Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 702 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 702 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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When Su Ruyu woke up again, the person next to her looked at her with his pitch-black eyes wide open. While he was clearly lacking sleep, he did not seem to know fatigue as he watched her for his dear life.

Her heart suddenly ached at how he was nuts. He was spot-on about how nuts he was for her.

Her body ached to the point she could nary move a finger, and she felt a stabbing pain in her lower body. This man was such a beast, and he did not come in her like he previously did, which made it a tad safer.

She could not stand it if he did it with her again.

It was so embarrassing.

If people knew that she fainted twice during lovemaking, her heroic name would be tarnished.

“Mo Shitian, get some sleep. I promise that you will still see me when you wake up,” Su Ruyu said. Mo Shitian stared at her for his dear life. Su Ruyu’s heart pitied and ached for Mo Shitian, who was just unwilling to sleep.

She knew that he loved her, and her body and mind would not keep him at a distance. However…

“Shitian, what exactly will it take for you to go to sleep? Do you still want to do me?” Su Ruyu coldly said. While she typically sounded this cold and distant, Mo Shitian seemed unfazed.

This was the voice he was familiar with, his Ruyu that he knew.

“I’m not tired! I still want to do you!”

Su Ruyu was lost for words.

He was indeed a beast!

“Your eye bags are terrible,” Su Ruyu slowly said. “Once you’ve woken up from your sleep, there is something I have to tell you. You’re now not in any condition for me to tell you anything.”

“What is it? Tell me,” Mo Shitian asked as he held her hand tightly. His stunning eyes, however fatigued, were focused and completely attentive.

“Go get some sleep. We’ll talk about it once you wake up.”

“I am very awake now.”

Su Ruyu, who became infuriated, had a somewhat displeased look that clearly showed her displeasure. Seeing anger flash through her eyes, he became angrier and stared at her with an insidious look.

She sighed in her heart. Was this the man whom she loved? He seemed so fierce to the point he wanted to eat her up.

“My memory is incomplete. My memory of you has only been since a few days ago. Please, honestly tell me everything that happened before,” Su Ruyu solemnly said without hiding her actual condition at the slightest.

She lived an upright life as she had neither disappointed nor cheated upon people. She was not somebody who was diplomatic but a perpetual straight-talker.

Su Man sent Ye Ningyuan a message, saying that Eleven would not make it and that he and Bai Ye were unable to formulate the antidote for Eleven whose condition had suddenly lost control and became critical.

Ye Ningyuan told her the message, and she was in shock. When she saw the information on his computer, she did not think about it. When she saw Mo Ye’s photos, she felt a stabbing pain in her head and rushed out of Ning Ning’s room.

When it came to looks, Daddy Mo and the Mo brothers were almost from the same mold. Mo Jue was almost identical to the Mo Shitian in her memories, and Su Ruyu could not take the shock.

After a period of madness, she actually managed to recall some fragments of her memories about Riyadh and her past.

She left the island because firstly, for Eleven’s condition, and secondly, for this memory and this person.

When she reached Riyadh, little did she expect to get news of Eleven being fine. Su Ruyu immediately caught on and knew that it was Su Man, through the young kid, who deliberately lured her from the island. She felt a sense of emancipation.

With Eleven’s body fine for now, she went to search for the courtyard in her memories. Over twenty years later, although today’s Riyadh was no longer the Riyadh she knew, she knew the route home too well.

Like twenty years ago, the courtyard was extremely well preserved as though she had never left.

She wanted to know what exactly happened between Mo Shitian and her, why they had split, and why she had lost her memories. He must have done something he could not face up to her, which explained why he asked for forgiveness.

She only remembered these warm and sweet days, and she felt as though she had traveled in time back to those days. Her body and heart, as though they were still deeply in love, did not keep him at a distance.

Even now, she still felt that they were still living in those days as though somebody had overlooked the truth.


She did not want to deceive herself. She wanted to know everything and then decide on whether to forgive.

Mo Shitian, who was holding her hand, suddenly held her hand tighter. ‘Ruyu…’


‘So you have actually lost your memory and could only remember the days we were in the courtyard. Was it because they were the happiest days of your life? Over twenty years ago, you were sitting on the railings and swinging your legs naughtily as I held you by your waist and loved you without regret. Those were the younger days where you, despite your weird temper, cold character, and decisiveness, showed me the teenage side of you that was naughty, sensitive, and sentimental that was not silent or stoic.’

She said that those were the happiest days of her life that she would never forget for life.

Those were also the happiest days of this life that he would never forget for life.

He had long given up everything, his power, wealth, the world, to have such happy and quiet days with her.

But they had never expected things to happen.

‘Ruyu, I forgive you for only remembering all these days.’ He should have long recalled how he was overjoyed to the point of losing his faculties when she was still alive and forgot how Ruyu, given her strong character and hatred for him, would never allow him to have his way and still cared for him and loved him…

It turned out she had lost her memories…

Were they back to when they broke up irrecoverably? This time, he would hold onto her for his dear life and never allow that scene of desperation to play out once again. It would never…

“Ruyu, give me some time, okay?”

“You don’t seem like you want to tell me.”

“Yes!” Mo Shitian replied without hesitation as he knew she would hate him. But, how would he break it? He wished she did not know a thing since she would remain by his side then and forgot everything.

“You have to be honest.”

“I made a promise with you back then—the promise that we would rather be cruel towards each other than deceive each other. Please do not lie to me.”

Mo Shitian and Su Ruyu were similar in the sense they would rather face the truth, even if the truth was extremely cruel, than deceive the other.

The only time he deceived her was when he wiped her memories, and then personally recovered them.

It was the only time he deceived Ruyu…

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