Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 693 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 693 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Mo Jue rejected them with style. No meant no! He flipped through the magazine calmly, ignoring everybody else. Jason had really considered splashing the glass of alcohol on him.

‘He won’t bear grudges if he really becomes an idiot, will he?’

He had to leave a way out since it was said that he wouldn’t be able to defeat him.

Su Ruhua happened to walk in on this scene, and she laughed. She pushed Jason’s shoulder and said, “Don’t bully my son. What if he stays as an idiot for his whole life? Wei Wei will kill you.”

Ye Wei was shocked. “Beautiful sister, is there a possibility that he will not return to normal?”

“Yes. There was once he stayed as an idiot for almost a year when he was young.” Su Ruhua laughed. “Jason, put down the freaking glass,” Ye Wei said immediately.

“How petty!” Jason really did put down the glass, but he was still curious. He asked Su Ruhua, “Why does it happen?”

“It’s in the genes.”

“Does it happen to you too?”

“Not me!” Su Ruhua laughed. She raised a glass of alcohol and gulped it down readily.

Everybody stopped probing further and continued to drink and chat about the latest current affairs. Although they were on holiday, they shouldn’t neglect things that they should be concerned about.

Ye Wei discarded a tile and said, “It’d be great if third brother was here. I want to meet my amazing baby niece.”

“Are you talking about Hailan? She’s beautiful. Anya had just sent me photos of her days ago. She’s so cute.” Rong Yan was envious of Anya. Ye Wei’s eyes brightened and she demanded to see the photos. Rong Yan spread her arms and said, “It’s on the laptop in London. I’ll tell Ah Li to show them to you tonight.”

“I’ve seen her too. She’s a pretty little girl.”

“Who does she resemble? My brother?”

“She looks like Anya,” Rong Yan smiled and said. Ye Wei was envious too. How she wished she could hug the baby right away.

“Wei Wei, why not call your third brother over too?” Black J said. “That family is over-the-top, and having a baby over will be fun.”

Ye Wei shook her head. “I can’t. Kahn is still outside and Anya doesn’t know how to fight. Furthermore, Hailan’s body is weak. They shan’t take the risk. I’ll visit them in City A once everything is over. It’s time for me to pay respects to my mommy anyway.”

Everybody thought that it was reasonable and agreed with her.

“Third Young Master Ye is definitely the happiest now. A wife, daughter, and a crazily smart son—he has everything in the world. I’m jealous and envious of him at the same time,” Chu Li clinked glasses with Black J and said.

Eleven said, “Make babies with Yan Yan and you will have everything in the world too.”

“I’ve been trying hard. It’s not my fault that nothing is happening,” Chu Li said in a helpless tone.

Rong Yan was embarrassed. There were so many men around. She was okay with Jason and the others, but she was not used to talking about it in front of the Mo brothers. They were still unfamiliar with each other after all. “It’s definitely your fault.”

All the men nodded.

‘I worked hard too, but nothing seems to be happening on Ye Wei. Is it my problem?’ Mo Jue thought.

Dana brought Su Man a cup of tea, smiled, and reminded him to rest. After all, nothing had happened outside. Kahn had been staying in his own lane recently, probably because of fear.

Su Man took a sip of tea and nodded. That group of noisy and usurped people surely was putting the host in the shade. It seemed like they had enjoyed themselves to the point of forgetting home. He was okay with it actually, as nobody would go near to his private mansion that was installed with an infrared security system. An alarm would go off if someone tried to invade the mansion. Hence, he decided to take a nap.

“Watch over this place for me for half an hour. Answer the door when the person delivering groceries arrives.”

“Okay!” Dana smiled.

A gorgeous woman stood in a graceful manner outside the Su mansion and looked at it calmly. She looked very young, as if she was in her twenties. She had long and straight black hair and a little bangs on her forehead, covering a pair of dark and cold eyes. Her eyes were dark, but they had no emotions, just like a pool of stagnant water, empty without a bit of color but were filled with coldness as sharp as a blade. Her eyes were very beautiful. Her facial features also looked incomparably exquisite, as if they were drawn by the best artist.

She was wearing a white shirt and black trousers. The hem of the shirt was simply tied around her waist, showing her delicate and slim figure which had a golden proportion. She stood in the wind coldly, with several strands of long hair drifting past her eyes, radiating a suffocating cold vibe.

Her dark eyes reflected the appearance of the mansion that had elements of modern and classical combined. Unfamiliar moments and scenes appeared in her head, but they were somewhat familiar too.

Her head hurt. The woman frowned and took a few steps back.

The car behind her honked. For a moment, she was too confused and couldn’t pay much attention until the brake screeched. A middle-aged Arab man reached out his head. “Are you deaf? Can’t you hear the horn? Do you want to die?”

He had an extremely bad tone. The woman’s cold face looked as if it was covered with a mask. She remained expressionless while staring intensely at the man. A sharp, cold wind filled with bloodlust blew strongly, frightening the man. He hid in his car immediately and did not dare to reach his head outside again.

What a scary woman!

Scary but stunning.

She moved to the side slowly. The middle-aged man drove right in the direction of the Su’s mansion and pressed the doorbell. Dana was packing things up when she heard the bell. She then called someone to answer the door and pick up the groceries for her.

Suddenly, the woman in white shirt and black trousers caught her eyes.

“Eh? Why did the young madam go outside?” Dana frowned, feeling confused. A few servants of the Su family picked up the groceries while the woman stared at the gate from under a tree for a while before leaving.

Dana was really puzzled. ‘Su Man had given an order for everyone to stay in, or there would be great consequences. Why did the young madam go out by herself?’


She watched that woman walk out of her sight. ‘There seems to be something weird about young madam.’

That woman faded into the distance. Dana shook her head. Maybe she was mistaken. ‘But, she obviously was young madam…’

“Babe, can you deliver a few glasses of milk upstairs?” Ye Wei’s laughter could be heard from the walkie-talkie.


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