Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 682 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 682 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Mo Ye silently pondered for a moment before saying, “You really love to play mahjong, huh?”

“I really do! Once you’ve learned how to, the four of us can play together. It will be fun,” Eleven said without the slightest embarrassment. “Since Mo Jue took a short time to learn it, it should be as easy for you to learn.” Eleven smiled. “Get it?”

“Dear Eleven, when did you start to take all that Ye Wei said as gospel truth?”

“That’s certainly a famous saying,” Eleven said. “That aside, are you really so busy back there?”

“You miss me?” His teasing yet adoring voice came through the telephone. Eleven felt her face slightly flush. She hesitated while flipping the page.

“A little!” she softly said.

“Just a little?”

“Stop asking! Do you want to come over or not?” Eleven’s voice became cold. She did not know that her coldness, to Mo Ye, sounded like a cover for her petulant streak.

His laughter became even deeper.

Eleven’s ears almost turned completely red from his laughing. Mo Ye knew that she was shy and did not say much. He only said, “Let me think about it.”

“What’s there to think about? Mo Jue is here, and your mother… She’s here too!” He was the only person missing, and coming over for a reunion that removed the barriers they kept from each other should make for a happy occasion!

“Very well then. I’ll be there tomorrow!” Mo Ye laughed and promised her. Eleven could not quite believe how he agreed to her so easily. She took a while to recover from her shock.

“Are you serious?


“That’s great!” Eleven laughed happily. If he left tomorrow, he would reach the day after tomorrow.

Her clear laughter thoroughly pleased Mo Ye, and Mo Ye felt that he had made the wisest decision. It was so correct that she laughed so happily.

“You all didn’t bully Little Jue much these few days, right?” Mo Ye laughed.

“It was Wei Wei who bullied him. Would the rest of us dare?” Eleven laughed. Given Mo Jue’s character, nobody, save Ye Wei, would dare to lay a finger on him. Besides, there was also Beauty Mom now.”

It was afraid that they were the two women he could not help, and Eleven could not help but tell Mo Ye about Mo Jue shirk the question. Mo Ye broke into laughter and then seriously considered for a moment. He then seriously said, “Why do I still feel that it’s safer in Palermo?”

Eleven was speechless.

“Do you want me to go over to watch the spectacle, or do you want me to go over to watch you make a spectacle of me?” Mo Ye suddenly asked.

Eleven was speechless.

To be called out on her thoughts was so… stifling! Why couldn’t she just hide it from Mo Ye? To have him see through her thoughts so easily indeed meant that saying less was gold as one was more prone to miss a step when saying more.

“I didn’t!”


“Really!” Eleven would never admit.

Mo Ye laughed and said, “Very well then. If you do, then I’ve no qualms sacrificing myself just to make my future wife happy.”

Eleven was speechless.

She grinned and wiped her sweat away nervously!

The next day, everybody save Su Man and Bai Ye were all awake. The latter two often woke up the earliest. Su Ruhua, Mo Jue, Ye Wei, and Eleven were already having breakfast but Su Man and Bai Ye had yet to be seen.

‘Tryst’ came to Ye Wei and Su Ruhua’s minds.

Mo Jue looked at his sister-in-law and Beauty Mom helplessly. What kind of expression was that? Was this world overrun by ladies who were into homosexual love?

“Dana, have they been always sleeping together?” Su Ruhua asked Dana in a chuckle. Dana was Su Man’s personal maidservant and was responsible for his food and lodging. Whenever Su Man had any problems, Dana was the best person to ask.

Dana nodded as it was no secret. Everybody in the Su family knew, and they acquiesced to Bai Ye as the other master of the house and treated him with the same respect they treated Su Man.

People of ability were often able to easily win over others.

“Who was on top and below?” Su Ruhua cut to the chase. Mo Jue felt his coffee being lodged in his throat and coughed several times. Ye Wei looked at him smugly. How unpromising… Eleven also despised him.

Mo Jue flew into a rage. Goodness! Could they at least consider that he was the only man here?

Did he have to shirk the question by going to the toilet again?

Dana covered her mouth and smiled. “Young madam, Dana is unsure about this. You should ask the master himself.”

“Sister Dana, that’s really not the nicest of you. Come, tell Sister Beautiful and I’ll stand up for you if Su Man comes after you.” Su Ruhua laughed as she goaded her on.

Dana smiled. “Master Bai has been unwell for quite a while some time back. Although they had slept together, nothing happened. As to who was dominant and who was submissive, that’s… kind of hard to pin down.”

Beauty Su seemed submissive but had a dominant streak, whereas Bai Ye had a dominant streak but submissive aura. This was really hard to pin down.

Su Ruhua clapped her hands and said, “Man Man is too honest. When people are ill and lack strength, the best thing to do is to simply do the person, and for several times! He is so foolish to allow such an opportunity to pass. That fool must have been some adopted dumpster baby.”

Mo Jue was lost for words.

‘Beauty Mom, you’re good!’

Eleven and Ye Wei looked at each other before Ye Wei said, “If Beauty Su is not submissive, his beautiful looks are quite wasted on him.”

Eleven nodded in complete agreement. Their Bai Ye was better off being dominant, and it felt good imagining it.

“Man Man must be dominant!”

“It should be Bai Ye instead!” Eleven said.

Ye Wei laughed. “Sister Beautiful, look at how you are cheering Man Man on. Even though Beauty Su is dominant, you’ve cheered him on until he’s become submissive. Besides, our Bai Ye is the typical dominant man, and Beauty Su will never be able to run from him. To think he’s wasted all that time makes him perfect material for the domineering guy who is willing to be submissive.”

Mo Jue was even more certain that this world was overrun by women who were into BL!

Dana, who was standing aside, wiped away her sweat nervously. They were… too open! Such things were very off-boundaries in Riyadh. Who would dare to talk about them so openly?

“Then, did they… do it last night?” Su Ruhua asked. Everybody looked toward Dana. The latter wiped away her sweat nervously.

“It seems… that they did it!”

“Ahh!” Some sounds of exhilaration rose and fell.

“Who was dominant and who was submissive?” Ye Wei asked Dana in excitement. Dana wiped her sweat and shook her head. She really did not know.

Su Ruhua tapped the table and said, “Little Jue, can you install a surveillance camera in their room?”

Mo Jue was lost for words.

‘Beauty Mom, you must be somehow related to Ye Wei by blood!’

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