Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 687 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 687 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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When the few of them met, they were really happy. Bai Ye, who was downstairs, heard them and waved his hand, calling out to them a few times. “Bai Ye, you are good! Fancy cooping up in someone else’s place when you recuperate from your injuries!” Jason shouted.

Bai Ye laughed and said, “If you’re good enough, go coop yourself up in someone else’s place and recuperate too!”

“F*** off! I am not as unpromising as you!” Jason roared. Everybody broke into laughter.

“Why didn’t Commander come along?” Eleven asked.

When she and Bai Ye told Chu Li about it, Commander happened to be in London. She was about to say that he, for all they knew, would turn up. Two fire breathing dragons acting in concert was a rare sight.

“Let’s not chat on the roof. Shall we go down?” Bai Ye smiled and said. The Mo brothers, who happened to hear the sounds, came out of their rooms too.

Jason coldly harrumphed and looked at Eleven. “Why didn’t you tell me that these two animals are here too?”

Mo Ye’s lips twitched whereas Mo Jue’s gaze became solemn.

“He just arrived,” Eleven said.

“Hmmph! Are you asking for a proposition here? Is the dowry ready?” Rong Yan calmly smiled and broke the stalemate. Chu Li pecked her and praised her for being so smart.

Everybody shuddered.

They were undoubtedly family based on how they talked.

Everybody went down the spiral staircase. Ye Wei’s leg was injured and she naturally needed somebody to carry her. While Black J was more than willing to carry her down, Mo Jue, who was looking from downstairs, was not the most pleased. Anger visibly rose in his purple eyes.

This was jealousy!

Ye Wei suddenly recalled that Meng Lianying was outside. She smiled so that Black J would carry her closer to the edge of the roof. Ye Wei then flipped the bird at her in a domineering and elegant manner that did not seem uncouth at all.

‘Hmmph! Sister Meng, I’m waiting for you!’

Meng Lianying’s face became even darker, angry beyond belief. She looked away and floored the gas. The car sped into the distance.

“Heh. That’s so squeamish of her to be able to tolerate this.” Ye Wei thinned her lips.

“Who’s that?” Black J asked.

“Some slut whose name I’ll save lest I pollute your ears,” Ye Wei smiled. Black J shook his head. He could almost guess who that was while he carried Ye Wei down the stairs. Just as he reached the bottom of the stairs, Mo Jue walked over to carry Ye Wei.

Black J carried her and avoided him with coldness in his gray-blue eyes. “You’re not needed!” he coldly said.

“I don’t need you to carry my woman!” Mo Jue coldly harrumphed as he reached over.

Black J, who was carrying Ye Wei, avoided him again and coldly laughed. “I’ve hugged this lass for more than ten years. You’ve got an opinion?”

Mo Jue was lost for words in his anger. Ye Wei felt a little conflicted.

“Wei Wei!” Mo Jue looked at Ye Wei with a harsh and cold gaze as though he had no qualms dismembering her if she did not get out of Black J’s embrace.

The people who were walking ahead all turned back. Chu Li, Jason, and the others knew what was on Black J’s mind. They would watch over their own more often. “Hey, what are you doing here?” Rong Yan smiled.

Ye Wei smiled alluringly and said, “Little Iron, the sun is giving me a tizzy.”

Mo Jue’s face was utterly blackened from anger, utterly jealous. Her statement was her acquiescing to Black J hugging her. Eleven gently smiled. Despite however unhappy Mo Jue was, Ye Wei would not hurt Little Iron’s heart.

She was really overlooking their shortcomings, but it was a pity she was not overlooking Mo Jue’s shortcomings.

Black J gave Mo Jue a cold stare before he looked down at Ye Wei and said, “This man sure has a bad temper. Wei Wei, you can consider dumping him.”

“I am shortsighted.” She implied that she could not see well. Black J took a good look at her before he stopped talking and carried her into the room. It was indeed unbearable to look up at the sun directly.

Mo Ye tapped Mo Jue’s shoulders and said, “Little Jue, stop being such an idiot. If you become even stupider, I’ll disown you.”

Mo Jue was lost for words.

People were clearly bullying him, so why should he allow himself to be bullied?

They were brothers and sisters for over ten years, and anything that would have happened would have long happened instead of now. Wasn’t this clear enough? Why the jealousy then?

Everybody was amazed at Su Man’s appearance.

Although the Mo brothers’ immaculate looks were beautiful, they were still never as shocking as Su Man’s looks. His appearance was nothing short of perfection.

That, along with his temperament, charmed even those who were used to seeing handsome hunks and beautiful babes.

“This is the most perfect face I’ve ever seen!” Rong Yan was the first to exclaim.

As she said, she reached out for Su Man’s face and was about to touch it. Everybody looked toward Chu Li and saw Chu Li’s face turn black. Chu Li stopped Rong Yan’s hand half-way and said, “Yan Yan, the most perfect face you’ve seen is right here.”

Everybody was stunned into silence.

Rong Yan took a quick peek at him. “Ah Li, please do not feel hurt. When it comes to looks, you are nowhere near a tenth of him, so stop being narcissistic ok.”

Everybody was stunned into silence.

Jason held Eleven and said to her in a flat tone, “Now I understand why Bai Ye is enjoying to the point of forgetting home.”

Bai Ye’s eye twitched and he simply reminded them. “Dear all, I am injured. Could you all at least take note of my current condition?”

He was really helpless, and they clearly had forgotten that he was injured. Everybody thought he had remained because of Beauty Su, but he was innocent. He was really innocent…

“Excuses!” everybody said in unison.

That was absolutely an excuse.

In just a short few minutes, Mo Ye was almost able to figure out everybody’s temperament.

Su Man had a cold gaze and coldly harrumphed. He was the first to enter the great hall and everybody followed him. Jason pulled Eleven and whispered to her, “What’s going on? What’s going on? I want to know.”

Rong Yan and Chu Li also leaned in.

Eleven was speechless.

How did these people with interesting and varying temperaments manage to get together? This was nothing short of easy.

Eleven’s face had a gentleness that he rarely saw. These people, to her, meant something more than family.

Many gathered in the garden in Su Man’s mansion. They were family who had not seen each other in a long time and had much to talk about. The Mo brothers were also present. As enemies and love rivals met, they were exceptionally jealous. This made for an exceptionally interesting atmosphere.

There were two parties at the round table: the Mo brothers and Su Ruhua on one side, everybody else on the other. Ye Wei and Eleven naturally did not sit with the Mo brothers. However Mo Ye looked at Eleven and however Mo Jue stared at Ye Wei, they treated them as though they were invisible.

When it came to presence, the Mo brothers had lost out by a huge measure. Since numbers were might, not to mention they had yet to marry them, they could not be considered one of their own. Uh, even if they married them, one could not say for certain whether they could be considered to be a part of them.

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