Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 692 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 692 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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After joking around for a while, they switched players for the game. It was Ye Wei, Eleven, Rong Yan, and Bai Ye’s turn to play. Three women and one man. That was how the game went these days.

“Bai Ye, ask Beauty Su to join us.” Rong Yan smiled. She had never seen him play. Apparently, Su Man was great at it due to all the ‘training’ by Ye Wei and Eleven.

“Who would keep a look on the situation outside if we are all here?” Bai Ye smiled and said calmly while discarding his tile. “Hey, big boss, switch with Su Man if you are free. Let him rest,” he shouted.

“Okay, okay. A married son is indeed like poured-out water!” Jason exclaimed unhappily. “All of you are good-for-nothings!”

Bai Ye, “…”

A married son? Him? Since when?

“If you feel sorry for your Beauty Su, why don’t you switch with him? Bai Ye, didn’t you invite us over?” Jason asked curiously.

Ye Wei smiled. Bai Ye shook his head. Jason would have dissed him more if he had said anything else. The men opened up a bottle of good Vodka, while Mo Jue read a magazine that he had randomly taken.

Rong Yan said, “Ah Li, don’t drink too much or you will feel terrible later.”


“Mo Jue, why aren’t you drinking? Did Wei Wei forbid you to drink too?” Chu Li asked. They had been drinking for a few days, but he had never seen Mo Jue drink.

Ye Wei discarded a tile and smiled. “Don’t accuse me of the things I didn’t do.”

“I can’t drink,” Mo Jue said calmly. “My brother will drink for me instead.”

He continued flipping through the magazine. Mo Ye couldn’t help but laugh. Feeling curious, Black J asked, “Aren’t you the godfather of the Mafia? Shouldn’t you have at least learned how to drink at social events?”

“Alcohol is poison.”

“One should be able to drink far more than usual with a bosom friend.”

Ye Wei laughed and said, “He doesn’t drink.”

“As a man, you don’t smoke or drink, nor are you lecherous. What do you live for?” Jason said.

Mo Jue raised his eyebrows. “That’s why I have a wife and you can’t find one.”

Those who were drinking were stunned. Black J almost spewed a mouthful of alcohol on Mo Ye. ‘F***, Mo Jue is impressive. How dare he say that to big boss?’

Ye Wei looked up in horror. Those who were playing mahjong also looked at Mo Jue in horror—or rather, with a gaze of admiration.

Jason slammed his glass on the table. “I’ll fight you today!”

“I have no time,” Mo Jue said flatly. Everybody’s gazes no longer showed admiration but worship. ‘Wow… Big boss, never thought that you would be humiliated like this, huh?’

Rong Yan gave him a thumbs-up. “Wei Wei, he is too daring.”

The corners of Ye Wei’s lips twitched. “It’ll be fine once you get used to it.”

Although that was what she said, she felt that it was inappropriate and dumb for him to say such things, especially when Jason was her brother.

Mo Ye looked at him with total disdain, even though he felt good too!

“I’ll fight you even if you have no time. I’ll beat you until you become a woman!” Jason roared. His smooth blond hair looked like it was about to stand. He was infuriated by Mo Jue.

‘What did he mean by I ‘can’t find’ a wife? I just don’t want to. Letting a woman control your life? Nobody could possibly like that idea.’ He thought. Moreover, he was still salty about the fact that Eleven, whom he had a crush on for over ten years, was snatched away by someone else. He had felt more indignant than anyone else. How could he make all these sarcastic talks?

“Big boss, you can’t beat him. Don’t embarrass us!” Ye Wei shouted. “Get drinking. One more thing. Am I supposed to go for a transgender surgery if you were to hit him until he becomes a woman?”

Everybody was speechless. Mo Jue raised his eyebrows coldly but didn’t say anything.

Mo Ye had a good drink with Chu Li. Unintentionally, he said, “Jason, don’t go too hard on Mo Jue. He’ll become an idiot once he drinks.”

Once he said that, Bai Ye, Ye Wei, Eleven, and the others were reminded of Marshmallow. They turned to look at Mo Ye. “Big Boss Mo, is that true?”

Mo Jue stared at his brother furiously. It was the first time Ye Wei had seen Mo Jue, the best younger brother, stare at Mo Ye like that. She felt good though. However, she also wanted to know how Marshmallow came about.

This had puzzled her for a long time. Although she could more or less guess it, nobody had verified it before.

Big Boss Mo, “…”

Alcohol was really poisonous. He realized that he had said the wrong thing.

“What do you mean by him becoming an idiot after drinking?” Black J asked. He was extremely curious too.

Bai Ye explained the situation that happened last time, and everybody was amazed. Jason was no longer angry and poured a glass of alcohol for him. He patted Mo Jue’s shoulder as if they were best buddies and said, “Here, Mo Jue. May I propose a toast to you?”

“Nope!” Mo Jue looked away.

Chu Li said, “Let us see what will happen if you drink. Moreover, it’s not that you can’t return to normal. Not a big deal. You would return to normal after another glass.”

Black J expressed his great curiosity as well.

Mo Jue continued to read the magazine calmly, while Mo Ye felt guilty. He swore that revealing his secret was unintentional.

“Hey, drink and I’ll regard you as my brother-in-law.” Jason started to throw out Ye Wei as bait. Ye Wei laughed. “Big boss, be kind. Stop bullying honest people.”

“Is he honest? He just said that he could get a wife but I can’t. How is he honest in any way?” Jason roared. “If I disagree with the marriage, he wouldn’t have a wife either.”

Black J went along with him, while Chu Li nodded. He agreed with him too.

‘He was just joking!’ Ye Wei thought.

Rong Yan asked Big Boss Mo curiously, “Why would he become an idiot after drinking?”

Big Boss Mo said, “I don’t know. We found out about it by accident when he was young.”


“This would be fun to see.”

“Just drink. Or you could take a sip.” Jason coaxed. “Nope!” Mo Jue said coldly.

Mo Jue would reject them no matter what they said. ‘Would it work if I splash him with alcohol?’ Jason thought.

“Big boss, don’t go too far,” Ye Wei smiled and said. Although she wanted to see it as well, it was his private affair after all. She didn’t want Marshmallow to appear in front of them, even though he was cute and lovable.

“You wicked girl!”

Chu Li smiled. “Mo Jue, don’t you love Wei Wei? Take a sip to prove it.”

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