Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 700 - : Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 700 - : Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Mo Shitian immediately leaped off the balcony as though he could not wait to hold her hand and caress her face along with her hair. He went from excited to calm and looked at her square in her face.

“Am I dreaming?”

“You want to slap yourself to find out?” Su Ruyu asked.

Mo Shitian suddenly raised his hand and slapped himself hard. Su Ruyu, lost for words, was taken aback at how he actually did it. Five finger marks were left on Mo Shitian’s pale face as he had slapped himself so hard that he had infuriated himself…

“You’re nuts!” Su Ruyu pulled Mo Shitian’s hand down lest he self-abuse again. He then hugged Su Ruyu tightly before telling her harshly, “Yes, I am nuts. Nuts for you.”

Su Ruyu was taken aback. She reached out and hugged Mo Shitian by his waist, but he suddenly pulled her away. “You didn’t die? Where did you go? Why weren’t you willing to see me all these years? Are you still unwilling to forgive me? Don’t you know how long I have been waiting for you here? Why can’t I find you despite going all around the world?” Mo Shitian said maliciously.

His harsh words sounded especially panicky and angry as though her disappearance from him was some unpardonable sin. He sounded so malicious that he looked like he was going to eat her up.

Su Ruyu looked at Mo Shitian and flew into a quiet rage. Mo Shitian’s eyes were filled with an anger that grew with time. The viciousness and resolve in his angry eyes were so intense to that he looked like he was about to strangle the woman before him.

She looked at him expressionlessly and quietly. As the anger that surged in his eyes gradually faded, he also gradually became calm and even quite nervous.


“I can’t remember you anymore,” Su Ruyu plainly said. “Wolf said that I am the most wanted in the world and how the Mafia has put a huge price tag on my head. He also said that it was safer for me to remain on the island, and I was unwell for a very long period of time and could not be bothered about the affairs of the world. Thereafter, I became accustomed to life on the island and did not remember anything. Since I had nowhere to go too, I remained on the island.”

She did not deliberately avoid him. Whether she had believed what Wolf said back then, it no longer mattered. She was ill for two years and took a long time to gradually recover. She had lost her memories and had also become used to life the island afforded her: the solitary, the silence, and the opportunity to teach a group of children who were not scheming yet incredibly gifted.

Later on, when Wolf went on missions, he would occasionally ask her for help. Out of favor, she would occasionally leave the island with him close in tow. Once they had completed the mission, he would return to the island with her.

She no longer went by Su Ruyu in the trade but by an alias.

“Wolf? Fu Jin? You were all along with him?” They were the best partners who worked extremely closely with each other. While they were unrivaled over twenty years ago, Fu Jin turned out to be responsible for unraveling their partnership.

He remembered how hearsay had it that Wolf and a female killer laid waste to all competition, but he was too demoralized and sullen to make a name for himself and therefore remained in a semi-secluded state.

Little did they expect it to be them.

“He later betrayed the organization and his whereabouts are unknown,” Su Ruyu said.

“How did you lose your memory? I clearly recovered your memories, so how did you still lose them? Did he do it?” Mo Shitian’s gaze became cruel once again.

“I do not know!” Su Ruyu said. Her memories, even until now, were incomplete. He was the only person she remembered.

Mo Shitian held her face and looked hard at the face he so sorely missed for over twenty years. He was the only person who knew too well the anguish and sadness. How did he survive this agony for so long?

Thankfully, he did not die and made it through.

If not, they would be separated by life and death.

And become each other’s greatest regret.

“Ruyu, I’ve been seeing you and feeling you every day all these years, but there was never once it felt so real,” he gently said as his fingertips gently trembled.

“You’re sick!”

“I know!” Mo Shitian flatly said. “If you did not return, I would rather remain as such until the end of my life. I have a house and an imaginary you accompanying me to the very end.”

She had heard something rather terrifying and felt her heart sink.

Thankfully, they were still alive.

Some people knew well the difference between imagination and reality but would rather remain ill as said illness allowed them to feel happiness whilst reality led them to despair. He had no choice but to choose the imaginary world where she was.

Her return, his medicine for life, would gradually lead him to a complete recovery.

“Ruyu, I will not allow you to leave me anymore, you hear me? I don’t care how the past was, and I don’t care whether you forgive me. I will never allow you to leave me, and you will only leave over my dead body which will bring you down too,” Mo Shitian suddenly said sinisterly and solemnly. He could care less about anything except her. That would not happen, and he would absolutely not allow it!

Su Ruyu looked at him coldly. As she was about to mention her memories, he suddenly grabbed her and pulled her into his embrace before leaning down and planting his lips on hers. He kissed her so aggressively and quickly she had no chance to respond. Like a hungry wolf, he finally found his prey and greedily savored it.

She had something to tell him and thus gave a slight reaction. Mo Shitian, however, held her hands in a reverse-scissor grip behind as he savored the tip of her tongue and sucked it. He planted his lips so hard on hers that he seemed unwilling to give up and kissed her even deeper instead, almost reaching her throat. Su Ruyu could not stand how aggressive he was and ingeniously broke free from his grip and gently jabbed him in his waist before slightly backing away. “There’s something I want to tell you.”

As she panted, a lustful gaze arose in Mo Shitian’s pitch-black eyes that were sinister and mad. “I want you! I want to really feel you!!”

He did not allow Su Ruyu to continue before suddenly planting his lips on hers, forcefully pulling her hands around her neck and running a hand up the tender skin on her back.

His breathing became heavier and his actions became scarily aggressive. He did not treat her gently and lovingly but instead viciously lusted for her…

Su Ruyu was taken aback when Mo Shitian hugged her and pinned her against the jade stone. Mo Shitian used some force, and the sound of clothes ripping could be heard. He single-handedly ripped her shirt and threw it onto the tea flowers.

Her good-looking skin was all his to savor…

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