Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 683 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 683 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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The few of them had breakfast and deliberately remained to chitchat. With Su Ruhua and Ye Wei, both experts at keeping the conversation going, present, it was not too long into the conversation that they revealed most of their background.

Eleven secretly admired their abilities. When it came to scheming and manipulation, which was a matter of innate talent, she was not as strong off as them and would end up being strung along by them. She hence quietly listened to Beauty Mom and Ye Wei face each other off.

The few of them were waiting for Su Man and Bai Ye. When they asked Dana, Dana would not reveal anything as she really did not know and had nothing to offer.

“Wei Wei, do you want to wager?” Su Ruhua asked excitedly. Ye Wei’s eyes lit up and she blinked with interest. Su Ruhua laughed and said, “Let’s wager as to who was dominant and who was submissive. I wager that Man Man is dominant. How about that?”

Eleven and Ye Wei looked at each other in the eye before Ye Wei smiled gorgeously. “Sure! I’ll wager on Bai Ye!”

“I’m betting a hundred million! Don’t be a deadbeat!” Su Ruhua laughed and said, elegantly sticking a finger out.

“Deal! I’ll wager a hundred million too. Wait a second. Sister Beautiful, hearsay has it that you were a vagrant for more than twenty years. Do you have that much money?” Ye Wei raised a reasonable doubt.

“I don’t, but my son has and it’s no less than yours.” Su Ruhua grabbed Mo Jue and chuckled as she said that. Eleven was utterly taken aback by her. F***! Was that even permissible in gambling?

Ye Wei smiled eminently and said, “That’s quite a bad thing to say! Your son’s money belongs to your son, and it eventually belongs to me. We’re getting the short end of this wager!”

Mo Jue’s lips twitched and he looked at Beauty Mom. ‘Mom, you sure are crafty.’

“What’s the big deal about getting the short end? You’re not even married yet! Of course, if you immediately marry him, I will naturally not gamble with Mo Jue’s money,” Beauty Mom laughed and said. This son of hers was stupid enough. Despite having experienced so many ups and downs and been dumb enough to brainwash somebody’s daughter, not marrying her was an utter insult to the IQ of the Su family!

Even if one could not get their hands on a person, having a child to play with was not too bad an idea!

Mo Jue’s gaze lit up. Beauty Mom’s words hit home. This method of forcing a marriage was not too bad indeed!

Ye Wei was also taken aback. She waved her hands and said, “Forget it! Use your good son’s money then. He is filthy rich after all, and we were thoroughly shocked when he declared his worth. That said, you can actually offer a higher wager and I do not mind at all.”

Mo Jue was lost for words.

‘Wei Wei, is this how you bully people?’

Beauty Mom thought that Mo Jue was really an idiot to even honestly declare his worth. He’s just too dumb!


Hence, with the wager settled, Eleven wondered who would be the house. What if they both lost? While it was feasible for one to be dominant and the other submissive, what if… they took turns to be both dominant and submissive? This was a very serious question.

How about she played the house?

If they lost, she would earn two hundred million yuan for nothing. If one lost and the other won, she would not lose out on anything. That was the best deal possible!

Just as Eleven was about to speak, Su Man and Bai Ye came over. Beauty Mom’s laughter cut short the words in her throat.

“The sun has almost dried the clothes. You two sure are deep sleepers.” Su Ruhua laughed.

Ye Wei propped her head up and looked at the two beauties who took their own sweet time. They did not seem particularly amiss; one was calm and cold whereas the other was gentle-looking and carefree. Nothing seemed amiss.

Beauty Su’s Arabic clothes, which covered him from top to bottom, only revealed his face. It was too inconvenient for her to see if there were any traces of evidence on his body.

Ye Wei felt a slight pity. If it weren’t for her being lame in a leg, she would have leaped up and groped him all over.

“What are you doing?” Bai Ye smiled and asked before sitting next to Eleven. Dana ordered somebody to deliver breakfast while she stood around and watched the spectacle.

“Chatting,” Eleven said and took a side glance at Bai Ye, trying to see something. It was a pity that her skills were not developed enough to notice anything amiss.

How lamentable indeed!

Chatting? What could Su Ruhua and Ye Wei talk about? It seemed and sounded treacherous, no?

“Beauty Su, did you have a good night’s sleep?” Ye Wei smiled and asked.

“It was good!” Su Man gently replied and then drank some milk before politely having his breakfast. He was a man of few words and did not even look at them.

If Su Man did not keep the conversation going, the conversation would peter out. Beauty Su was an expert at ending conversations, so Ye Wei asked Beauty Su while Su Ruhua asked Bai Ye. Bai Ye, who was also of few words, curtly replied ‘good’ albeit in a much more polite manner than Beauty Su. He even greeted Su Ruhua courteously.

Su Ruhua secretly thought to herself. ‘That’s nice. +1 to him.’

Ye Wei harrumphed. She deliberately clattered her fork against the plate. She was thinking of how to break the question when Su Ruhua looked at her. Ye Wei raised her eyebrows. ‘Why are you looking at me like this? He’s your brother. There’s nothing stopping you from asking.’

‘He’s your sibling!’

‘That’s your younger brother! It’s a more intimate address.’

‘Your sibling!’

‘Your younger brother!’

The two of them exchanged glances for a moment before mutually conceding defeat. Eleven was laughing at one side whereas Ye Wei touched her nose. When she was about to ask Bai Ye, Su Ruhua shockingly asked, “Man Man, did Bai Ye do you last night? Or was it the other way round?”


Bai Ye could not keep the coffee in him and spat it out. The coffee thankfully landed before him and did not travel far. Everybody looked at them in a sneaky manner as though he had been in a tryst. Bai Ye calmly took up his napkin and wiped his mouth.

Ye Wei secretly gave Su Ruhua a thumbs-up. ‘You are badass! I shall concede defeat!’

Looking at how shocked Bai Ye was, she was so aggressive to the point of committing suicide.

Eleven turned around and could not help but laugh. This beautiful sister was indeed a badass.

Su Man did not raise his eyebrows. “Didn’t manage to install a surveillance device in time?”

Ye Wei and Su Ruhua looked at Mo Jue, who had an exceptionally innocent look. Why were they looking at him? That was something he would never do!

“Man Man, be good and do not change the topic. This is very important. Wei Wei and your sister have wagered a hundred million each, and I stood up for you. Since so much has been wagered, I am sure Man Man will not bear to see your sister lose money, right?” Su Ruhua played the kinship card.

Bai Ye was embarrassed. What was going on? There were no questions involved. Did Wei Wei wager on him? That damn lass was surely the nicest person around. A hundred million, huh?

Su Man finally raised his eyebrows. “Just the two of you?”

Su Ruhua and Ye Wei nodded. Both of them had a bad omen.

Su Man nodded and rapped his slender fingers on the table. “I’ll be the house. A hundred million each, please.”

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