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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 673 - My Lover 1
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Ye Wei and Eleven shot cold glances at Dana.

Dana covered her mouth and smiled before passing them the chilled milk. “Sister Dana, if I run out of money, I’ll come after you!” She scolded her as she laughed.

“Why put your money in the national bank?” Mo Jue could not help his curiosity and asked.

Ye Wei stared at her sharply. Dana laughed even more freely instead.

This was actually no particular secret. Ye Wei and Eleven had a weird habit: saving money. Since throwing their money into cheap stocks was too risky, they had more than enough money to live a few lives and could not spend them all despite how extravagant their lifestyle was. They hence deposited their money in the bank so that once they became old, immobile, or got sick of the killer life, they had money to live however they wanted. They were also very picky when it came to saving their money as banks could close, and nothing was safer than the national bank. As long as the country did not collapse, the banks would not collapse. That was Ye Wei and Eleven’s conclusion.

The two of them were liquidity for the terrorist organization. Jason and Chu Li would go to them for money when they lacked funds and then returned them.

Mo Jue secretly wondered. Since the money was in the bank, that simplified matters. If he wanted to know how wealthy they were, all he had to do was check their bank accounts. To a top-rated computer hacker, this was merely a click away, clearly a child’s play.

Seeing Mo Jue’s expression, Ye Wei knew what was on his mind and laughed twice. She rapped the table with the mahjong tile and laughed. “Gorgeous Mo Jue, are you sure you can find my account?”

It was definitely not under Ye Wei’s name since Mr. Brown would have long frozen her account otherwise.

“Why should I look up your account?” Mo Jue looked lost, playing coy until the end.

Ye Wei harrumphed and did not speak.

“I’m a little hungry. Wei Wei, are you hungry?” Eleven said.


Dana smiled and said, “I’ll have somebody prepare supper for you. Is there anything you would like to eat?”

Eleven thought and said, “Since Mo Jue has won, let’s bring them out for supper. Mo Jue will pick up the tab.”

Ye Wei broke into laughter and said, “That’s a good idea, so let’s go with it! I want to eat the signature stir-fried rice noodles at Theresa’s.”

Dana laughed and said, “Very well, then. I’ll have somebody prepare the car.”

Mo Jue was lost for words.

If he was treating, who would be the host?

The palace, Riyadh

The banquet was held in an open-air square which received guests in Riyadh. Attendees included Arabian royalty, the royal family, as well as the two princes from Country R along with the royalty and ambassadors of a few neighboring nations.

The scene of the banquet was lavishly decorated, and the Arabian royalty were decked in traditional attire: white robes and headscarves. The unmarried women wore a green or pink burqa that only showed their eyes. The wealthy housewives, on the other hand, wore a white or black round cap with a veil that dropped downward and covered their faces to the point almost no evident jewelry could be seen. This was extremely different from the glamorous banquets of other nations.

This was the traditional attire in Saudi Arabia, and it was especially in such settings that one must be extremely mindful of their etiquette.

Bai Ye secretly wondered to himself that he was thankfully not an Arabian woman. While he had long accepted this culture and respected it, it was hard for him to live it out. Ye Wei had tried it out once, and she could no longer take it after one hour. Aside from the robe impeding her hands and legs, it was so stuffy from top to bottom that she was sweating buckets and not much longer later that she discarded it.

She hence said that she really admired women in the Middle East.

The guests from other nations were not in traditional Arabian attire. The men were mostly in suits whereas the women were in evening dresses that had minimal accessories. They looked simple and elegant.

Su Man was naturally in traditional Arabian attire, and Bai Ye was long used to how he dressed. Besides, white looked good on Su Man as he had this holiness that was not of the earth, somehow making people unable to look at him.

It was very beautiful!

Other Arabian men were tall and had a beard, which made them not the best-looking in their traditional attire. They were unlike Su Man who seemed good-looking regardless. He would definitely not wear such attire since he was not accustomed to it.

Bai Ye hence wore a black suit and stood gracefully next to Su Man. He was affable, handsome, and eminent. Many people looked in their direction.

Su Man had some small talks with two or three of the royalty and did not say much. After all, he was the top royalty in Riyadh, and some exchanges were still necessary. People around Su Man looked at him as though they wanted to ask him about his identity but did not dare to. Su Man himself was also too lazy to talk to them.

The king and the princess had yet to arrive. The music at the event was gentle. There was also a musical fountain in the distance that was extremely beautiful, adding to the atmosphere under the warm sun.

“You don’t like to attend banquets?” The two of them stood by the railings. As the king and princess had yet to arrive, the scene was still easy-going. Some danced while others talked about current events. Su Man and Bai Ye were not interested and avoided the crowds.

“I don’t,” Su Man replied. “I rarely attend banquets, perhaps to the tune of twice or thrice a year.”

It was good to have special privileges.

Bai Ye stood with arms behind him. As the only person in the Su family, he had to take up the responsibility of the Su family, which did not match his character. The hangings from twenty-over years ago left the royal family with a guilty conscience toward the Su family and Su Man’s terrible experiences in his youth in particular. Their guilty conscience, along with how the king and princess adored Su Man, led to Su Man having special privileges.

There was a stark difference when one contrasted Riyadh’s upper society with European upper society. One could nary feel a sense of malice in Riyadh and things seemed much simpler.

Bai Ye looked at the two princes in the distance and slightly frowned. Su Man looked in his direction and asked, “What’s up?”

“Prince Richard and Prince William kind of resemble each other,” Bai Ye said. They were both princes in Country R, and he, because of Rong Yan, had some understanding of Country R’s royalty. “I don’t quite like the people in their family,” Bai Ye said.

Su Man looked at Prince Richard, who was talking to a member of the royalty in high spirits. He was suave, good-looking, and svelte.

There was another prince, Prince Karry, who was appreciating the musical fountain. He seemed gentle and frail-looking and was handsome. He did not have the high-spiritedness of Prince Richard. Instead, he looked like a downcast artist.

“The king may choose one of them to marry the princess in a bid to form an alliance through marriage,” Su Man said.

Besides, he and Bai Ye might become the other sensational topic at the banquet.

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