Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 690 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 690 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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While Jason was hot-tempered, his train of thoughts was easy to make out. Mo Ye finally understood why Chu Li was the de-facto diplomat of the Top Terrorist Organization. He was certainly a career diplomat.

Jason, Chu Li, and Black J were the go-to men for procurements and deals, negotiations and strategy, and finance respectively. The three main leaders, albeit having different strengths, collaborated seamlessly and completed each other while remaining united.

He had once considered playing them against each other so that conflicts from within would ensue.

It seemed that he had thought too lowly of them. If one attempted subterfuge on them, not being counter-subterfuge in return would have been quite an achievement.

As the atmosphere turned from bizarre to warn, everybody somehow started to be able to talk to each other thanks to the few women keeping the atmosphere lively and keeping the topics close to each other. Mo Ye, who was already diplomatic, was naturally able to manage the situation. It was Mo Jue who was not too used to such a situation and had a tense face. Chu Li, Jason, and the others still liked to make fun of Mo Jue with some harmless jokes. Mo Jue, who also often made sensational statements, sent everybody laughing out loud despite him looking lost as to why they were laughing. He was simply the enfant de terrible.

Rong Yan propped her head up and said, “Ah Li, let’s go shopping later. I’ve not been to Riyadh for a long time, and we can also visit a few friends too.”

“Good idea!” Chu Li smiled.

Eleven shook her head. “For safety’s sake, it will be better for you to remain inside. Meng Lianying is outside, and chances are Kahn isn’t too far away. Given that Rong Yan isn’t skilled and how Chu Li is no match for Kahn, it would be terrible if he takes you hostage.”

Ye Wei nodded.

“F*** this! Do I have to remain here all the time?” Jason bellowed. “Like a f***ing coward?”

Bai Ye was aghast!

Ye Wei smiled and threw a peeled walnut into Jason’s mouth that he immediately chomped on impolitely. “Boss, if you have the balls to, go send yourself to your demise. I will not stop you from doing so. Even Eleven can’t defeat Kahn. Can you? You were not able to keep up with us back then, let alone now.”

“Damn, I hate being cooped up like this.”

“Who says cooped up? Aren’t you all enjoying the happiness of family?” Bai Ye smiled. “Since we all have nothing to do for now, there’s no harm in hanging around here for a while, right? This happens to be about time for our annual meet-up, so consider that being pushed forward.”

Chu Li gently smiled. “So you called us over for this meet-up?”

“To deal with Kahn,” Eleven said. “I along with the few of you should be able to defeat him.”

“Is Kahn that capable?” Black J frowned, and Ye Wei nodded. Everybody had a solemn look on their faces. Black J eyed Ye Wei, Eleven, and Bai Ye. “How devious of you to send us to our deaths.”

“Little Iron, I am even more innocent than “Kou-er…” Bai Ye and Ye Wei protested in unison.

“What if Kahn sends a missile over? Would we still live?” Su Ruhua suddenly said.

Su Ruhua started to solemnly ponder the problem and somewhat regretted coming to Riyadh as it was probably a one-way trip. She had paid too steep a price to see her future sister-in-law.

“He would not!” Su Man plainly said.

Everybody turned to Su Man. “Why not?”

“He wants to personally murder Ye Wei and not let her have an easy death!” Su Man continued.

Mo Jue’s gaze became solemn.

“I’m now despised by many.” Ye Wei gently slumped onto the table and peeled her walnuts. Rong Yan, smiling, scooted up to her and said a few words. Ye Wei’s eyes lit up as she said, “Really?”

Rong Yan nodded, and Ye Wei was no longer glum. “Haha, now I get to enjoy food.”

Chu Li was at a loss as to whether to cry or laugh.

“You’re terribly lame!” Jason yelped.

Ye Wei’s eyes lit up. “Bored, aren’t you? Time for a mahjong session then.”



Almost everybody agreed to a mahjong session. Question is, who against who? There was only one mahjong set for four people to play against one another. Jason slammed the table and said, “One for me!”

“One for me too!” Chu Li said.

Everybody in the Top Terrorist Organization looked at the Mo brothers at the same time, clearly signaling to them to take the other two positions. “Mo Ye, do you know how to play?” Eleven asked.

Mo Ye looked at Eleven’s shining eyes and suddenly did not feel like speaking. It was embarrassing as he originally did not know how to play mahjong and only obediently learned it after Eleven told him to come.

Although he was not good at it.

“I do!”

Mo Jue frowned. “Elder brother, when did you learn to play mahjong? Why didn’t I know that you could?”

Mo Ye was lost for words.

Rong Yan smiled. ‘Hey, Big Boss Mo is promising!’

It was hence settled. They would immediately start their mahjong game instead of waiting until the night. Su Man frowned. What kind of people were they? The leaders of the two largest powers in the underworld playing a game of mahjong at his place?

Was this some twisted form of harmony?

When the game began, Rong Yan looked over Chu Li whereas Black J and Bai Ye looked over Jason. Su Ruhua saw them and was stunned. Were they playing by themselves?

There was at least an assistant for each position. F***, they were absolutely going to cheat.

It seemed then that her two sons would be against all odds.

“Wow, looks like there is no more space for players. I’ll watch my Gorgeous Mo Jue play then.” Ye Wei stared at her foot and limped up to Mo Jue before pulling a seat over and sitting down. Mo Jue, who was finally able to hold his wife’s hand, was satisfied and full of fighting spirit.

Wei Wei was finally next to him. As long as she was next to him, he was in a good mood and would certainly have a good run at the mahjong table. Ye Wei put her hands on Mo Jue’s shoulders unabashedly before she directly cuddled his neck and smiled. “Mo Jue, maintain that form you were in that night.”

Everybody looked at Ye Wei disdainfully, and Ye Wei stared back likewise. “Daughters who are married out are lost for good,” Jason said.

“I have yet to marry.”

“If you’re already like this before marriage, what about after marriage?”

“Eleven, you may want to help Big Boss Mo. He’s a rookie for sure,” Ye Wei said.

Eleven, in perfect justification, sat next to Big Boss Mo. “Greenhorns tend to win. Look at Mo Jue. That a**hole won all our money,” she said.

Chu Li raised his eyebrows. “Won all your money?”

“Yes! He only spent half an hour learning it! That amazing pretty-face, god knows how his brains tick.” Ye Wei laughed and smiled. “Big Boss Mo, you’d better not lose.” Ye Wei smiled.

Big Boss Mo calmly smiled and whispered into Eleven’s ears, “I’m not really good at this.”

Eleven broke into a slight smile. “It’s okay. I know.”

Big Boss Mo was pleased.

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