Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 708 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 708 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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If Ping-er were to take a piss at Su Man’s ancestral grave, one wondered how many would fit into the graves with her. She sure had enough balls to say that. It was not the way to self-nominate for a Darwin Award. When Ping-er heard it, she threw the idea out of the window and forcefully kissed Bai Ye on the cheek.

Thankfully, they had built up a solid relationship with her since young. Otherwise, Bai Ye would have swatted her out of the house.

“Senior Bai Ye, who’s your lover?” Ping-er curiously asked. Her pitch-black eyes rotated with an adventurous look. “Please, on account of your junior crushing on you so hard for these few years, tell me?”

Everybody gently laughed. Bai Ye pinched her adorable cheeks. “You sure are full of nonsense!” Bai Ye said as he smiled.

“Senior Bai Ye, you should feel my heart.” Ping-er grabbed Bai Ye’s hands and put it against her chest. Eleven looked at Ping-er’s figure and coolly said, “Ping-er, do you even have the assets for Bai Ye to take advantage of?”

“…Senior Eleven, how could you be so bad to hurt this little girl’s ego? I’m only fourteen but am mentally six! There’s still a lot of room for growth,” Ping-er said.

As she said, she puffed up her chest. Hmmph! Even if she was an airport lane, she would try to look less like one.

Everybody broke into laughter.

“I heard Ah Li describe your master as a cold person. How did she bring up such a lively disciple? At least, you have to be like Eleven to be considered ‘proper’,” Rong Yan said.

“Old Witch, huh…”

Everybody looked at each other and laughed. It was afraid one had to spend over ten years with their master to really know her character. At first glance, everybody would assume her to be excessively strict and heartless.

With Su Ruhua and the Mo brothers away for the moment, Ping-er raised her doubts. “Senior, why does that beautiful sister look like master? Are they somehow related to each other?”

“They’re twins, stupid.” Jason gently rapped her head as he gritted her teeth. “Old Witch has hidden this so well, and to think we didn’t see how she exactly looks like for years. She’s so cunning.”

“Twins? Hmm, does that mean… that we are related to the Mafia by blood?” Ping-er’s bright eyes turned. “If that’s the case, why were you fighting the daylights out of each other back then?”

“Whoever told you that relatives can’t fight? Even blood sisters are fighting, so why can’t relatives fight?” Ye Wei waved her hand. When Mo Jue told them about how they lived with their father when they were younger, it was afraid that there was a score yet to be settled between Su Ruyu and Su Ruhua.

Although she was a pretty good friend of the beautiful sister, who happened to be the Mo brothers’ mother, she would, without doubt, side with Old Witch if anything went south.

Clearly, Eleven was on the same side as Ye Wei. There was no favor to be asked for. Even if Old Witch was in the wrong, kinship was still thicker than reason.

Besides, given their understanding of Old Witch, at least to those close to her, it was absolutely a given that people would let her down rather than otherwise.

“How serious!” Ping-er stuck her tongue out.

Black J tucked his lips and asked, “Where are the Mo brothers?”

“There are some urgent affairs in the Mafia they have to see to and are in the study room upstairs,” Eleven said. Su Ruhua, on the other hand, sat quietly in the garden behind. She knew that Su Ruyu was in Riyadh and really wanted to look for her. She was afraid she would miss her again.

Why did she, despite being right outside their home, not enter?

Thankfully, Ye Wei and Eleven were both here. Su Man told her that it was Eleven’s condition that led her to Riyadh, so she would certainly look for Eleven and Su Man. All she had to do was just to wait.

But her thoughts were so turbulent…

The dead child back then, along with the Mo brothers… Su Ruhua closed her eyes slowly.

Perhaps, she only dared to indulge herself and reveal these painful expressions when she was alone. She was never certain whether it was right or wrong. Both sisters falling in love with the same man was destined to end up in tragedy.

If she knew what would later follow, which would implicate the Su family, she would have aborted the children and disappeared. If she had done that, perhaps nothing would have happened.

Su Man, who was upstairs, saw Su Ruhua quietly sit in the garden. Was it a time to draw a close to all the grudges from twenty-over years ago? To him, Su Ruhua was not somebody who would sell her sister out. She perhaps had a difficult circumstance that she shared with nobody, which hence contributed to the various understandings.

“Master, quickly come over and take a look.” Dana, in panic, ran to look for Su Man, who was at the balcony, to have him enter the control room and take a look. Su Man frowned and took another glance at Su Ruhua before leaving the balcony.

He was slightly taken aback in the control room.

Mo Shitian accompanied Su Ruyu. While this was not much of a problem, the key was in Mo Shitian’s face that left Dana utterly shocked. Mo Shitian almost looked like Mo Ye…

The only difference was that he seemed somewhat older than the Mo brothers, which put him in his thirties. His stunning look, svelte figure, cold and determined presence, along with his somewhat cold gaze would be how the Mo brothers would look in the decade to come.

Su Man’s gaze went from shock to calm, and it eventually landed on Su Ruyu. The members of the Su family did not show their age and instead stood gracefully in high spirits. They did not look like they were forty-four.

Was that Su Ruyu, his second sister?

Did they reconcile with each other?

And so quickly? What did the estrangement for the past twenty-over years count for then? She had avoided him for over twenty years. If it weren’t for Eleven’s illness, it was afraid she would never return.

She simply did not treat this place as her home.

“Master, shall I open the door?” Dana looked at Su Man worriedly.

“Open it!”

Dana nodded and called downstairs to open the door for them.

Su Man and Dana went down the stairs. In the great hall, Eleven and the others were joking with Ping-er when Ye Wei saw Su Man come down the stairs. Ye Wei then smiled at Ping-er and told her, “Ping-er, if you keep clinging around your senior, be careful, lest somebody boot you.”

“Senior is just good at scaring people.” Ping-er was not the slightest afraid. She smiled and continued to cling onto Bai Ye.

“Your master is here,” Su Man said.

“What?!” Chu Li, Jason, and the others stood up and walked out. Ye Wei and Eleven stood up as well. Naturally, Eleven had to help Ye Wei out as Ye Wei could not walk.

Ping-er propped her chin. Her master was finally here.

“Master…” Everybody was just about to speak more but fell silent abruptly. Their eyes were wide open as though they had seen a ghost when they saw Mo Shitian, who was with Su Ruyu. They were all stunned in their tracks.

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