Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 672 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 672 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Playing mahjong was Ye Wei’s and Eleven’s favorite pastime, and the two of them together were unbeatable. If they returned to London, they would get a table so that Chu Li, Bai Ye, and the others would all go and play.

When it came to technique, Ye Wei and Eleven were the best. The two of them would often win when they played together, which was fishy, but everybody knew better not to call them out on it.

Very often, Ye Wei and Eleven were on the same team when they played mahjong. Unless there was nobody else to make up the table, they would then play. They were extremely skilled when it came to cheating that few could observe it. The few brothers, after many games, then realized that the two of them were in cahoots. Mo Jue was keen enough to notice they were cheating the moment he started playing.

Eleven harrumphed. She would not even admit to cheating, let alone Ye Wei. Both of them stared hard at Mo Jue as though seeing them cheat was an unpardonable sin.

Mo Jue, falling back on the virtue of not slugging it out with women, ignored them. He also knew that he wouldn’t be able to out-fight Eleven and wouldn’t be able to out-argue Ye Wei, and hence decided against becoming collateral damage.

Dana smiled and went to get them some cold milk. Mo Jue casually counted the money. Eleven asked, “Could you be less smug and not count the money you won from us?”

“Gorgeous Mo Jue, like how new officials have a fetish for a drastic change when they take charge, you sure are nothing short of earth-shaking. I am impressed. Hey, could you teach me how you played?” Ye Wei laughed gorgeously. She really could not believe that Mo Jue was this lucky to actually win all the time, never giving them a chance to win. He wasn’t savvy enough, and he must certainly have some issue or two with his techniques.

Mo Jue looked up and slowly said, “How could I play if I didn’t have any skills? I played as per how you taught me, so what about that? Didn’t you teach me how to play?”

He looked at Ye Wei with the ‘I won and I’m freaking innocent and lost’ look, which sent both beauties fuming mad. F***, what was he trying to say? He was clearly insinuating that their technique was amateurish! Was that even justifiable?

Ye Wei gritted her teeth. ‘You’re good!’

Eleven propped her head and asked, “Does he have a natural talent for gambling?”

Could it be explained in this way? She actually wanted to say that he became sworn brothers with the gambling god.

Mo Jue counted the money he won and presented to Ye Wei as though it were a gift. “Wei Wei, here’s 87,000 yuan for you.”

“…” Ye Wei looked at the money and proudly said, “I don’t want it. Since you’ve won it, hold onto it and we’ll carry on tomorrow. Keep the money as your gambling capital lest you lose everything.”

“Indeed!” Eleven said.

Mo Jue pondered for a moment and kept the money impolitely. Since they did not have so much cash with them, keeping them as capital for their gambling runs would work too.

“Gorgeous Mo Jue, if we become bankrupt someday, I’ll bring you to Las Vegas where you can be a professional gambler so that we won’t starve to death.” Ye Wei giggled as she said that.

“I will not go bankrupt!”

“Do you think I will go bankrupt?” Just saying…

Eleven’s interest was piqued. “Mo Jue, come and tell us your worth. Let’s see if Wei Wei or you are richer.”

“Oh, yes, this is a very serious question.” Ye Wei’s eyes lit up and forgot to ask him a question. She laughed cunningly like a witch and said, “Tell us. Movable assets, immovable assets, stocks, liquidity, and whatnot. Everything.”

‘Eleven, you’re really smart! Mo Ye only taught you for a while and you’re able to ask something so apt. Awesome!’

Mo Jue looked at the two siblings and raised his eyebrows before calmly saying, “If you are not reporting your assets, why should I report mine?”

Eleven was baffled. “Hey, don’t you want to marry Wei Wei? Any man who wants to marry her must, for a start, declare his worth. For all we know, you might just be good-looking but penniless. If that is the case, how are you going to maintain our Wei Wei?”

Ye Wei broke into a snigger. Uh, this was a serious topic and she must not laugh.

Mo Jue harrumphed. “These are the rules you have set?”

“Wrong. These are the house rules,” Ye Wei said. “Oh, yes, if you want to marry me, half of your estate shall be dowry. Specifics shall be discussed later. Declare your worth first. I have expectations.”

Mo Jue harrumphed. People who were not in the know would have assumed that the sisters were utterly poor.

“Eighteen islands in the Caribbean and Atlantic oceans, three mountains with jade mines, six mountain ranges of diamonds, four…” Mo Jue obediently declared his assets. Ye Wei’s and Eleven’s eyes twitched.


‘This f***er sure has a shitload of immovable assets!’

‘He is so rich!’

“Are they yours, or your brother’s? If this belongs to two, it has to be halved.” Eleven raised her doubts.


Ye Wei was taken aback. She stroked her chin and recalled their family’s assets. It seemed that their assets were incomparable to the massive financial assets that Mo Jue had. She and Eleven never wanted immovable assets and would instead convert them into crisp dollar bills that could be stashed away in some bank.

Chu Li and the others also had several mountains with jade or diamond mines.

“Did your elder brother leave all these to you?” Ye Wei had her doubts.

If one already had so much, the amount two would have would be nothing short of terrifying. Ye Wei subconsciously wondered if Mo Ye had left all the good stuff to his younger brother.

Mo Jue honestly nodded, and Ye Wei whistled. “Your utter filial piety was not in vain.”

Eleven’s eyes twitched.

“How about you?” Mo Jue asked out of curiosity. He also wanted to know. The sisters charged exorbitant amounts for a single deal, so they must be particularly rich as well.

Ye Wei zipped her mouth whereas Eleven retorted. “Did we say that we would tell you that?”

“…” Mo Jue stared hard at them.

Ye Wei shrugged her shoulders and gave him a ‘I have nothing to tell you’ look before saying, “Eleven, remember how much assets he has so that we can settle the score when calculating the dowry.”


Mo Jue was lost for words.

These two were utterly cunning.

Ye Wei propped her head. “Eleven, since Big Boss Mo gave all his estate to Gorgeous Mo Jue, you’ve got the short end of the stick.”

“…No worries. You can always give me whatever Mo Jue gives you.”


Mo Jue was lost for words again.

He slightly regretted declaring his property. He was quite overwhelmed when he heard marriage and dowry. It turned out that these two were in cahoots to fleece him of his property.

Dana, who happened to bring the chilled milk in, laughed and said, “Second master, if you want to ask them about their assets, just check the bank and you will know. Ye Wei and Eleven have all their money stashed away in the bank, the national bank which can never collapse no matter the risk!”

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