Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 709 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 709 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Ye Wei and Eleven were the most taken aback and their jaws fell. Their faces were contorted, displaying a bizarre, twitching expression. Ye Wei was so taken aback she stepped onto the ground and suddenly yelped.


The bizarre silence was broken, and everybody turned toward her, who sweated from the pain of having agitated her tendons.


‘I hate you, Old Witch! How could you scare people like this! It f***Ing hurts!’

“Wei Wei, what’s with your leg?” Su Ruyu was taken aback and walked over. She kneeled down and felt Ye Wei’s ankle, which sent Ye Wei into even more pain. “Damn you, f***ing Old Witch! It hurts! Not so hard, please…”

She really wanted to send a kick but was afraid that Old Witch would break her leg with a hard twist.

When Mo Shitian heard Ye Wei call Old Witch for dear life, his gaze became solemn and he shot a sharp look at her. Ye Wei saw that face that so closely resembled the Mo brothers’, and her facial expressions became even more twisted.

Her senses became dull for that moment and she did not notice his evidently murderous intent.

Su Ruyu stood up and pinched her ear. “How the f*** did you mess yourself up so badly?”

“Thanks to that darling disciple of yours, Kahn, my leg… Dear Old Witch, some tender loving care, please…” Ye Wei leaped forward and whispered into her ear. “Who’s that next to you?”


“Please don’t tell me that’s your old flame?” Ye Wei gritted her teeth. “Don’t you know that Su Ruhua is here too?”

Ye Wei was so soft that only they could hear each other. Old Witch had a look of loss on her face. Who was Su Ruhua? Su Ruyu, Su Ruhua… Was that her sister? It was a shame she had no impression.

Mo Shitian reached out and pulled Su Ruyu over. He looked at Ye Wei coldly with a glare and seemed about to strangle her. Ye Wei raised her eyebrows in return. Eleven hurried over to help her up. The few of them who were utterly shocked gradually regained their senses. They were in the courtyard with no idea of what to do.

They were all looking at each other.

And did not know what to make out of the situation.

Su Ruyu thought that they were shocked at their appearance and initially did not seem to mind it. Her few beloved disciples, however, looked at Mo Shitian with a bizarre look that could not help but arouse suspicion.

Given how Mo Shitian had lived in seclusion, they should not know a thing about him.

“Do you know him?” Su Ruyu pointed to Mo Shitian behind her and everybody nodded especially automatically and in unison like bobblehead figurines.

Eleven wiped her sweat nervously. With everybody resembling each other under the same roof, it’s game over!

Ping-er, while the quickest to speak, was the slowest to arrive. She pointed to Mo Shitian and said, “Why does he look exactly the same as the two gorgeous men in the Mo family?”

Everybody turned back and stared hard at her.

Seeing everybody turn their heads back have such an immense aura, Ping-er was so shocked she backed away. What did she get wrong? Ping-er had a very innocent look on her face.

Su Ruyu squinted dangerously. “Eleven, what is going on?”

Eleven, who was about to speak, stopped in her tracks. “Let’s enter the house first,” Su Man said.

Su Ruyu turned to Su Man and Su Man looked at her. Both of their gazes were calm. Su Man quietly and stoically entered the great hall first before everybody else followed him in.

The normally hot-tempered Jason did not say anything as he was deeply afraid he said something wrong. Chu Li, Black J, and the others were exceptionally silent, save Ye Wei and Eleven who told Old Witch about Kahn and conveniently brought up Ye Wei’s injuries.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you were crippled in a leg?”

“Please don’t make it sound so terrible, okay? What do you mean by ‘crippled’? Bai Ye can clearly patch me up. I’m just temporarily crippled. Temporarily, get it?” Ye Wei waved her hands.

“Hey, isn’t he Mo Shitian?” Ye Wei no longer beat about the bush and asked Su Ruyu as she pointed to Mo Shitian.

“How did you know?”

Ye Wei and Eleven felt that they were toast. It was indeed him, so what was next? Su Ruhua and the Mo brothers were both present! Su Ruyu and Mo Shitian were clearly an item, but it was Su Ruhua who bore him two children.

This score was clearly no straightforward score.

“Are you two hiding something from me? Wise up and cough it out.” Su Ruyu looked at her beloved disciples coldly. The atmosphere, given how well-behaved her disciples were, was extremely bizarre.

Ye Wei sat aside and looked at the both of them, not knowing what to say for a moment from the overwhelming shock. The Mo and Su families’ DNA was nothing short of badass.

And indeed so!

One had to take their hats off.

“Master, what brought you out of the island?” Chu Li curiously asked. “I’ve never seen you come on land for so many years.”

Su Ruyu took a glance at Su Man and said, “I heard that there was a mutation to the virus in Eleven and hence left the island to check it out. Since it’s also time to have Ping-er evaluated, I brought her out to see the world.”

“I see!”

“Master, so you only brought me here out of convenience? You’ve bruised my self-confidence.” Ping-er acted as though she was about to bawl into tears.

Another bizarre silence followed.

Everybody looked at Mo Shitian, who remained emotionless amidst his strong-willed presence. Although he seemed completely unpopular, he and the Mo brothers had similar streaks.

Nobody, even over their dead bodies, would believe they were not father and sons!

Did Old Witch know that he had children with Su Ruhua?

“I can’t stand this any longer. Dana, get those two rascals out.” Jason could not stand the bizarre presence and even more so Mo Shitian’s glum look, which seemed like the biggest eyesore that irritated them.

He, who was typically hot-tempered, held back and showed restraint earlier but could not take it after repressing it for so long. Shooting off the hip made for easy business.

Su Man nodded, and Dana went off to call the Mo brothers.

“Who are they?” Mo Shitian raised his eyebrows.

Before Dana could go get them, the Mo brothers were already present. As Mo Shitian’s and Su Ruyu’s backs were facing the door of the great hall, Mo Jue did not see Mo Shitian’s face and instead walked up to Ye Wei. “What are you doing?”

Ye Wei lifted her chin and hinted to him to look the other way, and so he did. On the other hand, Big Boss Mo was already petrified. Mo Jue reacted in a slightly exaggerated manner. He suddenly stood up and took two steps back…

Mo Shitian’s gaze became cold. “What are you doing here?” he solemnly asked.

Su Ruyu’s face slightly changed, but she was extremely calm.


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