Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 689 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 689 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Black J turned around and looked at Ye Wei with a ‘you chose a husband I despise’ look. Jason turned back to look at Ye Wei with a ‘you need to go back to school’ look. Ye Wei’s beautiful eyes were wide open. Was this her fault? Was this really her fault? Rong Yan, after her brief shock, laughed out loud. She grabbed Chu Li’s elbow and giggled nonstop.

This second master was really humorous! She could not keep her laughter in.

Eleven, like Big Boss Mo, also wiped away her sweat nervously. Bai Ye was laughing out loud whereas Beauty Su calmly drank his tea at a side as though such tiresome conversations were the norm.

Normally speaking, this second master was one who would not stop making provocative statements.

The occasional jokes of a man of few words with an often-sinister face would send one laughing out loud. While one might hate him pretty hard for once, one would find that he was too moe and utterly adorable in the next moment.

That was the feeling he gave everybody!

There was definitely something adorable in those shocking words.

Su Ruhua clapped and approved of Mo Jue’s performance. “Little Jue, if you had done this long ago, you would have long gotten yourself a son. What were you up to then? But that said, this isn’t too bad a move. Do help your elder brother and Eleven input the information so that good things come in pairs,” Su Ruhua said cheerfully.

Everybody was lost for words once again, and they finally knew where Mo Jue’s over-the-top character came from. Somehow, he did not inherit the beautiful sister’s lively character but only her shocking words.

Everybody wiped their sweat nervously. Upbringing was indeed of significant importance.

“Beautiful sister, you are just too smart. How could he simply marry us for no rhyme or reason? This will not do. Where’s the dowry? The dowry must not be forgotten,” Ye Wei spoke toughly and replied coolly.

“The best dowry is a plump baby. What dowry were you expecting?” Su Ruhua said with an anticipating look on her face. This alliance through marriage, if sustained for generations, would be the perfect outcome.

Everybody twitched.

F***! This is the dowry!? Who would pull off a shotgun marriage where the child became the dowry?

Mo Jue had to give the dowry. What if they offered the child to the Top Terrorist Organization? They would have nothing to say if that was indeed the case.

“Not really, not really. Even if a plump baby makes for dowry, what else do you know about dowry?” Ye Wei said with a chuckle. She turned back and told Black J about Second Boss Mo’s worth.

It was because Black J was the best at it.

Mo Ye stared at Mo Jue hard. He sure was a thorough idiot. The innocent Mo Jue’s tongue had slipped at the mahjong table.

“Do the sums for the dowry, please. Oh, that said, if all have to be factored into the dowry, then so be it.” Ye Wei had a beautiful smile. Mo Ye’s and Mo Jue’s faces darkened. Would they be completely scammed of everything? This was terrible. Black J nodded in understanding and Rong Yan said, “So rich… Chu Li, are you richer than them?”

“Those f***ers dabble in immoral businesses, not to mention drugs. They are definitely rich, but we are morally upright.” Jason roared.

Bai Ye almost spat the tea he was drinking. ‘Buddy, you’re good!’

Black J’s lips did not have any further desire to twitch.

Eleven and Ye Wei looked at Jason, aghast. F***! Their family dabbled in arms smuggling, murder, arson, and whatnot. Two of their families were killers, and the internal top five most wanted were family. If they were offed, they would set off a war with a missile strike.

They did not clarify their background.

‘Dear big boss, save the jokes, please.’

“Being two brothers, they are naturally rich. Since we have eight siblings, the average worth is definitely lower. That said, it’s not a given once we marry out our two sisters,” Chu Li calmly replied. While Jason’s argument did not make sense, his absolutely made sense and nobody protested.

Eleven looked at Rong Yan and plainly said, “Yan Yan, you must give him a son in the future.”

Rong Yan laughed. Eleven was about to tell Ye Wei to give birth to a daughter as their son’s dowry when Su Ruhua continued the statement and said, “Ah, yes. Give birth to a son, and Eleven, our ‘loss-making asset’, can then give birth to a daughter who can marry his son. We can then ask said son about the dowry then.”

Everybody was lost for words.

Eleven’s face turned red.

F***, Sister Beautiful’s thoughts sure run fast and quick! She was scheming enough to think about her granddaughter before marriage.

How calculative indeed!

“Haven’t we digressed a tad too far?” Bai Ye could not help but interject. “Aren’t we supposed to be talking about marriage? Why are we talking about something else altogether now?”

“Those ideas are too interspersed,” Su Man plainly said. When a group of over-the-top characters came together, either a fight or such a situation would ensue. Besides, with women present, the men couldn’t get too physical and they would not dare to either.

Regardless of allegiance, Ye Wei and Eleven were extremely intimidating.

Rong Yan adjusted her facial expressions before smiling and saying, “That said, while the young kid is not around for now, he will eventually return to include the divorce notice.”

Ye Wei, who was peeling walnuts and eating them, had no intention to hop into the marriage and divorce talks. Since the issue was still on the horizon, she was not in the state of mind to get married.

What was originally a very good and robust meeting was utterly dismantled by Second Master Mo’s over-the-top statement, becoming a very bizarre conversation that was no less over-the-top. Everybody tangled over the issue of marriage and divorce.

Chu Li suddenly remembered. Who said that Second Boss Mo was an idiot? That idiot Second Boss Mo disrupting a negotiation was nothing but scheming. Otherwise, they would not viciously extort a handsome amount from Big Boss Mo.

After all, they had Ye Wei and Eleven as hostages and thus were not afraid of Mo Ye not compromising. This shake-up turned the negotiation into a bizarre conversation that, thankfully, had a focus.

The dowry!

It was not that bad a failure.

The negotiations reached a standstill and instead became an open discussion about marriage and divorce. As everybody had the gift of the gab, the conversations were filled with laughter. Even Su Man could not help but break into a gentle smile.

Actually, these guys from the Top Terrorist Organization were quite a joy to be with. Mo Ye thought to himself. He recalled talks that portrayed Jason, Chu Li, and the others as murderers who were like the devil. The reality was contrary to what he had heard.

This family seemed to be cheerful, and they at least did not have someone as sinister as Mo Jue in them. While Black J spoke less, he gave people the impression he was smart and not particularly terrifying.

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