Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 691 - : Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 691 - : Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Chu Li and the others were addicted to gambling. They would play mahjong once they had time. Sometimes, Rong Yan would join Chu Li if they were short of people. All of them gathered in the room.

Everyone had someone on standby to switch. Rong Yan could play for Chu Li, Jason could play for Black J and Bai Ye, Mo Jue could play for Wei Wei, and Mo Ye could play for Eleven. There would be no end once they started.

The Mo brothers had just learned how to play, and they were addicted too. Moreover, they could spend time with their loved ones beside them, talking and laughing. The atmosphere was good, unlike the times when they had fought. Mo Ye and Mo Jue were happy to keep them company too. It was killing three birds with one stone.

Most importantly, mahjong was fun.

The Mo brothers could even ask them about Ye Wei’s and Eleven’s past on the mahjong table, and Chu Li, Jason, and the others would be glad to tell them. Since they could learn more about the girls, they were willing to do so.

Except for mealtime, they were always playing mahjong in the room. Because the room happened to be on the third floor, they placed a telescope inside so that they could check the situation outside sometimes.

There were beds and sofas for them to sleep on when they were tired, and Su Man even provided them with free flow wine. Life was great.

Rong Yan had only learned how to play mahjong a few years ago when she first joined the Top Terrorist Organization. She would join in the game if Chu Li was tired, or when the few of them were drinking.

The round of mahjong had Su Man’s eyes twitching. Apart from eating, they had never stopped. Everyone was hyped up and they changed hands whenever one was tired. They would go to sleep and continue after they were awake, acting like students who had nothing to do after graduation.

The game had started three days ago with no breaks in between. Mo Jue was really lucky, as if the god of wealth was looking after him. He had been winning nonstop, by self-picking mostly. Ye Wei was amused by how he played and laughed so hard. He actually didn’t have any special tactics other than discarding the tile he didn’t want. However, the tiles he got were usually good.

His luck was really no joke.

“Wei Wei, did you help him cheat? Why is he always winning?” Jason asked.

Ye Wei spread her arms innocently. “How do I help him cheat? Can’t you see that Big Boss Mo is losing badly?”

“A brother should always give the best things to his younger brother,” Big Boss Mo replied calmly.

Ye Wei leaned on Mo Jue’s shoulder and laughed. “Your brother really dotes on you.”

“This is a well-known fact!”

Everybody was lost for words.

‘They are really shameless. Showing their brotherhood? Our love is deep too.’ Jason thought and sneered. He looked at Chu Li, signaling for him to do something. Ye Wei laughed and said, “Big boss, don’t cheat.”

“Aren’t you the queen of cheating?” Jason replied frankly.

Eleven stared at them calmly. “I’ll throw any cheaters out of the window.”

Bai Ye, “But Eleven, Big Boss Mo is losing.”

Eleven, “Right. Because he is losing, nobody shall cheat. If you cheat, he would be the only loser.”

Everybody was lost for words.

“Damn, it’s definitely not worth it to raise a daughter.” Jason wailed. The lion was about to lose his temper again.

Everybody laughed and glared at Mo Jue intensely. ‘Why is he so lucky? He never had bad luck once. This is creepy.’ Chu Li said, “Wei Wei, can you play instead?”

Mo Jue refused. “No, I want to play.”

“Wei Wei has been watching you play. Let her play for a while,” Rong Yan smiled and said.

“I’ll let her play when my luck goes bad.”

Everybody was lost for words.

‘Damn you!’

Su Ruhua listened to their conversation while nibbling on roasted melon seeds. She contemplated on how she should ask them about their master. Those people were extremely smart, and it would be hard for her to do so with Ye Wei and Eleven around.

So, she was waiting for an opportunity.

After playing for three days, everyone was full of energy. Mo Jue had won a lot of money because those four rich people had made big bets on the game. If he had continued to play, he could have won more. He expected Ye Wei to lose money once she started to play.

Therefore, everybody liked it when Ye Wei started to play. She would lose quite a bit of money before Mo Jue took over and won it back again, and this weird cycle would repeat itself. Mo Jue even thought that Ye Wei had lost the game on purpose.

Ye Wei laughed. “Even if I wanted to lose the game on purpose, I wouldn’t lose it to Big Boss Mo.”

Rong Yan made some pastries for them at noon that day. Mo Jue and Big Boss Mo had also become addicted to her delicious pastries during that period of time.

The two of them looked forward to snack time every day as Rong Yan would definitely bring some pastries over to them. All of them would then rush over to eat them, including the Mo brothers. They were extremely jealous of Chu Li, who could get to eat them every day.

“Actually, Wei Wei cooks well too,” Rong Yan said. Mo Jue tilted his head and looked at Ye Wei. Rong Yan smiled. “Haven’t she cooked for you?”

Mo Jue shook his head.

Ye Wei felt a little guilty. ‘Uh, haven’t I?’ She had to recall real hard.

Black J was curious. “Didn’t the two of you live together on the island? Who cooked?”

Mo Jue sneered coldly, and everybody understood him.

Jason asked again, “Who washed the clothes?”

Mo Jue stayed silent, while Ye Wei focused on eating her pastries. Everyone seemed to understand something again.

Jason looked at Mo Jue as if he was a monster. He couldn’t help but raise his thumb. “You are really the perfect man. It’s commendable.”

All of them hardly cooked. Although Black J and Chu Li knew how to, they had never seen them cook. Bai Ye could cook well, while Jason would never go near the kitchen.

“Third Young Master Ye does housework at home too. He’s your role model. Learn from him.” Rong Yan smiled faintly.

“I’d rather be a jerk,” Jason commented immediately.

Chu Li and Black J nodded, while Mo Ye looked to his left and right. He didn’t want to be involved in the discussion.

“Gorgeous Mo Jue, I’ll cook for you next time,” Ye Wei said and smiled. Mo Jue was overjoyed. “Really?”

“When my leg is cured.”

Mo Jue was satisfied and elated.

Chu Li, “Wei Wei, you are so biased. How many years has it been since you last cooked for us?”

“How about all of you come together next time?”

“No!” Mo Jue said firmly. “She can only cook for me.”

Chu Li smiled. “Then, why are you eating the pastries made by my Yan Yan?”

Everybody was lost for words.

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