Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 703 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 703 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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“Tell me when you are ready, and I’ll listen to what you have to say,” Su Ruyu said as her face became glum. “I’ll give you two choices. You’ll either sleep or tell me.”

Mo Shitian stared at her hard and very honestly said, “Neither!”

He originally expected Su Ruyu to become angry, but little did he expect her to look at him coldly for a moment before scooting up to him, hooking an arm around his neck, and kissing him on his lips. Mo Shitian was taken aback. She rarely took the initiative…

Apart from those happy days, she utterly pleased him. He thought Ruyu really loved him deeply during those days. Although he knew that it was all but an illusion, he was still extremely satisfied.

Mo Shitian was taken aback for a few seconds before he took the initiative by hugging her and kissing her hard. He suddenly felt a pain behind his neck before his world turned black and he fainted.

Su Ruyu knocked him out.

Beauty traps never failed!

She was finally able to get him to sleep for a while. While he did not seem to care about how he stared at her with those eye bags, her heart really ached. Su Ruyu got up and was about to wear her clothes when she suddenly realized how that violent animal had ripped her clothes apart.

With nothing left on her, Su Ruyu’s body that was full of bruises was no sight to behold. She secretly gritted her teeth, got up, and took a black shirt from the closet before entering the toilet and freshening herself up.

After she had showered, she had no undergarments to wear and decided to go commando. She directly wore his shirt thereafter. It felt very fitting, and it revealed her pale and long legs. When she saw the bruises on her, she raised her eyebrows and rolled the sleeves downward.

She was hungry.

The kitchen was completely equipped, but there was nothing in the refrigerator save eggs and bread. There wasn’t even a bottle of wine in it. Mo Shitian stayed alone, and he surely couldn’t have survived on a diet of eggs and bread every day, right?

The kitchen seemed to be very clean.

She found a notebook in the great hall which had the telephone number of the local supermarket. Su Ruyu called the number and said, “Hello, is this the supermarket? I would like a delivery of the following items: a sack of rice, a portion of raw beef, 1.2 kg of potatoes…”

After she gave the list of things she needed, Su Ruyu then ended the call. As the supermarket was in the vicinity, the items should be delivered soon. Out of boredom, she grabbed the newspapers and read them only to discover they were from two years ago.

Su Ruyu threw the newspapers aside and suddenly recalled that she had no money needed for all her shopping.

She hurried up the stairs and wanted to call Mo Shitian but took pity on him as he had just fallen asleep. She did not awaken him and instead rummaged around the bedroom for a moment to no avail.

She then rummaged the study room to no avail too.

Somebody was already calling for her downstairs.

Su Ruyu went downstairs and was taken aback when she stepped out of the house. Her undergarments and clothes were ripped apart by that beast and laid on the pathway and tea flowers outside the house. She was stunned at the realization. Even her guns were also scattered outside. She looked around, put her clothes aside, and conveniently hid her gun behind her.

The delivery man was a very young chap. When he saw a long-haired beauty who dressed gorgeously in a man’s shirt that somehow showed her perfect figure that especially revealed her pale long legs, he was awestruck… This beauty’s legs had kiss marks and strangulation marks on them. Her lips were lusciously red and somewhat swollen. One look was all that’s needed to know what she was up to.

Very few could rival Su Ruyu’s looks.

Given how seductive the scene was, the young chap could not bear it any longer and his nose bled profusely. For a moment, he forgot to pass the bill to Su Ruyu and almost salivated. He wiped away his nosebleed when he looked at Su Ruyu.

Su Ruyu squinted dangerously, fully showing her murderous intent. The young chap was smart enough to shiver and saw that the bill had turned red. Having lost his marbles, he wiped away his nosebleed with his sleeves and apologized to Su Ruyu before telling her the bill.

“I have no money!” Su Ruyu said.

The young chap, who was wiping away his nosebleed, suddenly looked up. No money?! And he still made the delivery despite the other person not paying up?! Really?!

“Miss, please do not put me in a difficult spot. I…”

“I have no money!” Su Ruyu repeated herself. “I’ll pay up tomorrow, so f*** off for now!”

She disliked how he looked at her this presumptuously and hungrily.

“I can’t. Miss, please, could we do it? I’ll take it that you…”

“You want to do it, huh?” Su Ruyu raised the gun, coldly aimed it at his lower body, and flipped off the weapon safety. The young chap was so terrified that he scooted away like a phantom and quickly drove away.

Su Ruyu carried the groceries into the house and arranged them in the fridge. With the fridge completely packed, Su Ruyu estimated the time Mo Shitian would remain asleep. Given his temper, he would be awake in a few hours.

She tidied the kitchen for a moment before she started to stew the beef.

As it had been a long time since she personally cooked, her cooking was becoming rusty. She washed and prepared the ingredients she needed and realized that it was still early. As she allowed the beef to stew, she went to the back courtyard. This house had two courtyards, front and back.

Tea flowers were planted in both the front and back courtyards, but there was much more space in the back courtyard, which had a grave. Su Ruyu walked up curiously and saw an empty tombstone that had no epitaph.

Whose grave was it?

There was a bouquet of tea flowers before the grave, and Su Ruyu frowned. This was her grave, wasn’t it? Did Mo Shitian assume she was dead and deliberately plant a grave there?

But why was there no epitaph? Who exactly was in that grave?

She was somewhat curious.

Sunlight shone through the lush greenery and tall trees in dribs and drabs, gripping her heart tightly.

‘Mo Shitian, why did we let each other down despite loving each other?’

She did not understand, and what she hated even more was how she could not remember anything despite how hard she had tried. She could somehow make out something and knew that something must have happened after that. While she did not know exactly what happened, she allowed this period of bliss to completely overwhelm her.

The Su’s mansion.

Ye Wei and all looked on at Ping-er, who had just arrived, in some shock.

“You sure have grown up already. On missions, huh?” Ye Wei laughed and asked. Ping-er lazily scooted up to Ye Wei and smiled as she nodded. “Senior, I miss you.”

“Are you waiting for a beating?”

“Senior, why are you so mean!”

“Where’s master?” Eleven asked.

Ping-er looked at Su Ruhua in shock. “Huh, why does she wear the same mask as master? That’s so interesting. Wait a minute… The eyes are different. Master is so capable! Did she have foresight?”

“You fool! She was previously wearing a mask!”

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