Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 705 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 705 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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After dinner, Su Ruyu had Mo Shitian wash the dishes. Mo Shitian, however, stared at her pale thighs, especially at those bruises. There was a hidden desire burning in his eyes.

He somehow had a desire to pin Su Ruyu on the ground and do her hard one more time. As his hands naughtily ran up from her thighs to her secret garden, he realized that she was wearing nothing underneath it. The hidden desire in Mo Shitian immediately erupted. He grabbed Su Ruyu and pulled her into his embrace so that she would sit on his thighs. His hands naughtily roamed underneath her shirt.


Su Ruyu cursed him in her heart. Horny bastard! Even if he did not want to rest, she needed rest as her body was seriously protesting her overuse. If she overexerted herself further, her body would be nothing short of messed up.

Mo Shitian wanted Ruyu so much that he ignored her disagreement. When he went downstairs much earlier, he saw her, still present and in his clothes, as the sexiest and most beautiful her he had ever seen. The bruises that he left on her, which were still as evident under the black shirt, became a forbidden temptation.

Having missed her for so many years, Mo Shitian could not withstand the temptation. His desire for her was so strong he did not want to suppress it. It drove him to want to fulfill his desires.

He held Su Ruyu tightly as he kissed and caressed her. Their breathing became hurried. When they were much younger and hot-blooded, he was extremely smitten with Su Ruyu’s body. Although they were no longer younger, his love and desire for her were no less than when they were eighteen. That impulsive Mo Shitian only had her…

He broke free from her lips and went for her pale nape. His hands roamed her body even more presumptuously. Su Ruyu could not help but moan before she immediately bit her lip. She managed to eke out that bit of reasoning and said, “Mo Shitian, I’ll get angry if you keep this up.”

“Don’t you want me?” Mo Shitian kissed her collarbone. His voice could not hide the passion and desire for more.

He nearly went crazy wanting her.

How could he do it only once?

How could one day satisfy two decades of loneliness?

He sucked her breasts, hard. and Su Ruyu almost broke down. She held his shoulders and wanted to be away from him, but he could tell what she was thinking and held her tightly, not letting her leave.


Su Ruyu took a deep breath as her chest heaved up and down and she even brought herself to his mouth. He was naturally very happy to appreciate her softness. He suddenly exerted strength and her chest was stimulated. She moaned into his shoulder twice, clearly unable to handle such stimulation…

However, her lower body was in so much pain that there was an abrasion. She could no longer endure his passion. Su Ruyu held his face and backed away slightly as her body slid down and snuggled into his embrace.

She held his face and gently kissed him as she gently bit his lower lip and chin. She knew that this was his sensitive area. Mo Shitian was indeed extremely stimulated.

He wanted to move and bury himself in her body, but he was stopped by Su Ruyu. She reached her hand into his robe and held onto his firm manhood as she pleased him skillfully.

Why was this beast so beastly? She felt the object in her hand grow bigger and hotter. It was so hard that it made her blush. She could not help but want to scold him. It was not that she did not want Mo Shitian to touch her. On the contrary, she yearned for Mo Shitian too. However, her body had to rest. Who was as unreserved as him?

His warm breath landed on her cheeks. Su Ruyu’s face was like peach blossoms and her breathing was a little unstable. Her body rubbed against him, but she refused to let him take the initiative.

“Ruyu…” As he gently bit her earlobe, Su Ruyu felt a slight pain. She gritted her teeth and suddenly went all out. Mo Shitian’s waist went numb and Ruyu felt her hands turn wet…

“Ruyu, let go of me. I want you.” Mo Shitian, who had ejaculated once, was still not satisfied and wanted to get closer to her. Ruyu wiped her hands with a napkin and glared at him.

“Can you please be more restrained?” Su Ruyu was angry and slapped him. “I’m injured and you are not allowed to touch me for the next few days!”

“No!” Mo Shitian refused to do so. “Ruyu, you can’t be so cruel.”

“Do you miss me or my body?”

“Nonsense. If it weren’t for your body, would I want it?” Mo Shitian stared at her angrily. He was not even interested in anyone else even if they stripped in front of him.

“…” Su Ruyu, on the other hand, did not have anything else to say, but she became angry. “Hey, Mo Shitian, at least dote on your woman. You’ve been a beast for so long, I’m bleeding.”

Mo Shitian was taken aback by the words “your woman.” His heart, which was originally filled with lust, was occupied by this sentence. She was his woman; Ruyu had said it herself. Ah, it really made him happy.


“You’re bleeding? Really? Let me see.” As he said that, he boldly lifted Su Ruyu’s shirt. She panicked and grabbed his neck with a murderous look. “Don’t go overboard.”

Mo Shitian was speechless.

He slowly put down his hand. It was not like he had not seen it before.

Did she reject him because he had hurt her body? Moreover, she could not bear to let him suffer, so she used her hands to help him? Was that so? Ruyu had become much more understanding. In the past, even if he coaxed her, she would still refuse to help him.

In the past, when he was young, he was more impetuous and had more wants in such aspects. He felt that he had now become more restrained.

He had said those words as they came to his mind.

Su Ruyu’s face darkened. Restrained?

He was being restrained now?

Then what was that in the past? F*ck! Although in her memories, this guy was indeed a beast…

“Why are you looking at me like that? If a man is too restrained, it must be because his woman is not charming and he should find another one,” Mo Shitian said righteously. Su Ruyu did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Was she to cheer for her pride?

Mo Shitian was probably the only one who would treat her this way. She smiled slightly. “That’s enough. I know I’m very charming, so can I trouble your hands to come out? That’s all for today.”

Mo Shitian released his hand gloomily. Su Ruyu said, “Are you going out with me today? I want to look for my disciples.”

His expression changed and immediately turned gloomy. He didn’t like any Tom, Dick, and Harry to spoil their reunion.

Su Ruyu plainly said, “Of course, you can choose not to go.”

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