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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 91 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Ye Chen then left. Cheng Anya and Liu Xiaotian heaved a sigh of relief after the elevator door had closed. “Anya, which part of our conversation exactly did he overhear?”

“You said that he has been behaving well recently!”

However, as soon as her voice faded away, he started being restless and behaved inappropriately again.

“Ah!” Liu Xiaotian exclaimed. She felt like crying.

Both of them packed their stuff quickly and went downstairs.

Ye Chen, who had just come downstairs, received a call from Old Master Ye. “Come home!”

One just couldn’t possibly reject such a short and sweet order.

The corners of Ye Chen’s lips lifted into a sardonic smile. So fast?

Seated in a dimly lit car, Ye Chen’s gaze seemed to have darkened as well.

He walked into the mansion of the Ye family and saw both Old Master Ye and Ye Yutang.

Old Master Ye’s facial expressions didn’t look very well, while Ye Yutang pretended to feel aggrieved and acted as though he was innocent. Upon seeing Ye Chen home, Ye Yutang was actually happy and excited about how Old Master Ye would chew Ye Chen out.

It was best if Old Master Ye would remove Ye Chen’s power in the company and let him take over MBS.

He would then be able to do whatever he wanted.

“Ye Chen, why did you withdraw the funds meant for your second elder brother? Give me a reason!” Fuming with anger, Old Master Ye hit the ground with his crutch so hard that the chandeliers hanging in the hall shook.

Even though Old Master Ye had aged, he was still a domineering figure. After all, he had ruled the business markets for more than a decade.

He had no feelings for Ye Chen right from the start. More than ten years ago, especially after that complicated homicide case that happened to the Ye family, he hated Ye Chen more than ever. If Ye Chen wasn’t smart and skilled in business, Old Master Ye probably wouldn’t even take a look at him.

Old Master Ye had led a life of hegemony, together with Old Master Yang. He was widely known as the ‘master of malls’ back then but became the laughingstock of the business ring because of Ye Chen and his mother. Although this had already happened more than ten years ago, Old Master Ye still held a grudge against Ye Chen and put all the blame on him.

Whenever he saw Ye Chen, his gaze would be filled with disdain and contempt, just like how one looks at something dirty.

This child was a dirty stain and the largest disgrace to him. How he wished that Ye Chen and his mother never existed.

“MBS is about to launch the new product, Rose Tear No. 4, and I have already agreed to Hualan International’s demand for more capital. In addition to the hot spring resort and Rose Tear No. 4, the plan for MBS in the second half of the year is to cooperate with Hualan International. Comparing overseas business to domestic business, overseas business is definitely more important, and I’m sure Dad knows why. Since most of the funds are invested in the projects mentioned earlier, we do not have enough funds for other projects yet. Hence, there is no choice but to delay the opening of second elder brother’s jewelry store for the time being!” Ye Chen explained humbly.

Ye Yutang apparently wanted to call it quits. He sneered and said, “Dad, he is obviously making up excuses!”

“Opening a jewelry store doesn’t cost much. Ye Chen, are you making things difficult for Yutang on purpose?” Old Master Ye smirked and glanced at Ye Chen with his sharp eyes. “This is an order!” he exclaimed.

To Old Master Ye, although he detested Ye Chen and would not hesitate to sacrifice him if anything happened, he acknowledged his skills and abilities. He could even say that Ye Chen was better than him.

As long as he behaved, the president of MBS International would still be him. Otherwise…

Hmm, the gaze of Old Master Ye appeared evil and malicious. He definitely wouldn’t give a hoot about their relationship as father and son as there weren’t any feelings to talk about from the beginning.

“Dad, MBS has occupied 60% of the jewelry sales in Mall A. In the second half of the year, No. 4 will be released and new models will be launched. Since there will be a larger competition in the sales, do you really think that there will be a market if second elder brother opens up a jewelry store? Even if I grant him an MBS counter, he might not be able to manage it either. Knowing that it’ll obviously be a losing business, why would you agree to it?”

“Ye Chen, stop looking down on other people!” Feeling embarrassed and agitated at the same time, Ye Yutang rebutted loudly. Damn it, he’s just the son of a b*tch! How dared he look down on him!

If anyone were to look down on someone, it would be him looking down on Ye Chen.

Old Master Ye gave Ye Yutang a fierce glance, suggesting that he shut up. What an embarrassing fellow.

“I don’t care if he can’t manage it. You have to give him the money no matter what. It’s an order!” Old Master Ye said coldly without a trace of emotion. However, his tone made it obvious that he was giving him a warning.

Although Ye Chen was the president of MBS, it was still the old master who controlled it.

‘Veterans are abler than recruits.’ No matter how smart Ye Chen was, it was impossible for him to make new changes in MBS, which belonged to him.

The main concern of Old Master Ye now was not whether Ye Chen would agree to approve of the funding, but whether Ye Chen would listen to him. The feeling of controlling others gave him a sense of accomplishment.

Especially when he was controlling a dragon that was hard to tame.

He did not regard Ye Chen as his son at all. He was merely a tool, a tool to make money, and a tool to help him manage MBS.

Family? Ha! What a joke!

Ye Chen was hard-hearted and refused to give in this time. “Dad, I’ve said it before. There is a shortage of funds. You can’t possibly ignore the development plan of MBS in the second half of the year, right?”

The old master got angry and stared at Ye Chen coldly. What exactly had happened to his third son who had always been a puppet under his manipulation?

He had been challenging his authority.

He always thought that he had controlled him well and that Ye Chen dared not say anything to him and could only obey him. No matter how much he hated the Ye family, he had to go back home for dinner once a week.

He wanted Yun Ruoxi to be his daughter-in-law. Ye Chen did not even question anything and immediately wooed her. He even got the girl in just three days to express his loyalty to the old master.

He had thought that Ye Chen would always be under his control, obeying every order of his.

Recently, however, he had been provocative.

Old Master Ye switched Ye Chen’s chief secretary to Yun Ruoxi in order for her to keep an eye on Ye Chen, in case he had any other plans in mind.

However, Ye Chen ignored his orders and hired a young lady as his chief secretary instead on the next day. He explained that the young lady was the best among all the other secretaries in London, and he only hired someone by their ability.

This had already made Old Master Ye very unhappy, but he endured and let it go since it was the first time Ye Chen had rebelled against him.

Who knew that if it had happened once, it was bound to happen for the second time! He had challenged his authority for the second time, which was unforgivable.

“Don’t you dare to disobey!” Old Master Ye’s voice was as deep as ice, and every word of his was sharp like ice debris.

Expressionless, Ye Chen refused to give in. “Dad, please take the overall situation into consideration!”

“I just have that much money for your second elder brother to waste. He could even burn it for fun and I wouldn’t mind. Do you have any issues with it? Do you really think that MBS belongs to you?” Ye Chen’s coldness and firmness shamed Old Master Ye so much that he could not help but rebuke him.

There was inevitably a little more sarcasm in his tone.

How dared a plaything be disobedient! This was the biggest joke in the world!

Ye Chen sneered. “If Dad really wants to open the store for second elder brother, use your personal money as MBS is really short of funds!”

For the third time, he repeated that excuse, which apparently, was bullsh*t to both of them.

Actually, the fact that Ye Yutang dared to take liberties with Cheng Anya in his own territory had already made Ye Chen decide to never give him the money!

“Ye Chen!” Ye Yutang was trembling with anger. He couldn’t believe that Ye Chen would really resist the orders of his father.

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