Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 96 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 96 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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The world is big but Mommy is the greatest: Okay, I will go offline first!

Ning Ning said goodbye before going offline.

Ning Ning turned off the computer, propped his head, and pouted. He was discovered by Mommy and he laughed before going out of the study room.

Cheng Anya was indeed sitting on the sofa and looking at her report leisurely. She was waiting for her baby to cook and serve her.

“Mommy, I promise that nothing will go wrong, so please do not worry!” Ning Ning walked over and gave her a kiss on her face. He smiled elegantly. “Are you unhappy?”

Cheng Anya rubbed his head and forcefully hit a few times. Ning Ning frowned and looked at her sadly. His eyes were as innocent and wronged as those of a small rabbit. “Mommy, you are abusing a child!”

“What were you doing just now?” Cheng Anya asked.

Ning Ning sighed but did not try to hide. “I had a few friends do a trade for a batch of arms. However, the buyer ganged up with the FBI and wanted to catch all in one draft. Luckily, my friend was cautious and installed a dynamite system. Something went wrong, so I went to destroy the evidence! It just so happened that there were four people from the FBI tracking us, so I played with them for a while.”

Ning Ning also passingly destroyed the anti-terrorist group’s database. Serve them right for sticking to him like a limpet and making his Mommy discover what he was doing.

Cheng Anya’s heart trembled. A few friends doing arms trade?


Was she fantasizing?


“Who are your friends?”

Ning Ning smiled strangely. He placed his small hands on Cheng Anya’s heart to pacify her. “Mommy, you have to stay calm…”

Cheng Anya instantly had a very bad premonition.

“Jason, Wood, Chu Li, Blackjack, Claude E, Wei…”

“Stop!” Cheng Anya shouted while trembling. Even though she was usually very calm, she felt that it was unbelievable. The three names that her son casually mentioned were actually the top three terrorists in the world.

Klose was also sordid and was involved in arms dealing. He even had a phone interview with Jason before. As Klose’s chief secretary, it was natural for Cheng Anya to know.

Moreover, terrorist attacks happened often overseas. As long as one was slightly concerned about international current affairs, the names of these three people would reverberate like thunder!

Why did her obedient son become so close with those people?

“Baby, how long have you known them for?”

“One year!”

“Does it mean that for the past year, you have been doing a lot of illegal things?” Cheng Anya’s voice trembled.


Where did her son who was pure like a rabbit go?

Ning Ning smiled elegantly, his small hand rubbing against Cheng Anya’s hand. “Mommy, there are simply too many loopholes in the arms regulation. Even if they did not smuggle, there would be others smuggling.” Although Jason and gang were terrorists who wandered along the border of law and cannot be counted as a traditionally-defined good people, they were worthy of having a close relationship with!

Although they were cold and ruthless, they stuck to their principles. They did not attack others unless they were attacked. Moreover, they valued affection and loyalty very highly. The world might think that they were scary. However, Ning Ning felt that they could be very cute at times.

There was a reason for the coldness.

Who would like to be a globally-wanted person for no reason?

“I mean, let’s forget it if you’re playing with the top underworld. How did you upgrade to playing with terrorists?” Cheng Anya felt like weeping but had no tears.

Ning Ning smiled elegantly. “Mommy, let’s talk about City A. There are many people playing with arms smuggling here. Uncle Zekun may seem like a good person to you, but he broke the law too. The business world is like this. Money is the most important!”

“Other than arms, what else do you play with?” Cheng Anya felt that it was necessary for her to understand her baby better and deeper.

Ning Ning coughed and thinned his lips. “Diamonds smuggling and money laundering… It is mainly these three things.”

“What about drugs?”

“I promise with my character that I do not smuggle drugs!” Ning Ning said seriously. “Don’t worry, Mommy. I will never touch that!”

“Don’t worry your head!” Cheng Anya hit his little brain. She was puzzled. How did such a small child know so much stuff? Why was he so perverted?

‘Third Young Master Ye, are your genes too doughty?’

Or was it that Ning Ning mutated?

“Baby, the FBI senior inspector once said that there was someone controlling the three terrorists. Are you that person?” Cheng Anya felt that she could no longer be calm.

She admired herself for still being able to sit down peacefully.

Ning Ning coughed again. “As if, seemingly, should be!”

His voice went softer and softer. Cheng Anya was totally blown away. She stared at Ning Ning as if she could not recognize him. “Baby, actually, I don’t mind breaking ties with you…”

“Maybe I got the wrong child at the hospital. Look at you. You don’t look like me at all.”

Cheng Anya was depressed!

“Mommy…” Ning Ning’s eyes were as innocent as those of Bambi deer as he complained about Cheng Anya’s ruthlessness.

Cheng Anya’s face seemed serious, as if she was afraid that Ning Ning would not believe her. She nodded calmly. “Mommy is being serious!”

Ning Ning thinned his lips and Cheng Anya immediately raised a white flag to surrender. Forget it, she was also responsible for her son being perverted. “No matter what you do in the future, you have to know the limits well. Do not tell Mommy such exciting things anymore. It’s not good for my heart as I am old!”

Ning Ning, “…”

Ning Ning laughed and said, “Mommy, I actually know that FBI senior inspector!”

Cheng Anya’s first reaction was, “Officials and bandits’ collusion?”

“You can say so!” Ning Ning said slowly, “Mommy, the so-called terrorists are not as scary as what the others said. Sir has been old friends with Jason and gang. They were even from the same training camp in the past. Anyways, arms smuggling can never be controlled. Rather than letting others smuggle and increase international terrorist groups’ activities, it would be better to let someone he knows do it. Sir can also secretly dredge the direction of where the arms go to, avoiding wars brought by the arms market equilibrium price being unstable. Moreover, if the arms market is controlled by someone he trusts, he could conduct backstage trades with them. They could trade the data of international underworld societies and drug-trafficking organizations. The few big international criminals that were detected were all due to the help of Jason and Chu Li. Those people are so good at smuggling that they are just perfect for it. It is not easy to catch them. Therefore, it is not wrong even if you say that it is a collusion between the officials and bandits.”

Cheng Anya looked at her son in astonishment. She always knew that her son was not normal. His IQ was scarily high, but it was impossible for it to be this scary, right?

“That being said, is there someone protecting you guys so that nothing will go wrong?” Cheng Anya only wanted to confirm this.

Ning Ning sneered. “Nothing will go wrong even if there is no one protecting us!”

“Can you little rascal be more arrogant?” Cheng Anya gave him another round of beating. Ning Ning covered his head and pouted in protest.

“Mommy, are you not angry anymore?” Ning Ning asked worryingly. He could retreat immediately and be her sweetheart obediently, just like his screen name suggested, if she was still angry.

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