Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 688 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 688 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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There were pastries on the table where the women of the Top Terrorist Organization huddled together to talk about family matters whilst the men talked about significant national matters. The leaders of the Top Terrorist Organization were on one side of the table whilst the godfather of the Mafia was on the other side of the table. They were core persons who had seen much of the world. When they gathered together, they naturally talked about matters between the organizations and did not float their personal grievances against the other.

Su Man drank his tea and watched the experts negotiate. Honestly, seeing them gather and not shed any blood was not an easy feat. If this were to happen when the Top Terrorist Organization had just encountered its mishap, Chu Li, Jason, and the others would have thrown caution to the wind by shooting first and asking questions later.

Killing would be the perfect catharsis. Even if they killed by mistake, it would not faze them the slightest.

As quite some time had passed, the Top Terrorist Organization had firstly settled most of what had to be settled. The situation was, by and large, stabilized and developing in a healthy direction thanks to all the compensations, consolations, rescues, etc. from Chu Li and the others. Secondly, Ye Wei almost killed Mo Jue and lost her child. Chu Li and Rong Yan did not feel good about it, and they reopened the incident to confirm it was a misunderstanding thanks to machinations from within that left the Mo brothers in the dark.

While they had an opinion or two about the Mo brothers, the Mo brothers were not behind the incident. Besides, the post-battle situation was so chaotic and they did not take advantage of it to further hit the Mo brothers but instead gave them time to recuperate.

Considering they were not responsible for the incident, Chu Li noted it as a favor.

Therefore, when they met again, everybody had mixed feelings. Why did they have Ye Wei and Eleven be the bridge?

They greeted each other and exchanged a few words.

Jason, who was hot-tempered, took up old scores and lambasted the Mo brothers with impunity. As Mo brothers never participated in those incidents, he stared at Ye Wei.

He wanted to grab Ye Wei back to his side, and Mo Ye was no slouch. Thanks to the deep-seated rivalries between the Top Terrorist Organization and the Mafia, they each had tons of old scores to settle with the other.

The lines were blurred since long ago, and Chu Li even morally compromised himself to dabble in drugs in a bid to stop Mo Ye from gathering funds.

This almost became a bizarre meeting where everybody was digging each other’s dirt.

Su Ruhua was wondering. Whoever said that only women could argue? Even men could argue too, and they made perfectly coherent arguments. If one only heard either side of the story, one would have certainly felt that said party’s actions made sense. Hearing Mo Ye’s case would make one feel that the Top Terrorist Organization was indeed overboard enough to force them into such straits, but hearing Jason and Chu Li would make them feel that Mo Ye was nothing short of pure evil.

When it came to the gift of the gab, both were experts. Save Ye Wei, Chu Li of the Top Terrorist Organization had the gift of the gab whereas Jason had the most imposing presence. When it came to smarts, it was Black J who came out tops. Mo Ye was slightly lacking in all areas. After all, they were brought up in such an environment and had seen much more of the world than Mo Ye had. Their specializations and ability to work in concert would leave Mo Ye in the dust.

It hence added up that the Top Terrorist Organization became the top in the world in little time.

Mo Ye, however scheming he was, was nowhere near Chu Li.

When it came to manipulation, Chu Li was even more capable than Third Young Master Ye, which explained why he was often in cahoots with Ning Ning, let alone Mo Ye.

The three women, completely unaffected by the ruckus, talked about their own things.

Su Man drank his tea slowly with a calm and indifferent look as though he had nothing to do with everything that was happening before his eyes. If the negotiations became a fistfight, he had no qualms providing the fighting venue.

Bai Ye smiled as he listened on and would only speak when he had to make a point.

Su Ruhua propped her head and wondered whether she should help her son. Mo Jue was nuts at arguing and would only get physical if he flew into a rage. He was all ‘I can’t be f***ing bothered to yap with you! Might makes right!’

For Mo Ye to outargue a group of badasses was a little… too challenging.

After some thought, she could afford to let it slide as it was not bad to watch the spectacle that ensued. She had to be wise.

These two would have a long way to go before they got to marriage.

“Save the talk. What exactly do you want?” Mo Jue slammed the table, rattling the teacups before them. His purple eyes were so sinister that it felt as though it was hell all over.

Chu Li and Mo Ye, who were talking about Mo Ye’s purported incompetence, stopped in their tracks. Everybody looked at Mo Jue. The three women in their conversations looked up and looked at Mo Jue with a worshipping look.

‘Gorgeous Mo Jue, what guts you have there!’

To actually interrupt their fun! They had only heard women argue, and they hoped to hear a complete argument between men. It seemed like Mo Ye was bound to lose.

Su Ruhua almost whistled. ‘My son, you’ve got some balls there!’

Chu Li and the others quickly calmed down. Black J coldly smiled. “We do what the f*** we want to do. Second Master Mo, is that what you mean?”

“Spit it out!” Mo Jue coldly harrumphed.

Jason, seeing him slam the table, responded in kind and the cups shook. F*** this, do you look like the only one who could slam a table? “That’s very simple. Since you two have had a terrible track record, get the f*** away from Ye Wei and Eleven. Now!”

Mo Ye frowned slightly whereas Mo Jue coldly harrumphed with a ‘I’ll entertain your bullshit’ look.

Chu Li looked to the side and smiled. “Why aren’t you two talking? Keep it up.”

If they dared to slam the table again, he could kowtow to them!

“That’s impossible!” Mo Jue coldly replied. “Ye Wei and I are registering our marriage soon.”

Everybody turned back to look at Ye Wei. As she had yet to receive the dowry, Ye Wei shrugged and said, “I know nuts about it!”

Rong Yan raised her eyebrows and asked in a tease,” Second master, are you sure you did not remember anything wrongly?”

“That young brat is not around, and you all are not my match. I’ll hack into the civil administration office’s system tonight and enter our marriage information into it. What can you do about that? Hmmph!” Mo Jue calmly replied.

Everybody was lost for words.

Mo Ye wiped away his sweat nervously. ‘Little Jue, to think that you could think of such a move. How brave of you!’

Ye Wei’s eyes twitched. Everybody was taken aback by Mo Jue.

They had seen punks but never a punk who was this rogue.

What’s a ‘forced marriage’ again? Those who bawled their eyes out and eventually committed suicide should look at this second master. His move was such a masterstroke that he would have a partner he could call his own come the next day.

He left the witty ones lost for words.

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