Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 680 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 680 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Su Ruhua looked at Ye Wei, and then at Bai Ye before propping up her chin and saying, “That said, I must really thank your master for the kind of talent she has nurtured. Three of them are headed for the Su family.”

Ye Wei chuckled as she played with the teacup before her. She laughed and said, “Dear beautiful sister, why don’t you say that your Su family has taken a fancy to the three of us? I’ve no qualms as I’ve Mo Jue, and Eleven has no qualms since she has Mo Ye. Right, Eleven?”

Eleven nodded. “That’s right!”

Mo Jue’s face darkened, and he stared at Ye Wei hard. What nonsense was she talking about?


Su Man and Bai Ye quietly sat aside as they watched the two women bicker. Su Ruhua sure was a good sport. Not long later, she said that she was tired from all the traveling and had to return to the room to rest. She and the old butler went down.

Eleven immediately asked, “Beauty Su, how long would your sister be staying here?”

“I don’t know!”

Bai Ye looked at Eleven’s slightly panicked look curiously before looking at Ye Wei’s bizarre laughter. He raised his eyebrows and asked, “Did something I’m unaware of happened along the way?”

Ye Wei would not respond to him, and Eleven displayed some unhappiness. “Go ask Su Man.”

“You two are not the nicest people around. Do I have to ask Su Man about things that are happening in the house?”

“Wrong! It’s our house now, so don’t draw the lines too clearly. Beauty Su, I know that you are privy to what’s happened, so don’t pull any stunts or I will fall out with you.” Ye Wei coldly ordered.

This was her first time speaking to Beauty Su so harshly.

Mo Jue, who listened on from the side, was utterly lost. He had no idea what kind of mime they were up to. Just as he was about to speak, Ye Wei shot him a cold glare and he obediently kept his peace. It was much better to merely observe the fireworks.

“What are you all keeping under wraps so tightly? We are, after all, family,” Su Man softly said in a gentle tone with nary an emotion.

“That’s our problem,” Eleven said.

The meeting came to an end, and everybody returned to their rooms and got on with their work.

Su Man and Bai Ye left one after another. Ye Wei rejected Mo Jue, who wanted to carry her back to her room, as she had some things to talk to Eleven about. Mo Jue did not insist and returned to the room himself.

Ye Wei and Eleven discussed this in the central atrium. Both of them had no good way to keep Su Ruhua in check.

The Su mansion was also Su Ruhua’s home, and she had the freedom to stay as long as she wished. Since Ye Wei would not be leaving Riyadh anytime soon to roam the world, she and Eleven both could not leave.

The two of them huddled together.

Eleven told Ye Wei the details of what happened. “I feel that there is some deep-seated emotional knot between the sisters as they wouldn’t have avoided each other for so long otherwise. Do you think we should tell Old Witch?”

“You’ve already told her that when you previously returned to the island, so that won’t be necessary. She is unwilling to face it,” Ye Wei said. “Forget it!”

“What do we do then? Just wage a war of attrition with Su Ruhua?” Eleven was extremely worried. “I feel that this woman is not simple, so what should we do? For all you know, she may just be able to fish information from me. I am not as alert and keen as you are.”

“If it’s what it is, just say it! If worse comes to worst, just tell Old Witch again. I have no idea how things ended up like this.” Ye Wei shrugged her shoulders. “When you previously told Old Witch all these, did she sound very dismissive?”

“Not really either. She didn’t even know that she has siblings, so she would naturally not sound dismissive of them.” Eleven frowned. “There’s also Su Man… When I told him about this previously, he did not give a clear response. However, he must be certain about it now.”

Ye Wei fell into deep thought. What should she do?

Damn it!

“Do you want to try going online and looking for Old Witch tonight? I am very sure Beauty Su is up to something,” Ye Wei plainly said. “One look at his expression is all I need to know something’s amiss.”

“You still can tell that something is amiss from Beauty Su’s expression?” Eleven could not help but exclaim. She could not see a thing at all.

Su Man was indeed a poker face host.

“Eleven, that’s how people differ.” Ye Wei mused and smiled.

Eleven was speechless.

Ye Wei’s predictions were spot on. The moment Su Man and Bai Ye returned to their room, Su Man asked Bai Ye, “Does your master look completely different from my sister?”

“Definitely! I’ve seen Old Witch’s face for years, and I still remember having nightmares about it. As time passed, I got used to it and it was only then did things become better. What’s with the question?” Bai Ye asked curiously.

“How could Ye Wei wrongly recognize her?”

“It might just be the silhouette. If one only saw the silhouette and not the face, even I could make the same mistake too,” Bai Ye said. While Old Witch was indeed ugly, her figure was extremely charming.

As teenagers back then, they often wondered whether they could pursue Old Witch if she wore a youthful mask. That said, those were purely jokes.

“Bai Ye, I feel that you do not know everything that Ye Wei and Eleven know,” Su Man plainly said.

“That is possible too. Old Witch really dotes on them, especially Ye Wei. While the rest of us were all punished for whatever mistake we made, she would turn a blind eye to Ye Wei’s mistakes as long as they were not too serious. Old Witch is partial to them.” Bai Ye laughed as he recalled the past. He felt the same now.

Su Man harrumphed. ‘If you had Ye Wei’s eyes and gab, people would really dote on you too.’

“Su Man, why are you asking all these?”

“I feel that your master might be my second sister.”

Bai Ye, “…”

He was utterly taken aback and exclaimed. “How could this be!”

It was too shocking!

“Why not?”

“It doesn’t feel possible,” Bai Ye said. He frowned and looked at Su Man, thinking that he must have been mad enough to make all these connections.

Su Man smiled quietly.

When they returned to the room, Su Man, leveraging on Bai Ye showering, had somebody leak information…

His somewhat emotionless face broke into a smile.

Su Ruyu, huh?

Perhaps she might end up coming to them.

He was also curious as to why his second sister was so mysterious. Just what emotional knot was there between the two of them that he might be able to unravel? He did not want to see his second sister look for him from a thousand miles away.

He thought for a while and conveniently logged into Mo Ye’s private network to leave him a message.

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