Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 676 - Beauty Mom Is Here
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 676 - Beauty Mom Is Here
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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The banquet ended on a good note. Prince Richard and Prince Karry each danced with Princess Yashan once. Prince Richard tried to make her laugh most of the time, while Prince Karry was weirdly quiet, as if the banquet wasn’t for him.

Su Man and Bai Ye were also a pair who caught attention, but neither of them was bothered by it throughout the whole event. Prince Richard and Prince Karry would stay in Riyadh for a few days to explore Saudi Arabia, but in fact, they were staying to bond with Princess Yashan.

Su Man and Bai Ye were on their way back to the Su’s when Su Man received a call. Su Man’s eyes widened and the corners of his lips twitched. He urged the driver. “Drive faster!”

Bai Ye was shocked. ‘Did something important happen? Is he in danger? But if there’s danger, Su Man wouldn’t look like this. So what happened?’

“What’s the matter?” Bai Ye couldn’t help asking.

Su Man turned around slowly and said, “My sister came home!”

Bai Ye, “…”

In the Su mansion…

Everybody stood gazing at each other. Dana called Su Man in fear and urged him to hurry back home. The situation was a little out of control.

All these years, Su Ruhua had never returned to the Su mansion once. This time, she had gone back because she heard that something had happened to Su Man. After all, the fact that he had launched a virus missile in Oman couldn’t be hidden from her no matter how secretive it was. Su Ruhua had guessed that it was Su Man who had done it. She was horrified when she heard that Su Man might have triggered the war for a man.

She had planned to rest on the island for a while to recover from her injury, but who knew that she would receive such news? Su Man refused to tell her when she called to ask, so due to curiosity, she came back to find out about the man who made her genius brother fall in love.

In order to give him a surprise attack, Su Ruhua chose to go back in the middle of the night, hoping that she would witness any harmonious scene. Beauty Mom was really playful, but…

Her playfulness had caused her trouble.

The people she first met there were Ye Wei and Eleven. They had come back from supper and split up to do their own things. Mo Jue went to park the car while Eleven carried Ye Wei upstairs. Eleven noticed that there was someone and shouted, “Who was that?”

And Su Ruhua appeared!

Was it because of the angle? Half of Su Ruhua’s body was immersed in the dark and the other half was under the moonlight. The darkness and light interwoven with each other created a lighting which made her look mysterious and dangerous.

Eleven didn’t tell Ye Wei about Su Ruhua. It was pointless for her to do so since she had lost her memories then. After that, she simply thought that it was nothing, so it was okay if Ye Wei didn’t know about it.

Ye Wei wasn’t prepared at all. She thought that Old Witch had come for Eleven due to the virus, and she didn’t wear her mask because she didn’t want to frighten the passersby. “Master!” Before Eleven could speak, Ye Wei rushed to her happily, forgetting about her leg injury.

Ye Wei and Old Witch had a good relationship. Although she was rebellious, she was extremely good at sweet-talking. Old Witch loved her personality too. So, she was the only one who dared to hug Old Witch like that. Su Ruhua frowned. ‘This is bad!’ Eleven thought. When Su Ruhua walked out of the darkness completely, Ye Wei’s smile disappeared.

‘She is not Old Witch!’

No matter how similar they looked, they gave off different vibes. She wouldn’t mix up the Mo brothers even if Big Boss Mo wore purple contact lenses. Moreover, she could easily tell that that person did not wear a mask…

She was extremely shocked, but Su Ruhua was even more shocked than her. She was reminded of Su Ruyu the moment she called her her master.

“Where is your master?” Su Ruhua grabbed Ye Wei and asked. Her expression darkened, and she was so agitated that she forgot to greet Eleven. She looked straight at Ye Wei with an anxious look. Ye Wei kept quiet. ‘Who is this person?’ Upon seeing that she didn’t respond, Su Ruhua lowered her voice. In a commanding tone, she said, “Where exactly is your master?”

“Who are you to yell at me?” Ye Wei didn’t like people shouting at her. Only Su Ruyu could do that. That person wasn’t her master, so she hated the idea of being yelled at by her.

Eleven tried to explain. As if the situation was not chaotic enough, Mo Jue, who had come back from the parking lot, saw the two of them confronting a lady from afar. He immediately hurried over to assess the situation. Upon realizing that the lady was Su Ruhua, he exclaimed, “Beauty Mom?”

Ye Wei felt attacked…

Su Ruhua was shocked too.

“Little Jue, why are you here?” Su Ruhua was surprised. ‘This is bad. The secret is going to be exposed.’

‘Beauty Mom?’ Ye Wei thought to herself.

Ye Wei was aware of Beauty Mom’s real name because Mo Jue had mentioned it to her once. Although he didn’t say much, she knew that she was the mother of the Mo brothers. Mo Jue was happy to see Beauty Mom, but she seemed to be angry at Ye Wei. He started to become nervous.

‘Did Wei Wei upset Beauty Mom?’

‘What is going on?’

“Beauty Mom, this is Ye Wei.” Mo Jue introduced her to Ye Wei. Ye Wei stared at her face for a while before looking away. ‘Damn! She looks so much like Old Witch. There’s no way she is Mo Jue’s mom. She looks more like his sister.’

‘She must have a recipe for eternal youth!’

‘But what’s her relationship with Old Witch?’

“Wei Wei, she is Su Man’s sister.”

“What?” Mo Jue and Ye Wei shouted in unison.

Eleven almost bit her tongue. What did she say? She became dizzy. Su Ruhua knew that she couldn’t keep it from them anymore, and she patted Mo Jue’s surprised face with a smile. “Honey, come back to your senses. How can you be shocked about something trivial like this? Shame on you.”

Honey? Ye Wei rubbed the goose bumps on her body. ‘Whoa… I’m feeling a sense of crisis.’ Ye Wei pouted unhappily when she saw the young woman pat Mo Jue’s face and call him honey.

Eleven bumped the side of her waist and shook her head, signaling her to keep a tight mouth about Old Witch. Ye Wei nodded. Of course she would.

“Beauty Mom, is Su Man your younger brother?” Mo Jue’s voice was flat and calm. He was so shocked that he didn’t know where he was. ‘I have to address Su Man as my uncle? I have to tell Mo Ye about this.’

It was too shocking and unbelievable.

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