Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 706 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 706 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Mo Shitian stared at her hard before suddenly carrying her and sitting on the couch. He had Su Ruyu sit on his thighs, gently stroking her hair before asking, “I remember that you do not like people disturbing your peace, right? If so, how do you take in your disciples?”

“Those children were… really adorable.” Su Ruyu did not know how to describe the dynamics between her and Ye Wei and company. Actually, she took care of them like anyone would any other children. When they needed help, she would give her all to help them. Although she was stern toward them, it was the best possible manner to bring them up.

They lived very well with one another.

“The children…” Mo Shitian held her hand tightly. If only Ruyu and his children did not die… He did not have the chance to see the children before they died. Back then, he was utterly devastated. If he were still alive, he would be as old as Mo Jue. It was a pity… He gritted his teeth and hugged Ruyu. “Let’s have another one.”

“…”Su Ruyu turned back to look at him. Her cold face had some signs of cracking up as though she had heard something impossible. He looked utterly adorable to her.

“Are you running a fever? I am already this old.”

Mo Shitian turned her face around and looked at it before saying, “You don’t seem like you’re thirty to me.”

“Oh! So I am forever eighteen in your heart?”

“That isn’t the case though. You look about twenty-eight, but if you bun your hair and don a uniform, you’ll be like any other high school student.” Mo Shitian honestly commented. It was not because he loved Su Ruyu and how she was beautiful in his eyes. It was simply because that was the case. “I also remember that you have quite a cold presence which makes you pretty unpopular. Your coldness, like how the refrigerator keeps food fresher for longer, has delayed your aging.”

“…What kind of analogy is this?” Su Ruyu asked.

“An analogy to describe how you look.”

Su Ruyu almost burst out laughing. So such sayings did exist! Did that mean that people who were cold in character remained younger for longer? Interesting!

“I’m serious. You are not in your forties yet, which means you could still bear children,” Mo Shitian said. “And the children you deliver will certainly be very good-looking.”

Parents with such genes would naturally have good-looking children.

Although he knew that the Mo brothers were his children by virtue of their mannerisms, he never thought that he had children. If it weren’t for them being related to Ruyu by blood, he couldn’t care less about the brothers’ fates even if they were fed to the sharks.

How could he break this to Ruyu?

All the grudges of before, along with the subconscious mistakes made, left him in the dark on how these pairs of kids came into the picture.

“Hold up. Let’s shelve this question for now.” Su Ruyu touched her forehead. Was she going to have children together with Ye Wei and Eleven? What kind of massive joke was this? This was something she could not pull off. “Hearsay has it that women who have children much later in life would have children with defects.”

“Relax. If he has defects, I’ll give him a genius-level intellect.” Mo Shitian calmly completed the statement. Su Ruyu’s eyes twitched at his incomprehensible train of thought.

“I told you to meet my disciples. Why did you digress so far from the topic? Even if you are not going, I am going.” Su Ruyu wisely changed the topic.

“I’ll go!”

“Fine. Go wash the dishes!” Su Ruyu pointed to the bowls and chopsticks on the tables as she calmly instructed him to wash them. “You’d better wash them properly.”

“I’ll not wash them!”

“Fine! I’ll not make dinner for you in the future!” Su Ruyu coldly harrumphed.

Mo Shitian, who was hugging her, threw her onto the couch, stood up in a huff, and went to wash the dishes. When Mo Shitian was washing the dishes, Su Ruyu called the supermarket to have them deliver a set of clothing, undergarments included, that fit her.

Mo Shitian overheard her while washing the dishes. He raised his eyebrows and said, “You plus these pretty clothes equals sexy.”

“You’ll be even prettier if you aren’t in them.”


Su Ruyu shook her head, tired of keeping up such frivolous talk with him. “Do you have money?” she asked.

“There is some in the little cabinet under the glass table.”

Su Ruyu pulled the drawer open and indeed saw a wad of money. She was slightly amazed. Who would place their money in the living room? It caused her to go on a wild-goose chase in the bedroom and study room. “Shitian, do you normally even cook?”

“I don’t!”

“Since you can’t cook, do you even eat?”

“I have bread!”

“For twenty years?!”

“So you’d better make it up to me in the future by whipping up tasty meals every day.”

“I’ll assume that you didn’t ask a thing.”

With one busy in the kitchen while the other lazed around in the living room, their frivolous talk continued until Mo Shitian came out of the kitchen and fooled around with her, pinning himself on her. When they were on the verge of doing each other, the delivery man arrived.

Since Mo Shitian would never allow her to walk out in such a form, he went out to pay for and collect the clothes instead.

“Why did he get me a pink T-shirt?” Su Ruyu looked at the delivered clothes with some displeasure. She clearly wanted a white top and black pants, only for the delivery man to deliver a pink T-shirt and jeans?


How did they even do business?!

“Well, they said they didn’t have your size, so they randomly chose something for you. If you don’t want it, he will send it back. I’ll be sending him off then.” Mo Shitian explained. “Don’t you get tired of wearing black and white all the time? Women will preen themselves to look presentable, and I should say that you look pretty good in some other colors too.”

“I am already particularly stunning when I don’t dress up,” Su Ruyu said before taking the clothes and entering the bathroom on the first floor. Mo Shitian, who was behind her, smiled. She was right. She was already stunning when she did not bother to dress up.

The clothes were fitting, but…

Su Ruyu looked at herself in the mirror. She, in her pink shirt with such a cute design, seemed especially cringe-worthy. This shirt she wore seemed to be for seventeen-eighteen-year-olds. Was she acting young?

She could imagine what Ye Wei’s first words would be when she saw her. ‘Hi, Old Witch, have you started acting young?’

As Su Ruyu tied her long hair up, she suddenly felt that she seemed much younger and decided to simply let her hair down. So be it then.

“How gorgeous!” Mo Shitian praised her effusively.

“I can’t stand this choice of clothes.” Su Ruyu frowned. Mo Shitian propped his chin and smiled before asking, “Where are your disciples?”

“Su Man’s place,” Su Ruyu simply said. “Some things have cropped up, and they are all huddled up there.”

Mo Shitian’s smile froze. Su Man’s place? Ruyu’s home?

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