Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 695 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 695 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Everybody was amazed by the visuals of the stunning woman they saw in the surveillance footage.

Bai Ye pointed at her in disbelief. His expression changed. “Wei Wei, are you joking? How could this person be our master?”

“F***, the old witch is definitely wearing a mask. You are dumb!” Jason yelled.

Bai Ye leered at him, giving him a despising look. “Big boss, why would the mask look exactly like Sister Beautiful?”

‘He’s right.’ Jason gave it a thought. He asked in a doubtful tone, “Coincidence?”

Everybody was lost for words.

“She is really master,” Eleven said slowly.

“You are lying!” Bai Ye and Jason said in unison. Su Man raised his eyebrows. Perhaps, his second sister had really worn a mask for more than twenty years. Could she be a fake?

“The old witch is so ugly…”

“Who is ugly, you say?” Su Ruhua flicked his head with her fingers and clenched her fists. “Be careful of your words or I’ll punch you.”

“But she is really…” Jason insisted that the old witch looked ugly. He had known her for over ten years after all. She was indeed unattractive. He just couldn’t accept that this beautiful woman was the ugly and fierce old witch he knew.

However, upon seeing Su Ruhua’s fists, he decided to back off. He replied with a classical line, “If I had known that the old witch is so pretty, I would have wooed her!”

There was complete silence in the air. Everyone stared at Jason, and the atmosphere was weirdly quiet…

“Hey, what’s with all of you?”

Ye Wei burst into laughter. She, Eleven, and Bai Ye gave him a thumbs-up at the same time, expressing their admiration for his guts. “You want to woo the old witch? No wonder you are the big boss. We admire you!”

“I was just paying lip service!”

“People like you who judge a book by its cover wouldn’t be able to control the old witch. You want her to be your wife? I’m afraid that you won’t last an hour.” Bai Ye shook his head and laughed.

The evil and scary tactics of their master had left a great impression on them even until this day.

Mo Jue looked at the woman on the screen curiously. He took a good look at her and found that she looked exactly the same as his mom, except that her eyes were black and mysterious, while Beauty Mom had beautiful purple eyes. Other than that, they looked exactly the same, including the long and straight black hair and their hairstyles.

‘Amazing! Would they have the same taste? Why am I so different from Mo Ye? Weird.’

“Mo Jue, what are you looking at?” Su Ruhua asked. She raised her eyebrows and smiled.

“She looks exactly like you.”

“Of course. She’s my twin sister. You look like your brother too,” Su Ruhua said. Mo Ye scrutinized her for a while and frowned, but he didn’t say anything. In the end, after all these fights, they were actually family.

The fights were even chaotic and dark. How outrageous.

‘The world could have remained peaceful if the old witch had shown herself earlier. Why is she only here now? And why did she come to Riyadh? Why didn’t she come into the house?’ He had many doubts.

Even if she had lost her memories, she should know that her disciples were inside. She could have just gone in to visit them.

“Beauty Momm, if she had purple eyes, I wouldn’t be able to tell the two of you apart,” Mo Jue said. Su Ruhua was stunned. She looked down and smiled…

“Wei Wei, Eleven, are you sure this is how the old witch really looks?” Jason still could not believe his eyes.


“Why is it that only the two of you know but we don’t?” Jason felt that it was unfair. They were all her disciples, but why was there a difference in treatment?

“We can peep on her while she is taking a bath. Can you? CAN YOU?” Ye Wei was annoyed. There was silence in the air again. Bai Ye broke the silence by coughing. Uh…

Jason gave them a thumbs-up. “So both of you had been evil since you were young!”

Ye Wei felt like punching him.

Chu Li and Black J came back, and Eleven immediately asked him about the situation. Chu Li frowned and said, “The young kid said that the old witch had left the island for a few days already.”

“It was indeed master!”

“Did something weird happen on the island?”

“He didn’t mention anything!”

Everybody fell silent.

“Master is alone in Riyadh. Where could she possibly go? She couldn’t have gone anywhere else since she doesn’t remember anything. She was just outside just now. I think she knows that we are all here. But why didn’t she come in?” Eleven frowned. She was extremely worried.

Kahn had attacked Su Ruhua the last time, which meant that he knew how the old witch looked like. Although she didn’t know how he got to know what she looked like, it seemed like he knew…

‘What if he met the old witch again?’

“Sister, do you remember any of her friends? Is it possible that she is staying with one of them?” Su Man asked calmly.

Su Ruhua smiled bitterly. “Ruyu was a quiet and quirky child, and she had no friends growing up. Even if she wanted to make friends, nobody dared to approach her due to her cold personality. Moreover, she didn’t want anyone to disrupt her peacefulness. How could she possibly have any friends?”

“My poor master…” Ye Wei felt sad for Su Ruyu. She was still upset even though she had expected it.

“Master knows that we are here. She will contact us eventually. Don’t worry,” Jason said.

“Kahn is watching us frantically. What if he meets master outside?”

A sudden hush fell over everybody…

“I’ll go find her outside,” Eleven said solemnly.

Mo Ye grabbed her hand instantly. “No!”

Eleven frowned. She was about to speak when Chu Li said, “Let’s stay calm. Kahn won’t find her so fast. He isn’t outside today, probably planning on how to deal with us. Don’t worry. We shall wait for master to contact us first.”

A stunning woman dressed in a white shirt and black trousers stood in front of an elegant courtyard in the suburb of Riyadh. She wore a pair of shades, which made her look exceptionally cool.

The suburb was empty and spacious. There was only a small, elegant courtyard around.

The cypress tree that was planted in front of it had now grown into an adult tree. She touched the trees gently and muttered to herself, “Time flies. You have grown so tall now.”

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