Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 93 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 93 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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“Leave it. Just drop the matter this time around. Yutang, please try to work harder and stop idling around every day!” Old Master Ye had expected better from him.

How did he, who had led a hegemonic life, give birth to such a useless son!

“Alright, Dad…” Ye Yutang laughed awkwardly, but his eyes were filled with greed. “Dad, what about my jewelry store…”

Old Master Ye stared at him with a deep, penetrating gaze. Ye Yutang was so frightened that his heartbeats became rapid. How scary!

He wanted to find an excuse to slip away but felt indignant about not being able to get the money.

Old Master Ye was utterly disappointed with Ye Yutang, but he could not do anything. No matter how useless Ye Yutang was, he was still his son. “You go back to your room first. I’ll get Chen De to transfer you the money tomorrow!”

Upon hearing what Old Master Ye had said, he let out a bright smile and returned to his room in contentment.

Old Master Ye snorted. It seemed like Ye Chen already had other plans for himself. No, this couldn’t be tolerated. He vowed to bring Ye Chen under his control again.

“Old master, please have tea!” Chen De, the butler, delivered a cup of steaming black tea to Old Master Ye. The fragrance of the tea filled the air. The old master had a special preference for black tea.

Old Master Ye looked tired. He rubbed his eyebrows, turned to the butler who had served him for years, and asked, “Chen De, do you think that Ye Chen would really rebel against me?”

Chen De was an honest and loyal man who had served Old Master Ye for over a decade. Basically, he was there to witness the growth of the old master and had stood by his side through ups and downs.

“Old master, I’m afraid that you might be oversensitive.” Chen De told Old Master Ye his sincere opinion. “The secretary of MBS was handpicked by the third young master, and he trusts her very much. However, the second young master would always cause trouble whenever he entered MBS, and he might have gone overboard this time around, which angered the third young master. The third young master must have taken this opportunity to teach him a lesson. He might not have meant to rebel against you, old master!”

“Humph!” Old Master Ye’s eyes were filled with anger. “Yutang is so disappointing, always causing trouble for me. I bet all the money that I gave him to start his business will go down the drain real quick. Why are they so different despite being brothers?”

This was exactly the sore point of the old master and the reason why he hated Ye Chen.

Even though Ye Chen was also his son.

Chen De knew the story of everything that had happened but did not make any comments.

The grudges between the father and sons in the Ye family were just too complicated.

“Old master, why don’t we call the eldest young master back home?” Chen De suggested.

“How can I do that!” Old Master Ye rejected his idea almost immediately. “Until now, everybody still thinks that Yukun has been dead for more than a decade. If he comes back suddenly, that old case will definitely be dug out for investigation again. Do you think that the Ye family hasn’t created enough jokes for others?”

Chen De acquiesced as he had guessed that Old Master Ye would not agree with his idea. The scandal that had happened back then involved too many people. If Ye Chen knew that Ye Yukun only suffered serious injuries and was sent abroad by Old Master Ye, resulting in his mother’s death, it would definitely destroy the peacefulness within the Ye family again.

“Old master, it has already been over a decade. I’m sure that the eldest young master would have looked different, and other people may not recognize him. Perhaps he could come back as a godson of yours?” Chen De suggested a solution.

Old Master Ye narrowed his eyes calmly then closed his eyes. Slowly, he said, “This idea is feasible, but I can’t take the risk. If Ye Chen finds out about this, he would rather drag Yukun down to hell together with him even if he has to die. If it wasn’t for him, I would have let Yukun come back long ago.”

Chen De became silent again. Although he was loyal to Old Master Ye, he had also witnessed the growth of the children in the Ye family. He was well aware that Old Master Ye loved Ye Yukun a lot, but he also knew about the unfair treatment Ye Chen had received from the old master.

Nevertheless, as a lowly butler, he could not comment on the domestic affairs of the Ye family.

Indeed, being stubborn really ruins one’s life.

Why would one treat their own son as an enemy?

The third young master was, no doubt, the best candidate to take over the management of MBS as compared to all the other young masters. Judging by their abilities, the other young masters must and could only look up to Ye Chen.

However, he knew that Old Master Ye did not like to hear those words, and he had never said it out loud either.

“Call Old Master Yun and ask him out for a meal!”

“Yes, master!” Chen De took his orders.

Old Master Yun?

Yun Ruoxi’s father. Perhaps the old master wanted Miss Yun to marry into the Ye family?

Looking at the recent rebellious attitude of the third young master, he was afraid that this wouldn’t happen. They weren’t sure if he liked Yun Ruoxi, as they were rumored to have a deep friendship.

But after all…


At the condominium.

Cheng Anya’s rented apartment had four rooms and two halls, and was very spacious. She and her son had taken two rooms each, one as a study room, and another as a bedroom.

When Cheng Anya returned home on Friday, she was surprised that there was no dinner prepared. She pouted. Was her precious son not at home?

As soon as she put down her briefcase, she saw Ning Ning’s half-opened study room door. Cheng Anya smiled. ‘What is the boy doing? He even forgot to prepare dinner, how strange.’

She pushed open the door with curiosity.

Cheng Anya had always given Ning Ning his personal space and knew that her baby boy often surfed the internet. Although she also knew that her baby boy had kept some secrets from her, she never once asked him about them.

As long as her son was happy, she didn’t care about anything else.

She doted on Ning Ning unconditionally. However, instead of growing up to be a spoiled and stubborn brat, her son was unexpectedly loving and caring, which left Cheng Anya confused for quite some time.

“Baby, what are you doing?” Cheng Anya pushed open the door and entered his room.

Whenever she went into his room, Ning Ning would close down his current tabs on his computer and pretend to be playing video games. At first, Cheng Anya really believed that he was playing video games. However, after a while, she caught him closing his tabs for a few times.

She just didn’t point it out.

What her son was doing seemed to be none of her business. Her only concern was for her son to be kind and filial.

The boy sat in front of his computer with great posture, his ten fingers fixated to the keyboard. He seemed oblivious to what Anya had said and was staring at the screen intensely. He looked serious, very serious.

This was the first time Cheng Anya had seen her boy without a smile. Ning Ning looked so much like a little Ye Chen, which caused her heart to beat faster. He looked intimidating.

It was as though Ye Chen’s soul was in her baby boy’s body.

Ning Ning broke out in a cold sweat as his body tensed up. A scary and cold vibe radiated around him.

“Baby?” Cheng Anya shouted. ‘I feel so uneasy. What on earth is he doing?’

She took a glance at the computer screen and saw something like a map. There were overlapping lines, which made up a web. It kind of looked like a three-dimensional network as well. Four red dots and one black dot were moving fast on the map.

A clutter of unknown addresses formed up a weird map.

She could only tell that it was a model of a city. Cheng Anya wondered what he was doing.

The boy continued to give out instructions.

Weird noises that would make people tremble could be heard.

Cheng Anya had never understood anything so profound, so she was confused by how her son could.

Ning Ning’s fingers had never stopped typing since.

The room was filled with the sound of keyboard tapping. It was extremely quiet. The deafening silence in the room instilled fear in Cheng Anya.

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