Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 711 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 711 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Su Ruyu looked at Su Ruhua, who almost resembled her, in shock. Apart from her eyes, her mannerisms and figure were almost the same as Su Ruyu’s as though she were a near-perfect copy of her.

“Xiaoyu…” Su Ruhua looked at her in surprise. It really was her. It really was Ruyu… She heard that somebody who resembled the young madam was here.

Her mind went blank when she clearly realized that Ruyu was here…

Ruyu was home.

It really was her. It really was her. She had not changed a little after all these years. Having not seen each other for over twenty years, scenes from the past flashed across Su Ruhua’s mind, and her tears fell.

“Xiaoyu!” She suddenly leaped forth and hugged Su Ruyu whose hands were still trembling very hard from the shock. Su Ruyu, like falling leaves in the autumn wind, was in agonizing pain.

“I finally saw you! Where have you been all these years? Why didn’t you come home?” Su Ruhua asked in a daze with a hoarse and hurtful voice that evoked hurt. It was only Mo Shitian who coldly looked at Su Ruyu’s stiff back.


Why were Su Ruhua and his two children here? If he knew, he would have absolutely not allowed Su Ruyu to come here. If he knew all these would have happened from long ago, he would have killed his children long ago and eliminated the root of all the trouble.

As Mo Shitian thought of that, his cold gaze had a murderous intent, staring viciously at the Mo brothers. They were the ones who broke Ruyu’s heart and were the cause of everything. He should not have adopted them in his moment of weakness.

He originally planned on killing them as he did not want children that were not born of Ruyu, but Mo Ye’s uncannily similar coldness to Su Ruyu’s caused him to relent. Given that they were already related by blood, and how Su Ruyu and Su Ruhua so resembled each other, the child having some hints of the Su family’s countenance caused him to relent.

Back then, he thought that Ruyu had died and there was no more meaning to life. That, along with their dead children, left him not knowing who to repay vengeance upon. Who could he hold responsible? When he saw the two children, he naturally recalled their dead children and Ruyu, and the hatred in his heart welled up. It was all because of the children.

But when he saw Mo Ye’s countenance, he could not bring himself to do it.

Although he treated the two children poorly, he was still much nicer toward Mo Ye than Mo Jue. When Mo Jue fell gravely ill long ago, he even thought about letting Mo Jue simply just die as he had eyes that so resembled Su Ruhua’s.

His heart did not ache at all.

While he only cared for Ruyu in the world, Mo Jue was lucky enough to be saved by Mo Ye despite almost dying. If Mo Ye had not intervened, he would not have actively cared about his children’s fate.

The Mo brothers, who were not in the best mood, remained silent.

Everybody saw Mo Shitian’s murderous gaze and was shocked. How much hatred would it take for a father to despise his children so much that he wished to kill them?

Even the most vicious of animals would not harm their young ones. These boys, even if Su Ruyu weren’t their mother, were his children! How could he be so heartless? Ye Wei, Eleven, and the others could not help but sympathize with the Mo brothers.

It was hence little wonder that the Mo brothers were so deprived of love and twisted. It was all because of their genes and upbringing that made it nearly impossible for them to become normal. Ye Wei took a look at Mo Jue and quickly figured out that Mo Jue had suffered more than Mo Ye since young because of his eyes that resembled Su Ruhua’s.

“Xiaoyu, why aren’t you saying anything? Do you still blame me?” Su Ruhua stepped away as she looked at Su Ruyu. Tears were still trickling down her face. Shee was hoping for her younger sister to forgive her.

She had been waiting all these twenty years for this moment of atonement. If Su Ruyu did not forgive her, she would be tortured by her conscience for the rest of her life and never truly be at peace.

“Su Ruhua, f*** off!” Mo Shitian pulled Su Ruyu over and pushed Su Ruhua away. “Stay away from her! You’ve been warned!” he solemnly said as he pulled Su Ruyu into his embrace.

Mo Shitian pushed Su Ruhua so hard she lost her footing and stumbled for a few steps. The Mo brother hurried up to support her.

“Mom, are you okay?”

“Beauty Mom… What’s happened?”

The brothers were concerned about her injuries. They had, in all these years, never seen Su Ruhua shed a single tear at all. To the Mo brothers, Su Ruhua was a haughty, carefree, unrestrained person who would never cry.

Why did she cry so miserably and so despondently…

Su Ruhua wiped her tears away and looked at Mo Shitian coldly. “Mo Shitian, my sister and I will resolve the issues between us. Now, f*** off!” Su Ruhua punctuated her words.

“Sisters? Don’t you find that term such an embarrassment?” Mo Shitian looked at the three of them mockingly. “This is your home. Let’s go!”

When Mo Shitian was about to bring Su Ruyu away, Su Ruhua reached out and stopped her. “Xiaoyu is part of the Su family too. Why don’t you ask her whether she wants to leave with you?”

Su Ruyu’s head was in a splitting pain.

Waves of searing pain surged across her head.

Scenes of Mo Shitian and her rapidly flew through her memories. The one too many and one too cruel image surged into her mind, and she could not hear Mo Shitian and Su Ruhua’s conversation. The memories from before forcibly lodged themselves in her mind.

She was in such a sharp pain she could not say a word.

Her body and mind were hurting.

Su Ruhua and Mo Shitian’s conversation, as though it were from decades ago, seemed so distant to the point she could not discern reality from fiction.

Back then, she and Su Ruhua were very close siblings, and she would tell Su Ruhua anything.

Back then, she told Su Ruhua with an extremely uneasy heart that she took a liking to somebody called Mo Shitian.

Back then, she, with a pure heart, totally fell in love with a person whom her parents utterly opposed and really disliked.

Back then, she, who was pregnant, looked on at her most beloved sister, Su Ruhua, who was also pregnant in shock as her tears fell.

Back then, she could not stand the shock and almost lost her life when she delivered the child. When she woke up, she was told that the child did not survive as its umbilical cord was wrapped around its neck. She was utterly heartbroken…

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