Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 677 - The Battle Between A Mother And Her Daughter-In-Law
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 677 - The Battle Between A Mother And Her Daughter-In-Law
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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The hall was bright and quiet.

Everyone was quiet. Mo Jue was so shocked by the fact that Su Man and Beauty Mom were siblings that he didn’t notice the strange atmosphere between Beauty Mom and Ye Wei.

Su Man was actually Beauty Mom’s younger brother? Why didn’t she mention it at all? The news was so unanticipated, and he couldn’t accept that Su Man, who was almost the same age as him, was actually his uncle.

Ye Wei and Eleven sat opposite the mother and son. ‘Consanguinity is such a baffling thing.’ She was astonished. ‘How could they look so similar? Especially her purple eyes, they were the exact same pair of Mo Jue’s.’

She was confused about what to say when the fact that the Mo brothers and Old Witch were related by blood sank into her.

‘How could there be such a coincidence in the world?’

If Su Ruhua had not come to Riyadh out of the blue, she would not have known about it. She couldn’t help saying, “Eleven, why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“I forgot!” Eleven said softly.

Ye Wei puckered her lips. How was she going to straighten out contradictions to make the lie plausible? In any case, she mustn’t reveal anything about Old Witch. Then, how should she deal with Su Ruhua? Ye Wei couldn’t think of a good excuse at that moment.

‘This woman looks smart. It will be hard to ease out.’

“Who is your master?” Su Ruhua asked Ye Wei straightforwardly. She had been looking for Su Ruyu for so many years without letting go of any clues. An obvious lead had appeared in front of her now, and she would never miss it.

“You look a little like my master. I couldn’t see properly in the dark and thought that you were her. I’m sorry for the mistake,” Ye Wei said with an enchanting smile.

“I don’t believe it!” Su Ruhua smiled as well. However, her gaze was cold. “Your reaction didn’t seem like you have recognized the wrong person.”

“Haha, Beauty Mom, it’s normal for me to take you for her since your figure looked so much like her. Furthermore, you were standing in the dark. Besides, my master is also Eleven’s master. Eleven should have told you if you looked like our master since she had long known you.” Ye Wei laughed. She didn’t plan to tell the truth at all.

Eleven kept nodding.

Su Ruhua smiled and looked at Eleven. “Eleven, I haven’t seen you for a long time. I see that you are recovering well.”

“Well, I’m fine,” Eleven said while looking at her calmly. Su Ruhua said, “Why were you shocked when you first saw me just now? Is it because I look like someone you know? If even a calm person like you had a ghastly expression… Don’t tell me that you have mistaken me for someone else too. I remember that the light was quite bright that morning.”

Eleven was speechless.

‘Su Ruhua is good.’ Ye Wei thought. ‘Eleven had exposed herself too… This is bad.’

“Big girl, speechless?” Su Ruhua looked at Eleven with a smile. She had seen a lot and was smart and knowledgeable. Hence, she could tell who the weaker one was.

As compared to Ye Wei, Eleven was obviously much easier to deal with.

Ye Wei smiled enchantingly and said, “Eleven was injured at that time. Beautiful sister, you have to know that Eleven was heartbroken over your eldest son, and she had lost all feelings for him. It’s human for her to be a little absent-minded. Moreover, she had survived unexpectedly after suffering from such a serious injury. It would be normal for her to be a little excited. You should have been more considerate.”

Eleven, “…”

‘Wei Wei, do you have to make me seem so miserable? I suddenly feel miserable after hearing what you said…’

Su Ruhua looked at Ye Wei and laughed. ‘This girl is interesting!’ She pondered.

“Beauty Mom, what are you talking about?” Mo Jue couldn’t decipher what had happened and asked curiously. ‘Why do I feel like they are about to fight?’ Mo Jue was a little depressed.

“Baby Jue, are you able to control your wife?” Su Ruhua couldn’t help but change the topic. At the thought of the times when Mo Jue had lost his soul for her, Su Ruhua seemed to understand something.

Mo Jue wouldn’t be able to control such a girl. She must have him eating out of her hand.

Mo Jue looked down. ‘Why is she asking if she obviously knows that I can’t control her?’

Ye Wei chuckled. “I don’t think Mo Jue’s father could control you either.”

“No! You are wrong about this.” Su Ruhua’s faint smile was gorgeous.

Ye Wei pretended to come to a sudden realization and calmly pointed out the crux of the problem. “If it’s not the genes, did you pick your child up from the street?”

Su Ruhua laughed at what she said. Mo Jue’s expression darkened and he stared at Ye Wei intensely. Ye Wei sneered. ‘Old Witch, are you really related by blood to them?’ Why did she feel that she had failed to recognize a familiar person?

‘What is the family fighting so hard for?’

“So you are Ye Wei. I’ve heard a lot about you and my second son. Are you aware that every daughter-in-law in the world has to please her mother-in-law?” Su Ruhua looked at Ye Wei with a gentle smile.

Her expression was so gentle and beautiful that it didn’t show any ill will.

Ye Wei laughed and linked arms with Mo Jue. “Come on, Gorgeous Mo Jue. Tell me. Do you want your wife or your mom? Your Beauty Mom seems okay with meeting you once in ten years, so why not just come to me? I will promise to love and cherish you.”

Ye Wei ‘trained’ her husband in front of Su Ruhua on purpose. ‘You won’t win the fight just because you are older.’

Su Ruhua’s gaze darkened. She had a love-hate relationship with Ye Wei. ‘Is she standing up for Mo Jue? It seems like she isn’t that merciless like what Mo Jue told me.’

It was considered a good thing that she had such a powerful daughter-in-law like her. However, the only bad thing was that she wouldn’t be able to count on her son anymore.

Mo Jue looked at Beauty Mom, and then at Ye Wei. He asked, “May I go to the toilet?”

“No!” Su Ruhua and Ye Wei said in unison. Both of them suddenly realized that they might have sounded a little too agitated, so they smiled enchantingly at the same time. One looked at her son kindly while the other looked at her husband with a gentle and generous look.

Eleven wiped away her sweat nervously…

‘Is this the legendary battle between a mother and her daughter-in-law?’

‘Given Ye Wei’s and Beauty Mom’s personalities, they might end up in a fight. Was there any conflict between them?’ Eleven thought to herself. It seemed that she might have been more lovable than Ye Wei…

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