Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 685 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 685 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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There was little suspense about Mo Ye and Eleven staying together, although his presence added an indescribable bizarreness to the originally exuberant atmosphere. Su Ruhua really did not expect Mo Ye to come. She propped her chin in curiosity and said, “Little Ye, you’re not going to care about the territory that you took much pain to gain? And… just left like this? That’s pretty irresponsible of you.”

Eleven and Ye Wei looked at each other whereas Bai Ye raised his eyebrows. ‘Gained with much effort? Beautiful sister, would you like to consider the fact that there are three key commanders of the Top Terrorist Organization here?’


Mo Ye gently smiled and said, “Mom, please do not drive a wedge amongst us here. There were territories that I had no choice but to accept. They are, by nature, substantially different from territories that were gained with much effort.”

“No choice but to accept?” Ye Wei laughed alluringly and blinked her eyes innocently. “And you dare to come here? You sound so aggrieved to the point it seems like we forced you to accept it. If you do decide to return these territories, we have no qualms accepting them.”

Mo Jue smartly remained silent. He had spent quite some days here but never dared to raise the topic at all. When he did, it would be inevitable that he would offend somebody and inevitably everybody. Ye Wei, Eleven, and Bai Ye would certainly feel offended, and Bai Ye was seriously wounded as a result of this incident before Su Man was forced to intervene and allow Bai Ye’s condition to improve. If he spoke, he would certainly offend Su Man too.


They were children that Beauty Mom had adopted from somewhere out there.

“To force people to cough out the desserts you’ve force-fed them with is quite inhumane.” Mo Ye responded in kind without showing any weakness.

Eleven paused and said, “Actually, it looks like you received it quite joyfully! It doesn’t seem like you were forced!”

Mo Ye tilted his head and stared at her gently. How dare that lass not stand by me? Eleven tilted her head and looked at Ye Wei, who chuckled and said, “Big Boss Mo, you might just scare Eleven away with how fierce you look!”

Mo Ye laughed, whereas Bai Ye quipped. “Wei Wei, didn’t you talk about a certain matter some time ago? It’s about your dowry, right?”

“Oh, yes…” Ye Wei seemed to have seen the light. “Ah, the dowry… Big Boss Mo, if you want to marry our Eleven, you must offer half your worth as dowry. You were warned.”

Mo Ye laughed. Half his worth?


He looked at Eleven and laughed as he said, “If she’s willing to immediately marry me, I’ll be more than happy to give you all those territories as dowry.”

Ye Wei whistled. ‘Wow, Big Boss Mo, you are really generous-sounding here! How dare you f***ing grab our territories and then offer them as dowry? Does that add up?’

Bai Ye was wondering how Big Boss Mo could be so much smoother than Second Boss Mo. Mo Jue had nary a clue how to respond in the past few days.

Su Ruhua shook her head. “You ingrate, how unpromising…”

Eleven’s eyes twitched but she did not respond. “Eleven, you sure are worth so little! Big Boss Mo snatched our cake and proposed to you with it without forking out a single cent! This deal is just too good for him.”

Eleven nodded in agreement!

Mo Ye was lost for words.

Mo Jue wondered if he should remind his elder brother that talking to those clever and mischievous rascals was a loss-making deal. Ye Wei and Bai Ye were not easy to deal with. Initially, Bai Ye had the gift of the gab. That, along with a keen and sharp Ye Wei, made them irresistible.

Besides, Su Ruhua was here for the spectacle and would fan the flames but take no sides.

Su Man was out of the question as he would not care about anything.

“Eleven, what do you say?” Big Boss Mo gently smiled.

Eleven was lost. Did she have to say anything? “Say what?”

“Do you want to marry me?” Mo Ye asked.

Eleven, without thinking much, went along with Ye Wei and said, “Wei Wei said that the dowry was worth too little. No can do.”

Su Ruhua was taken aback before she hit the table, laughing out loud out of exceptional sympathy toward Mo Ye. Ye Wei’s and Su Ruhua’s images were not too different, and they were to the point of brazenness. Eleven was taken aback, her face turning red.

F***, what did she say?

Mo Ye was helpless and lost for words. His wife was cunning and evil thanks to Ye Wei’s grooming but was occasionally as innocent as a rabbit.

“Big Boss Mo, would you like to up the dowry?” Bai Ye laughed as he asked. Bullying Big Boss Mo felt way better than bullying Mo Jue thanks to that additional sense of accomplishment.

“Deal! The day I marry her is the day I will up the dowry.” Mo Ye smiled and smartly answered.

Eleven was unhappy.

The happy atmosphere did not last for a night. At night, Su Man received information about Kahn entering the country. Everybody was no longer as before, and the atmosphere became extremely solemn.

Kahn… This name was akin to the presence of death.

As they had expected, he pursued them to Riyadh, going after Ye Wei and Eleven.

While Bai Ye, Su Man, and all were relatively indifferent toward Kahn’s prowess, Eleven, Ye Wei, and Mo Ye were extremely aware of how horrifying and gruesome Kahn was.

Eleven fought him to a draw, and they were neck and neck in terms of ability. Now that he had lost an eye, he must be enraged. If he came to look for trouble, he would certainly kick off a bloodbath.

“Is it just him?” Eleven solemnly asked.

Su Man shook his head. “Plenty of them actually. Most of them are the best of the best amongst the Russian operatives.”

On hearing the news, everybody felt a chill run down their spine. The Russian operatives, on a whole, were an extremely able team of operatives who interspersed themselves between nations as they stole intelligence, carried out assassinations, etc. As long as they were on the move, they were more likely to succeed than fail.

They were an extremely enigmatic team under the employ of the Russian government whose agents were largely sleeper agents in various military installations and counter-terrorist organizations around the world that went after the most cutting-edge military intelligence.

Kahn, in his vengeance run, must have mobilized the elite of the Russian operatives.

“All is fine. Just remain in the Su’s mansion for now,” Su Man said.

Mo Ye and Eleven were originally thinking of going out to enjoy some alone time in the night, but their plans were scuttled thanks to the information.

“Has Kahn’s skill reached Eleven’s level?”

Eleven nodded. “He is a cyborg too.”

Su Ruhua stared in bewilderment. “It is already difficult to create a cyborg. How could there be two cyborgs in the world? Your organization is nothing short of terrifying.”

Eleven looked at Mo Ye. Ye Wei said with a twinkle in her eyes, “Dear beautiful sister, Mo Ye is the biggest culprit behind Ye Wei’s transformation.”

“…Very well then. I slipped up,” Su Ruhua said.

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