Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 686 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 686 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Although Kahn and company had reached Riyadh, they did not engage in direct conflict with Su Man and all. They acted sneakily and laid ambushes around Riyadh. A few of them once strolled past Su Man’s residence in a seeming bid to gather information. While the mansions seemed unassuming, it was loaded to the brim with hidden traps where every plant was arranged in an extremely unique five-element arrangement. When Su Man got to work, people who were unfamiliar with the five-element arrangement would become easily trapped in it.

There were a few Chinese amongst the Russian operatives. Most were Russian experts who did not have any knowledge of the five elements. They hence did not dare to step into the residence haphazardly and could only watch from the outer perimeter.

There were surveillance cameras installed around the residence, the dead corners included. They were able to see everything outside clearly from the control room and were even more easily able to detect intruders thanks to IR.

When they almost approached, the surveillance camera would relay real-time happenings into the control room.

Since nobody stepped out of the residence, Kahn’s men returned frustrated.

Today, in the control room, Eleven noticed Meng Lianying by accident. She sat alone in a cabriolet and wore a pair of shades as she smoked. She seemed a tad domineering and a tad evil as she looked into Su Man’s residence from the outside.

Eleven frowned. She had wanted to kill Meng Lianying for a long time. It was just Eleven and Ye Wei in the control room. In Daiya’s incident, Meng Lianying had a huge hand which allowed Kahn to quickly locate them and seriously wound Ye Wei.

Since she was right outside now, Eleven was aching to act and step out to kill her.

Ye Wei stopped her and gently smiled. “Don’t get hasty. This is Kahn trying to bait you. He sees that we are not moving and would naturally be flustered. Meng Lianying is merely his bait.”

“She has nobody around her.”

“Once we step out, there will be people around her. Kahn is definitely nearby,” Ye Wei smiled and said. “Do you want to guess whether her shades have multi-functional lenses?”

“Naturally!” Eleven adjusted a camera from the side and analyzed Meng Lianying’s shades. An invisible beam ran across Meng Lianying, and the analysis result came quickly. The shades were indeed multi-functional: clear, telephoto, macro. It also had a precise scanner and targeting system.

“Big Boss Mo and you should put up a steamy act on the roof and enrage her.” Ye Wei laughed. Eleven took a look at her. Uh… That was a very vicious thought.

Ye Wei smiled.

“I don’t do such things,” Eleven said with a red face. It was nothing short of immoral, and she did not want to get intimate with Mo Ye before Meng Lianying as it felt bizarre.

She was not used to it.

Ye Wei covered her mouth and smiled. “Why don’t you want to do it? Big Boss Mo may be really willing, and it’s not as though he has never kissed you before.”

Eleven’s face became redder. “What if this kissing dulls your senses to the point you can’t dodge a bullet coming for you?”

“…Very well then. I forgot that even Eleven would become dazed in passion. I was wrong,” Ye Wei said.

Eleven was speechless.

Weren’t they talking about something perfectly normal? Why did it change when Ye Wei talked about it? They suddenly heard the sound of a helicopter hovering, and Ye Wei’s and Eleven’s eyes lit up. Chu Li and the others were here.

As they were informed of Kahn outside, Chu Li and the others opted for a helicopter midway and directly landed on the roof. Meng Lianying, from her telescope, could clearly see Ye Wei and Eleven.

Damn it!

To think that Ye Wei had suffered such serious injuries but was actually fine! Not only was she fine, she still smiled so beautifully! If it weren’t for Eleven supporting her, she would have thought nothing had happened to her!

Damn it! She was really lucky!

Eleven’s smile was even more jarring to her. When she saw Eleven smile for the first time, Eleven’s smile was f***ing jarring to the point it was even more jarring than Ye Wei’s smile. If she had known that this would happen, she would have killed Ye Wei when they went out to sea after Ye Wei lost her memory. If she had, Eleven would not have been able to escape the island and would have died with Ye Wei. Mo Ye would have never fallen in love with Eleven, and he would not have discovered the truth about what happened five years ago.

She pinned all the blame onto Ye Wei letting Eleven go back then, which changed her life for good. If that didn’t happen, she would still remain by Mo Ye’s side and live happily ever after.

Nobody would be able to sabotage them!

It was all because of Ye Wei and Eleven! Meng Lianying clenched her fists.

With Chu Li and Rong Yan being the first to get off the helicopter, the wind rustled Rong Yan’s long hair to reveal a beautiful face. In her casual attire, she stood next to the suave Chu Li like a matching couple.

She waved her hand and jogged over. Her eyebrows had a slight elation as she hugged Ye Wei and then Eleven. “I miss you all.”

Ye Wei smiled gorgeously and said, “I freaking miss… your cooking.”

“You naughty lass!” Rong Yan laughed and scolded her. Jason and Black J came down from the helicopter, looking mighty. Black J flew the helicopter, and there was nobody else apart from them.

“You all look much better than before,” Rong Yan smiled as she said.

Eleven nodded. “The food at Su Man’s place is just terrific.”

Ye Wei leaped into Black J’s embrace. “Dear Little Iron…”

Black J grunted. Jason turned to look at Eleven. Eleven gently smiled and went up to hug him.

“How are you in Riyadh?”

“Very well!” Eleven smiled.

Black J was more concerned about Ye Wei’s leg, but Ye Wei was intent on skirting the topic, downplaying it out of not wanting him to worry. Rong Yan smiled from the side. If Eleven and Ye Wei could get together with Jason and Little Iron, wouldn’t that be perfect!

They would be a family under one roof.

It was a shame that things in the world were not as expected.

Jason was the first to speak. “Wei Wei, you a**hole! Why didn’t you tell us that you have regained your memory? The same goes for your leg that you didn’t inform us about! If it weren’t for Bai Ye letting it slip, when would you stop hiding it? Did you kiss Second Boss Mo so much to the point you’ve forgotten who your family is?”

When Jason, the golden-mane lion, bellowed and was about to pull Ye Wei’s ear to teach her a lesson, Black J pushed his hand away. Ye Wei smiled and said, “Hey, please don’t bully me when I’m one leg short, okay? I can still win against you with my remaining leg.”

“You’re boasting, aren’t you? Want to give it a try?” Jason feigned a punch.

Chu Li saw her leg that was wrapped in a thick bandage and asked, “Does it hurt?”

“It does not hurt. I’ve had an operation earlier and will need to undergo three more operations after some time before I will be fine.” Ye Wei smiled optimistically as Bai Ye had told her everything.

“Just how many operations do you have to undergo?” Black J asked solemnly with a hint of worry on his face. That damn lass did not tell him anything earlier.

“According to Bai Ye, four.” Ye Wei smiled.

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