Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 92 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 92 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Old Master Ye narrowed his cloudy but sharp eyes and pursed his lips. “Ye Chen, MBS is facing a shortage of funds, yet you have the money to smuggle diamonds? Do you think that you can fool me so easily?” he said in a mocking tone.

He knew everything about the dirty business Ye Chen was engaged in. Although he had retired, it didn’t mean that he had stopped caring.

“Smuggling?” Ye Yutang screamed. His eyes widened in disbelief. “Dad, is that true? Diamond smuggling is illegal! The state has been arresting diamond smugglers diligently these last few years. A good friend of mine had sold them a few years back, and the buyer was caught within a month. Ye Chen, how daring of you to be involved in this illegal business!”

The corners of Ye Chen’s lips were raised into a wry smile in response to Ye Yutang’s squawk. Did he think everyone was as useless as him?

But then again, how did the old master know about that?

Ye Chen then recalled the night he logged on to QQ when he was distressed. The world is big but Mommy is the greatest had mentioned earlier that there was a power struggle within the mafia recently. Hence, it was not guaranteed that they would not make a despicable move.

He had a conference call with Louis but didn’t find anything despite making several insinuations.

Generally speaking, if this illegal business was exposed by somebody else, Louis would have his reputation down the drain. Who would dare to trade with him anymore in the future? Ye Chen didn’t believe that Louis would really risk his career like that.

However, if he had another person helping him on his side, that would be a whole different case.

“Dad, you are really well-informed!” Ye Chen put on a sardonic grin. He had always known that there were spies in MBS. Hence, he had smuggled diamonds secretly, so secretive to the point that nobody would have had the chance to get their hands on any evidence of it.

Regarding this matter, Ye Chen believed in himself. He was pretty sure that he did not give himself away.

Did someone else set him up right from the start then?

“The business circle is so small. How difficult would it be for me to find that out?” Old Master Ye thought that he had caught the weakness of Ye Chen. Feeling proud, he said, “You weren’t even born when I started smuggling. I definitely have broader connections and more ways to do it as compared to you. Young man, you still have a lot to learn.”

“Really?” Ye Chen gave another sardonic smile. “So what?” he said with a cynical look.

“What did you say?” Old Master Ye turned angry from embarrassment.

“Dad, what kind of attitude is he giving us?” Ye Yutang shouted in discontent. “He dared to engage in this kind of illegal business in the name of MBS despite knowing that MBS is Dad’s lifelong effort. If this is exposed, all of Dad’s efforts will go down the drain. Dad, will you still let him continue corrupting the reputation of MBS? If anything really happens, the Ye family will be destroyed too.”

How he wished that Old Master Ye would remove Ye Chen from his position immediately so that he could take over and become the new president of MBS.

‘Who does Ye Chen think he is? He is merely the son of a bi*ch! Why did Dad even appoint him as the president of MBS?’

The fact that he was incompetent had never crossed his mind. Ye Yutang only insisted that Ye Chen had taken the power that he thought belonged to him.

Ye Chen only gave him a wry grin. He was actually waiting for him to say those words. “Dad, if you have a problem with the management of MBS or the fact that I’m smuggling diamonds illegally, then fine, I am willing to quit MBS. Since second elder brother has always wanted to be the president of MBS, I have no objection.”

The cold and elegant man, at this moment, showed his elegance to the fullest. No one would ever doubt him upon sensing his sincerity.

Ye Yutang’s eyes brightened, while Old Master Ye’s face sank.

A storm was about to break out in his eyes. How dared Ye Chen threaten him?

Although he was Old Master Ye’s beloved son, Ye Yutang failed to live up to his expectations. He knew nothing except to eat, drink, and be merry. With no doubt, MBS would definitely be destroyed in his hands.

Although he was old, Old Master Ye still had a flexible brain. MBS was his lifelong effort and pride after all. He just could not let it be destroyed in Ye Yutang’s hands no matter how much he loved him.

That was equivalent to ending MBS. Hence, despite his hatred for Ye Chen, Old Master Ye still trusted him to run MBS.

He wanted to wait until Ye Yutong became well-trained.

He refused to believe that Ye Yutong would turn out to be Ye Yutang No. 2.

Hence, Ye Chen must not leave within this period of time. If he left the management of MBS in Ye Yutang’s hands, MBS would be destroyed even before Ye Yutong grew up.

Ye Chen was merely a tool, a tool that could not be discarded before achieving its goal.

The pair stared straight into each other’s eyes, and there seemed to be fire igniting around them. Old Master Ye was angry, while Ye Chen stayed calm. The aura surrounding them was strong and no one was willing to give in.

What Ye Chen meant was clear. It was no big deal for him to walk out of MBS, and he was not afraid of being banned by the Ye family too. He had already moved his main business overseas beforehand, which meant that he could totally survive well without MBS.

To him, MBS was just a tool for revenge.

As for the illegal smuggling, it was just his trick to keep Old Master Ye in check. He knew that Old Master Ye would not remove him from power before getting another person competent enough to take over, which bought him more time.

Otherwise, he would rather be destroyed together with MBS.

But that could be considered as a paying business too.

“Dad…” Upon hearing no response from Old Master Ye, Ye Yutang urged him impatiently. He was just one step away from getting the position he wanted. How could he miss an opportunity that great?

“Shut up!” Old Master Ye screamed loudly. ‘You fool!’

Ye Yutang was intimidated by Old Master Ye and quieted down at once.

“Ye Chen, you aren’t going to give your second elder brother the money no matter what, right?”

“No money!” Ye Chen became more aggressive as he could tell that Old Master Ye had backed down, judging from his attitude. He blurted out those two words with no hesitation, which enraged Ye Yutang.

Old Master Ye choked, almost fainting from being angry. ‘Ye Chen, you are too arrogant!’

“If there’s nothing else, I’ll go back first!” Ye Chen remained indifferent. Old Master Ye only stared at him coldly, while Ye Chen sneered and turned away, expressionless.

‘Humph! Ye Zhenhua, this is just the beginning!’

“Dad, Ye Chen is too arrogant. Why did you let him do whatever he wanted?” Dissatisfied, Ye Yutang’s eyes became red due to his anger.

“You’d better shut your mouth up!” Old Master Ye yelled angrily. Ye Yutang was shocked. Old Master Ye took a moment and said, “I thought Ye Chen agreed to approve the funds at the start. Why did he change his mind again? What happened when you went over to his office that day?”

Old Master Ye, after all, was Old Master Ye. He soon realized that something must have happened.

Ye Yutang’s face paled as he did not expect that question. He sure was at fault for teasing Cheng Anya, but he had been flirting with Ye Chen’s other secretaries too. He was known as a lecherous man, and Ye Chen clearly knew about it.

When he had done it for the first few times, Ye Chen only gave him a cynical look or ignored him completely. Even when he insulted him, Ye Chen also tolerated it without any complaints. However, he was all worked up this time around just because of a secretary. Ye Yutang did not expect this at all.

“Spit it out!” Old Master Ye was furious and struck the ground with his crutch. Frightened, Ye Yutang told him what had happened with exaggeration. “Dad, Ye Chen must be seduced by that woman!” He pushed all the blame to others.

Old Master Ye snorted while swearing at him in his mind. This useless good-for-nothing! If only he had one-tenth of Ye Chen’s ability, he would have chased that brat out of the family.

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