Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 701 - : Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 701 - : Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Su Ruyu was extremely shocked and swung her hand out to hit Mo Shitian. Mo Shitian, who was stronger than her, quickly caught her hand and held them tightly to a side. His pitch-black eyes that stared at her were terrifyingly bright. “You shall not deny me!” He punctuated his words.

He was nuts! They were still in the courtyard, no?

The evening sun gradually bathed the tangling bodies, and her face, whether because of the passion or the evening sun, was red.

“Mo Shitian, you…” Su Ruyu leaned back and avoided him, only for him to grab her shoulders and pull her even closer to him.

Those fragmented memories once again appeared in her memories bashfully. She knew that it was not was their first time, and it had been over twenty years since they separated. When they saw each other again, they…

She felt that it was somehow inappropriate but did not stop him.

Her body and heart did not want to turn him down as she wanted to comfort each other’s souls which had been lonely for over twenty years.

“Ruyu… Ruyu…”

“Ruyu, I just want to… do you until I die.”

“That’s great! If you have enough balls, don’t collapse first!”

‘You definitely didn’t know how many times I have woken up to realize, in embarrassment, how badly I want you when you were not next to me. Now that you are back, you will repay me all that I’ve missed out for twenty-six years.’

‘That is what you owe me.’

‘It’s good to be home!’

When Su Ruyu woke up, the sky was still dark and her body was aching for dear life. Whenever she moved, she felt weak and tired. She turned around and suddenly realized that a pair of beady black eyes was closely watching her.

“How long have I been asleep?”

“A day and a night.”

“You beast!” Su Ruyu said. To be in the throes of passion until she fainted was so embarrassing! She either overestimated her ability or severely underestimated Mo Shitian’s prowess.

Su Ruyu’s face turned red!


Mo Shitian stared at her, and she thought for a moment. To prevent herself from being tortured further, she did not dare to move and instead asked a safer question. “You just woke up?”

“I didn’t sleep at all.”

Didn’t sleep? If he didn’t and she fainted, then he was nothing short of utterly aggressive.

What he said next completely broke her heart.

“I’m afraid of falling asleep only to have you disappear again,” Mo Shitian solemnly said. Su Ruyu’s heart was squarely impacted by Mo Shitian’s words and it utterly hurt.

This fool!

He was mentally sick from fear due to over-imagining and losing too much.

Su Ruyu held his hands tightly and slowly said, “I’ll not leave. If I am leaving, I will tell you.”

“You’ll not go anywhere!” Mo Shitian suddenly turned himself around and pinned himself on her. He cupped her face and seriously said, “You’ll not be going anywhere. Get it?”

“I still have things to do.”

“No can do! If we are going, we go together,” Mo Shitian solemnly replied, staring at her for his dear life as though he would snuff the life out of her if she dissented.

“Very well then!”

“You’ve rested for a day and night. Is that enough?”

“No!” Su Ruyu immediately wised up.

“Enough!” Mo Shitian suddenly pushed himself into her hard and started doing her, yet to be satisfied.

“Mo Shitian, you f***ing beast!”

“You said that I have yet to knock myself out. Let’s get on with it!”

Su Ruyu was lost for words.

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