Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 699 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 699 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Ruyu carried Mo Shitian back to the master bedroom and carefully laid him on the bed. She adjusted his posture and covered him with the blanket. She then wondered about how women typically enjoyed the princess embrace. When did things become otherwise here?

Thankfully, they were trained since young and were immensely strong enough. Any normal woman would have some problem carrying a stocky man.

Su Ruyu did not expect him to suddenly faint. She placed her finger on his pulse and measured it. He was mostly fine save the shock he got. As she covered him with the blanket, her gaze suddenly froze. Su Ruyu stuck several silver needles in a circular pattern on Mo Shitian’s head and measured his pulse a moment later. Her face became glum.

His pulse was really bizarre…

He had a very deep mental burden to the point it seemed like a serious mental illness. His pulse also showed that his body was starting to deteriorate and how he was barely staying alive by sheer willpower.

Mo Shitian!

She recalled him mentioning his hallucinations. Could he have spent all those years like that? She felt her heart suddenly tense. His severe mental illness was almost a given.

This illness that consumed his life force bizarrely sustained it.

She took out the silver needles.

“Mo Shitian, I will cure you,” Su Ruyu said. Her typically cold voice had an additional hint of solemnness and promise.

While she could not recall what exactly happened between them for now, it was certain that she still loved him deeply.

Su Ruyu looked at his face, slightly lost, and she could not help but reach out to feel his side profile.

He had very good looks to the point her few disciples, handsome beyond measure, were no match to him. His features were so perfectly intricate that one could hardly believe it. His face was the perfect epitome of aesthetics, and he would be akin to the most beautiful man of time before if he weren’t this violent and determined. His eyes were so bereft of joy to the point she could sleep with the sense of loneliness that accompanied him.

The light in the bedroom was too bright, and Su Ruyu wanted to go over and pull the blinds. She suddenly squinted as there were two men outside the courtyard who were looking in with binoculars.

Su Ruyu took her shades and wore them. She rotated the switch and pressed it to change the lenses of her shades. The lenses, like a computer scanner, scanned the two men in IR and analyzed their composition. She was certain they were armed.

She took off her shades, pulled the curtains, and went downstairs.

When she was outside the courtyard, she squinted coldly and looked into the back at the tall pine trees. “Come out!” she coldly bellowed.

There was a movement for half a moment before a gun barrel stuck out from the back of the pine trees and shot at Su Ruyu. The man moved really quickly, but Su Ruyu appeared before him like a phantom before he could respond. She grabbed his arm in a reverse-grip and twisted it, so the muzzle was now pointing at the other man.

The bullet entered the other man’s abdomen, and he collapsed and fainted.

The man’s eyes were wide open in fear. What kind of terrifying speed did she have? She appeared right before him before he even saw her.

“Where are you from?” Su Ruyu’s cold voice sounded like an evil charm, sending the man’s feet trembling. He steadied himself and said, “Russian operatives.”

Su Ruyu coldly laughed. Kahn’s men? She raised her hand and knocked him out.

They were too unworthy to shed their blood on this place.

Su Ruyu took her cell phone and said, “Ping-er, please come over to clean up.”

Su Ruyu ended the call and waited for ten minutes before a sedan roared toward her. A fourteen-fifteen-year-old teenage girl hopped out of the car with a beautiful smile. “Master, I am here.”

Su Ruyu nodded. Ping-er saw the men on the ground and threw them into the car with one hand each. As she efficiently disposed of them, a communicator dropped onto the ground. Ping-er picked it up and asked Su Ruyu how to handle it.

“Hold onto it for now. How do you even do your stuff? Tarry until we found them?” Su Ruyu sternly warned her and the little beauty stuck out her tongue. She also did not know that something like that would happen.

“If this happens again, you will get zero for your evaluation.”

“Waah… Master, surely you aren’t that mean?” Ping-er cried.

Su Ruyu squinted and she immediately changed her expression. “Thank you, master, for showing me mercy. Zero is nevertheless better than negative, and I will do my best.”

“Oh, f*** off!”

“Yes, yes, yes, Ping-er will leave now. I should eat something rounder so that I can disappear more quickly. Master, I’ll leave on my own, so you don’t have to send me off.” Ping-er laughed naughtily as she ran toward the car.

“Do not follow me for the next few days,” Su Ruyu said.

“Yes, I know. What shall I do then?” Ping-er asked in doubt.

“Raben-Qish. Waste him within the same day,” Su Ruyu coldly said. “Once you’re done, look for your seniors and do not reveal any information about me.”

Ping-er pouted and said, “Master, can I get my seniors to help? I am really unfamiliar with Riyadh.”

Su Ruyu coldly looked at Ping-er, who then hopped into the car. “Master, have a good vacation. I’ll f*** off first then.”

The teenage girl floored the accelerator and the car sped into the distance.

Su Ruyu did not understand how she, a cold, stern, yet old-school instructor, could bring up disciples who were all the same, disciples who were not afraid of her and dared to joke with her.

She turned around and returned to the house.

In the courtyard, the tea flowers bloomed beautifully. With Mo Shitian asleep, she had nothing to do and decided to simply watch the flowers downstairs. She really liked tea flowers, which were few and far on the island but bloomed well, that were prettier here.

When Mo Shitian awoke, the room was as dark as the night because of the thick curtains blocking the sunlight. Unable to discern between reality and his dreams, he frowned amidst a slight headache.

He reached out to turn on the bedside lamp in some doubt. How did he end up sleeping?

He seemed to have been dreaming about Ruyu, and this was the nth time he dreamed about her so realistically.


He clearly went out to buy something and returned…

To be on the bed?

Mo Shitian quickly crawled up and pulled open the curtains to reveal a gorgeous setting sun that coated the world in beautiful orange. His eyes were wide open at how the person he missed day and night was amongst the tea flowers. Said person heard some movement upstairs and looked back at him. That face, as real as it could be, appeared before him once again…

Mo Shitian was so excited he grabbed the curtains for his dear life. Was this real?

Wasn’t he dreaming?

“Mo Shitian, I’m home.”

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