Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 97 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 97 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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The world was big but Mommy was the greatest. No matter what happened, Mommy would be the priority.

“What’s there to be angry about? I am very proud that my son is so promising…” Cheng Anya praised him before saying, “As long as you do not do the wrong things, it does not matter to Mommy.”

Ning Ning thought to himself. ‘Mommy, if this was not considered doing the wrong things, then what was?’

Cheng Anya felt that as long as it was a path chosen by her son, it was the right track!

This was called pampering!

This mother and son pair was the most harmonious one in history!

“Alright, I will not ask about your stuff. Baby, it’s time to cook. Mommy is so hungry!” Cheng Anya complained. It did not matter what he did, but he had to serve her stomach first as it was the proper business!

“Sure, my dear Mommy!” Ning Ning laughed and followed the command. He went into the kitchen to cook.

Cheng Anya took up the report and looked at it as she said, “Baby, Mommy is free tomorrow. Is it okay to bring you out to play?” She had decided to let her son enjoy his childhood.

He was missing out on a lot of fun times if he was sensible at such a young age!

It was a pity.

She could only make up for it as much as possible and make him happy.

Cheng Anya had spent a hundred and one percent of thoughts on Ning Ning. She always wanted to give him the best things in the world.


“Where do you want to go?”

“Shall we go for a picnic?”

“Sure, let’s go for a picnic at the amusement park. I can also bring you to play around the park.”

“Okay, no problem. Mommy, you have to live up to expectations. Do not give up after playing one round of roller coaster.”

“Do not look down on me!”

Ning Ning laughed. He thought as he was cutting the vegetables. ‘It would be good if Daddy could go too. It would be a wonderful feeling if two of my most favorite people were by my side.’

When would they get together?

Ning Ning tilted his head. Cheng Anya was concentrating on her report in the living room. She looked very serious as she drew circles to make a mark.

The lights added a thin layer of warm lights on the lady’s beautiful figure.

It was a peaceful and gentle time.

The corners of Ning Ning’s lips curved into a trace of a smile. There would be such a day!

Before that, he just had to wait patiently!

Cheng Anya received a phone call from Wang Rui. Her first reaction was that this guy had really thick skin. He still had the nerve to find her?

“What did you say?” Cheng Anya frowned. She stood up, walked to the window, and drew back the curtains. Indeed, she saw Wang Rui standing below.

Anya sneered. Throughout the years, he had become more and more unmanly. He was subservient and obsequious in front of Ye Chen and Yang Zekun. Just looking at him was disgusting. She felt discomfort the moment she recalled what happened during Old Master Ye’s birthday banquet.

“I’m not free!” Cheng Anya rejected coldly. Wang Rui had asked her out for a meal. It was funny. Were they close with each other?

It had been seven years since they last met, and she could not even remember his face. To Cheng Anya, Wang Rui and Chen Yingying were just strangers, or even inferior to strangers. Unless there was a need, she did not want to meet him.

It’s a no brainer why he asked her out.

He simply wanted her to beg Yang Zekun for leniency and let the Wang enterprise off.

After the banquet, Yang Zekun indeed suppressed the Wang enterprise. Nobody in the business world dared to lend a helping hand as they knew that Master Yang was angered because of a beauty. Cheng Anya heard that he forced the Wang enterprise to the verge of going bankrupt.

But she did not care.

Because the Wang enterprise had nothing to do with her.

After so many years of life experiences, her personality became a bit cold, but she was extremely protective of those that she cared about. She never cared about those that had nothing to do with her.

“Anya, if you do not come down to meet me, I will go up and find you!” Wang Rui said rascally. He was sure that Cheng Anya was unable to reject him.

A trace of anger skipped over the tips of Anya’s brows. Wang Rui, what a bastard!


“Mommy, who is that?” Ning Ning brought out a plate of food from the kitchen. He asked curiously as he saw that his Mommy’s face did not look right.

Usually, his Mommy’s temperament was very good. It was rare for her to get angry. Even if she was, she would put on her signature smile. It was rare to see her being angry so obviously.

“You wait for me. I will go down!” Cheng Anya ended the call furiously. “An annoying fly!”

Given Wang Rui’s shamelessness, he would not give up unless he met her. If she let him go up and opened the door for him, he would disturb the neighbors and discover Ning Ning. After much consideration, she could only agree to meet him downstairs.

“Baby, do not be a man like this. Otherwise, Mommy would rather let you go for a transsexual operation so that you would not be an embarrassment!” Cheng Anya taught him with a bloody example.

Ning Ning smiled. “Noted!”

Cheng Anya changed her clothes and told Ning Ning, “You can eat first if you are hungry. Do not wait for Mommy. Who knows when he will leave!”

Ning Ning nodded before Cheng Anya went down.

“Anya, you are so pretty!” Wang Rui’s eyes lit up the moment he saw Anya. He went toward her, and his tone was filled with praises.

She was wearing a set of beige casual clothes with a pair of running shoes, and her hair was tied into a ponytail, looking fresh and cool. She originally looked very pure. The way she dressed made her look as if she was a student who just entered university.

She looked youthful and beautiful. Wang Rui was lost in her beauty. Other than compliments, there were still compliments.

“Why did you ask me out?” Cheng Anya asked faintly, showing her usual smile. However, her voice was slightly cold, and it sounded even colder in the dark night.

Like the moonlight.

Wang Rui stretched his hands over and wanted to hold Cheng Anya’s hand. Cheng Anya curved her thin lips and avoided him cleverly. “Master Wang, just say it if you have something to say. Do not get physical!”

His eyes darkened but he quickly smiled. “Anya, I have actually wanted to come and find you long ago, but I was busy with my work and could not leave. I missed you so much!”

‘Actually, you do not have to miss me!’

Cheng Anya shivered. The once handsome man seemed very obscene now. ‘Miss’ was such a sacred word and it was an insult to the word as the word came out from his mouth. He changed a lot in these seven years.

Cheng Anya had almost forgotten about what happened in the past. However, she would never forget Wang Rui’s sarcastic ridicule words when she found out that he and Chen Yingying betrayed her. He ruthlessly trampled on her dignity and pride as a woman.

At that moment, she smiled sweetly, but she extremely hated him in her heart.

No matter what reason it was, and no matter whether it was sincere or hypocrisy, there was a need to respect each other when a man and a woman were dating. However, it was obvious that Wang Rui did not even possess the basic criteria of being a man.

No wonder it only took seven years to turn him into such an obscene person.

It was exactly because of the hate and how she could not tolerate it that made the young and aggressive Anya go to the bar and get drunk. It was also where she met Ye Chen, and had Ning Ning.

This incident indirectly gave her the most precious gift.

Anya decided to let it go afterwards and no longer bore grudges.

Her personality was like this. She would ruthlessly forget about those that did not matter and would not have any memory of them. Therefore, she could forget it completely.

There were so many passersby in one’s life. Who would have the energy to remember someone that was not important?

Wang Rui saw that Cheng Anya was not swayed by him and he cursed in his heart. He was very angry. However, he did not show it on his face as he had something to plead from her.

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