Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 684 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 684 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Su Ruhua and Ye Wei looked at each other in the eye. Bai Ye was exceptionally lost for words. Eleven secretly wondered to herself. Damn it, she would lose two hundred million all because Su Man and Bai Ye were that bit earlier. If not, she would have already suggested being the house.

There was indeed a third scenario.

Ye Wei smiled and looked at Su Man and Bai Ye ambiguously. So they actually took turns to be dominant and submissive? Very well then! Her expectations of Bai Ye as well as Sister Beautiful’s expectations of Su Man were too high.

She hence lost a hundred million.

“You guys are so bored to the point you’re wagering on such things first thing in the day?” Bai Ye shook his head. Ye Wei stared at him and said, “You pay me back a hundred million. How could you be so unpromising and cause me to lose money?”

Bai Ye, “…”

Was this his fault? Was this his fault?!

Su Ruhua stroked her nose and suddenly said, “I think I wagered in Korean won.”

“I think I may have wagered in lira.” Ye Wei went with the flow and quickly changed her words. As she quoted a much more worthless currency, Su Ruhua gave a thumbs-up. That lass sure responded really quickly.

Su Man coldly harrumphed and Bai Ye looked at them disdainfully. To resort to dirty tactics when they lost money was nothing short of shameless.

After breakfast, Bai Ye brought Ye Wei to do her checkup as it was time for her medicine to be re-prescribed. Mo Jue carried Ye Wei and followed Bai Ye to the medical room. “Is her leg very seriously injured?” Su Ruhua asked.

“She’s been injured for quite a while. Bai Ye said that Wei Wei can be cured, but she will have to go through a little suffering,” Eleven said with slight heartache.

“It’s good that she can be cured. How about the poison in you?”

“I…” Eleven instinctively wanted to bring up her master but changed the topic instead. “That I don’t know, but the virus can be kept in check for now.”

Su Man looked at Eleven and said, “The data from your master should be sent over in a moment. The data she had Bai Ye compile is roughly complete and it’s time to study both sets of data in concert. Do remind her lest your treatment be delayed.”

Eleven thought about it and nodded. “Got it!”

Su Ruhua raised her eyebrows in bewilderment. “Is her master very well-versed in viral research?”

“At least stronger than me!” Su Man said. Su Ruhua looked at Eleven with a harsh glance, and Eleven felt her heart jolt. Su Ruhua also wanted to know where her master was. Although she had an impeccable look and did not discuss this further, she still said, “Mo Ye is on his way to Riyadh and will be here tomorrow. In that case, I’ll go look Wei Wei up.”

Eleven scooted away faster than a rabbit would!

Su Ruhua had a solemn look. “Man Man, you’re on better terms with them. Could you ask them? I’m not asking them to sell their master out. I just want to know whether their master is Ruyu.”

There was overwhelming evidence suggesting it must be Ruyu. Su Ruhua had a very strong premonition that she could not be wrong.

“If their master is indeed second sister, why doesn’t she want to see you? Instead, she should have been looking for you these past twenty-over years. She couldn’t be that heartless, right?” Su Man raised his doubts. Although he was on better terms with Ye Wei and Eleven, Ye Wei had already warned him there was no room for discussion with regards to that.

“I did some things that I can’t face up to Ruyu about, and she misunderstood some things too. I can understand why she does not want to see me, but there are many things I hope to clarify with her. We’re sisters, not enemies, so why can’t we just get along?” Su Ruhua had a slightly agonizing look on her face. “Consider me begging you to ask them. I promise I will not leak any information about her.”

“What did you do to second sister that she would avoid you for over twenty years?”

“You don’t need to know that,” Su Ruhua solemnly replied. “I’ll save that for another time. All I want now is to see Ruyu. I do not know how she has been doing all these years, and I also do not know whether Mo Shitian is still with her.”

She bitterly laughed twice. She must have been daydreaming. Given Ruyu’s character, how could she get together with Mo Shitian?

Su Man looked at Su Ruhua and plainly said, “Relax. For all you know, you might be able to see her soon.”

“What do you mean?” Su Ruhua’s eyes lit up.

“You do not need to know that either. Time will tell,” Su Man said. Bai Ye once said that the island was isolated from the world and no information would reach it. There was only one means of contacting it.

To put it differently, her master had a way of finding out what was going on outside.

The next day, Mo Ye reached Riyadh.

The happiest person was undoubtedly Eleven. He was mentally prepared about Su Ruhua and Su Man, but seeing them was quite another matter. He felt surreal when he saw them.

Ye Wei, who was aside, chuckled and said, “Big Boss Mo, call him uncle!”

Su Man, who was seemingly waiting for the Mo brothers to call him uncle, had a calm look. “Hi, uncle!” Mo Ye greeted.

Ye Wei almost spat out the water in her mouth. Bai Ye’s eyes twitched!

F***! Did he really do it!?

She coaxed Mo Jue for a long time, but he either did not respond or did not call. Little did they expect Big Boss Mo to be so obedient. Hmm, how ungentlemanly.

Beauty Su naturally would not reply to him. He merely coldly harrumphed.

Su Ruhua laughed very heartily.

Given how Big Boss Mo was so obedient, Ye Wei did not know how to carry on.

Ye Wei harrumphed. Big Boss Mo openly held Eleven’s hands and walked inside. Ye Wei raised her eyebrows. Big Boss Mo held Eleven’s hands, which tried to wriggle away, even more tightly. Ye Wei smiled.

“Mo Jue, you want to follow your elder brother and mother for a while? There’s something I need to speak to Bai Ye about.”

Mo Jue hesitated for a moment and went to accompany Beauty Mom.

Bai Ye held onto Ye Wei and asked, “What are you thinking about again?”

“What do you think?” Ye Wei smiled teasingly.

‘Isn’t this considered a family reunion?’ Bai Ye secretly wondered. Shouldn’t he also have a few to come over to look on too? Chu Li and Rong Yan happened to be free, and they were still deciding whether to go out for a walk last night. If they could come over to Riyadh for a walk, that would be the best.

‘Hehe, I’ll tell them over the telephone later that Little Iron and Jason are more likely to come along. That would make for a perfect family reunion and the perfect opportunity to troll the Mo brothers hard…’

“You’re going to call Scheming Chu and company?” Knowing what was on Ye Wei’s mind, Bai Ye smiled.

“Since the deep-seated emotional knots between the Top Terrorist Organization and the Mafia have yet to be resolved, it so happened that they would be coming over to vent it out. No discord no concord.” Ye Wei righteously defended herself.

“Wei Wei, you’re really evil!”

“You don’t want to?”

“…I want to!”

Both of them looked at each other and high-fived! They’re on the same side!

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