Mo Jue’s somewhat lost look, they were all about to suspect that he was merely goading them into letting down their guard by acting dumb.

“Wei Wei, this tile is good to play,” Mo Jue slowly said with an excited look in his eyes. He was clearly getting a kick from it. Ye Wei was smiling very gorgeously. ‘Damn it, Gorgeous Mo Jue, has your luck run out yet?’

‘Is your luck just that good?’

If it were, she would not believe in heresy.

During the next east wind, Ye Wei, Eleven, and Dana were one tile short of a winning hand. Mo Jue, who was holding onto a tile that Ye Wei wanted, thought about it and replaced his five-of-characters with a two-of-characters. Ye Wei gritted her teeth.

Eleven raised her eyebrows as she did not expect Ye Wei to play so conservatively.

Five minutes later…

Mo Jue self-picked…

During the third east wind, Mo Jue won again…

Dana looked at Mo Jue. “Second master, are you sure you didn’t cheat?”

Why was his luck so good? Eleven and Ye Wei were clearly playing off each other and they played the tiles the other needed with immense accuracy. Despite so, he still won, and that included a self-pick!

It was a miracle!

Su Man said that there was definitely something fishy about two beauties playing mahjong despite him not being able to put a finger on it.

“Even if there’s cheating going on, it’s not me who’s cheating,” Mo Jue smiled and said.

Ye Wei and Eleven looked at each other. Eleven said, “Those who just learned mahjong usually have pretty good luck.”

“Indeed so! Greenhorns leaving their mark indeed!” Ye Wei was really starting to not believe in the occult. Was his luck just that good?

Mo Jue had the east wind for five rounds, and Ye Wei was about to flip out but still smile beautifully. Everybody could tell that her smile had a murderous intent to it. “Gorgeous Mo Jue, be honest. Did you use to play mahjong?”

“I didn’t!”

“I don’t believe that!” Eleven looked at him coldly and said, “What if he was really just lucky?”

“How could he be so lucky all the time?” Ye Wei laughed and gritted her teeth. She bore with him and assumed that he was just lucky.

“Can’t stand up to losing, huh?” Mo Jue raised his eyebrows perplexedly as he looked at both beauties.

Both ladies raised their eyebrows at one and said together, “Who did you say could not afford to lose?”

“Then, show me the money!” Mo Jue reached out. He won again… His luck was nothing short of extraordinary, and he was akin to the god of gamblers. Mahjong was not purely luck, but a matter of skill too.

Ye Wei and Eleven could never understand how a greenhorn could be as experienced as an old hand. It was magical!

During the eighth east wind, Ye Wei and Eleven both lost close to ten thousand yuan, and Dana had already lost a few thousand Yuan. Mo Jue was winning big. Ye Wei secretly wondered if she and Eleven had ever lost this hideously before.

They used to get a killing out of others, so how could they allow themselves to be up for the slaughter?

That would not do. They had to cheat or risk losing it all.

By the ninth east wind, Ye Wei made a random gesture and Eleven knew what tile she needed. Eleven played the two tiles she needed, and Mo Jue ran his eyes around them. “Wei Wei, your hand is sure good.”

Ye Wei smiled and coldly harrumphed. ‘If my hand were that good, how could I lose thirty grand to you? F***!’

“Ah, a concealed kong,” Mo Jue gently said as he took four tiles to replenish his hand. His eyes lit up and he said, “Another concealed kong.”

Two consecutive concealed kongs sent Ye Wei and Eleven’s eyes wide. Both looked at how he replenished his tiles, secretly wondering whether he was self-picking when replenishing his hand as it was a lot of money… Mo Jue self-picked and was about to discard a tile. Both of them heaved a sigh of relief. Mo Jue paused.

“Eh, that’s another self-pick!” He flipped his tiles. He did not notice that he had mixed color tiles. He thought he was only one tile short of winning but did not expect himself to be two tiles short of winning. When he flipped the concealed kong tiles, Ye Wei and Eleven were stunned…

One was Ye Wei’s tile and the other was a tile Eleven wanted. He hid both of them…

F***, surely his luck wasn’t that good?

This time around, Mo Jue did not know how to count.

How many winning combinations were there?

Since he won thousands from them previously, this round should be at least ten thousand, right?

He smartly calculated and said, “Eighteen thousand each!”

Dana had a saddened look. “I’ve lost everything and I’m broke…”

Mo Jue was magnanimous and said, “It’s okay. I’ll put you on credit.”

“Second master, you can’t be serious? Since you’re that rich, just don’t mind the amount, will you?” Dana said.

“…You will have to ask Wei Wei about this.”

Ye Wei was at a loss for words.

Ye Wei and Eleven looked at their own drawer. They had also lost all their money. Ye Wei pouted. It did not seem to make sense! She originally wanted to pawn Mo Jue, but Mo Jue ended up pawning her instead. F***! It was such a bad deal!

Eleven touched her nose and said, “I am broke too.”

Since they wagered cash in the same, they were out of cash and Ye Wei naturally had no more. As the banker, Mo Jue did not cash in and pretty much won all the money in the house. It was thoroughly creepy that a rookie who played so conservatively ended up winning close to a hundred thousand…

This was really… heavenly injustice!

“Shall we still play?” Dana asked. Ye Wei smiled and said, “Sure! Put me on credit.”

“Very well, then!” Mo Jue calmly replied.

A very bizarre situation hence evolved. Mo Jue either self-picked or won the subsequent tiles. Eleven and Ye Wei, who were cheating, changed many tiles and could still never win against him.

Ye Wei flipped out. “Let’s call it a day!”

To play and never have a winning combination nor be able to self-pick tiles left Eleven listless. This was the first time she played until she became utterly dejected. What an embarrassment…

‘Trying to take advantage of a situation would only leave one worse off’ aptly described the situation they were in.

“Gorgeous Mo Jue, you must have been playing dirty.” Ye Wei was extremely certain. Otherwise, she would not have lost so terribly…

Mo Jue looked at her innocently and said, “I swear this is my first time playing.”

“One can’t rule out first-time players from playing dirty.” Eleven continued.

Dana watched the fireworks and she felt fun. It was clearly the sisters who were in cahoots but wronged Mo Jue instead. This was so fun!

“You two were cheating, so why accuse me of it?”

“Which eye of yours saw us cheating?”

“Both eyes.”

Ye Wei was at a loss for words.

Eleven was speechless.

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