Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 675 - The Wedding Proposal
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 675 - The Wedding Proposal
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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There was silence all around. It seemed that the music had gone away too. This man’s voice sounded like thunder in everyone’s ears. The king, the queen, and Princess Yashan, even the noblemen who were listening to them nearby…

Including Bai Ye…

Were shocked!

My lover—those two words exploded in Bai Ye’s heart like a bomb. The feeling of surprise, excitement, and passion flooded him.

In fact, everyone at the banquet had a tacit understanding of who Bai Ye was. They were just scared to ask Su Man due to his identity and temper. Su Man could have kept quiet about it, but they all knew who he was. Of course, some people even thought that Su Man might not be serious about that relationship. Moreover, there was another serious problem.

Being gay had violated the religious beliefs of the Arabians, and they discriminated against homosexuals severely.

It was well-known for many upper-class noble families of Saudi Arabia to keep young boys in captivity, but this problem had never been put on the table. Many Arab countries have implemented capital punishment for homosexuality, and in these conservative countries, it is almost impossible to see homosexuals or boys in captive. The society in Saudi Arabia was slightly more open, however…

Because the law still existed in several nearby countries, there was a lot of public debate about the death penalty of three gay couples, and the disputes had quieted down the nobles.

Most people still discriminate against and reject homosexuality in their bones.

It was originally an unspoken matter, and nobody could do anything if Su Man didn’t admit it. However, him admitting it meant that he was disobeying the tradition blatantly. Although homosexuals in Saudi Arabia would not be given the death penalty, they would never be allowed to settle as partners.

Su Man was undoubtedly getting himself into huge trouble. It would definitely cause an uproar in the upper society of Saudi Arabia due to his special identity.

Bai Ye felt that his heart was warm, intense emotions rushing in his heart. He looked deeply at Su Man with his affectionate eyes, regardless of the king and queen’s shocked gaze.

“Su Man, you…” The king looked at him with anger in his eyes, as if he had suffered a great blow. Looking at Su Man disappointedly, he didn’t say anything for quite a while.

The queen didn’t look well either. She was well aware of Yashan’s love for Su Man, but he declared his love for another man in front of her. Was he humiliating Yashan?

Su Man was expressionless, as calm as a pool of water.

“Su Man, I didn’t believe the rumors at first, but I didn’t expect that they were true. You are really…” The king looked at Bai Ye, sighed deeply, and pointed at him for a long time.

Bai Ye raised his eyebrows. What about him? He was handsome, talented, and good enough for Su Man.

Princess Yashan smiled and tried to resolve the awkward situation. “Mother, which prince do you think suits me more?”

“Prince Richard. The way he looks at you tells me that he is in love.” The queen laughed. Their focus was diverted by Yashan’s words, and they started to discuss the two princes.

At this moment, the music was played. Prince Richard walked toward Princess Yashan elegantly and invited her to dance. Yashan nodded and followed him onto the dance floor. The dancing couple caught everyone’s attention with their stunning visuals.

Some rich men proceeded to chat with the queen.

The king looked at Su Man. “You are a grown-up now. Don’t regret your own choice.”

The king was best friends with Su Man’s father. He even had a crush on Su Man’s mother when they were young. Hence, he treated Su Man like his own child and couldn’t bear to see him punished.

“Yes. I won’t regret it!” Su Man said.

The king took a glance at Bai Ye and sneered coldly. “You have good taste in man!”

After he left, Bai Ye started laughing. He asked Su Man, “Was he directing that to me or you?”

“He’s talking about you!” Su Man wasn’t embarrassed at all.

Bai Ye laughed again. He couldn’t help but drag him to the hidden balcony. Trapping Su Man between him and the wall, he leaned toward him and gave him a deep kiss without further ado.

Kissing his lips like this and giving him all his love were what he wanted to do when he said that he was his lover.

He breathed heavily.

Su Man pushed him away slightly. “Come on!”

“You scared me!” Bai Ye smiled gently.

“Hmmph, since when have you become so timid?” Su Man sneered coldly. “We have to tell them sooner or later.”

Moreover, that was not anything to be ashamed of. What was there to be afraid of if they were above board?

“Fortunately, Saudi Arabia has abolished the death penalty for homosexuals, or else, you would suffer.” Bai Ye shook his head. It didn’t matter to him as he was not from Saudi Arabia, but Su Man was from a noble family in Saudi Arabia, and the law applied to him.

Although the death penalty had been abolished, deep-seated discrimination and hatred still existed.

“What’s the big deal!” Su Man wasn’t bothered by it at all. “I don’t care what other people think.”

He was never a man who would care about what others thought. Nobody could stop what he wanted to do.

“Su Man, do you plan to live in Saudi Arabia forever?” Bai Ye asked suddenly.

Su Man frowned and didn’t reply to him. He had once made his mind to never leave Saudi Arabia all his life as his roots were in Riyadh, and he would not go anywhere else.

“Why do you ask?”

“I want to marry you,” Bai Ye said sincerely. It was not possible for them to do so in Saudi Arabia, but the UK allows it. They could be together in perfect justification if he stayed with him in the UK, without having to face sarcastic remarks from the noblemen in Riyadh.

Su Man looked down. From that angle, Bai Ye could see his ears becoming red.

His heart softened, full of love. Su Man, who was always indifferent to whatever he heard…

Was shy?

Bai Ye was very moved by this idea.

“Let me consider. I don’t know,” Su Man said calmly. He had never thought of that before.

“Su Man, I am proposing to you!” Bai Ye couldn’t help but laugh. “You won’t reject me heartlessly, right?”

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