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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 98 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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He was trying to make use of their past friendship to move her.

“Wang Rui, what’s the point of bringing up something that happened seven years ago? I have almost forgotten everything!”

Cheng Anya sneered. She did not love him back when they were dating. She dated him because there were many couples in school back then. They coincidentally caught the trend and dated for fun.

Cheng Anya was hot-blooded, rash, sometimes muddleheaded, and a noob when she was young. If she had not experienced the hardship of raising Ning Ning, met with many failures, and experienced the fickleness of humans for the past seven years, she would not have become the independent, calm, and composed Cheng Anya today.

The friendship that he talked about sounded like a joke to her.

What had Wang Rui done for her?

There seemed to be nothing?

Although they were in a relationship, the most intimate thing they had done was holding hands and eating a few meals together. She attended a gathering with his friends once, but they had never gone to watch a movie together before.

What Wang Rui did most was to make fun of her taste in fashion, cynical that she was not presentable. He also betrayed and ridiculed her.

One’s youth would be in vain if they were not ignorant. She had to admit that she did quite a lot of stupid things when she was young. Dating Wang Rui was the typical stupid thing that she did.

“But I cannot forget you!” Wang Rui said affectionately, his eyes filled with fondness and sentiment.

Cheng Anya shivered. A slight grin flashed past her radiant eyes. She looked up, and it was as if she saw a flock of crows flying past the sky.

‘Oh god, do not act if you are not capable of being an actor. It is quite gross.’

She secretly guessed how long he had been practicing for this scene.

“Wang Rui, be straight to the point. I am no longer the Cheng Anya from seven years ago. You might not feel disgusted speaking about this, but I feel disgraceful listening to it.”

Wang Rui’s face turned purple. He was angry, ashamed, and almost broke out into curses.

Wang Rui clenched his fists and spent a great amount of energy to tolerate his grievance. He was a pampered son from a wealthy family and used to get whatever he wanted since young. For the past few years, his family was down-and-out and he had to walk on eggshells. However, he endured and did not dare to say anything.

He did not expect that he had to walk on eggshells even with Cheng Anya. He felt the imbalance. How to put it… Seven years ago, he was the one that abandoned Cheng Anya and did not want her.

He despised her and made fun of her.

However, every dog had its day. How would Wang Rui feel comfortable in his heart?

“Anya, you are really ruthless. Do you not miss our past friendship at all?”

“What friendship did we have for me to miss?”

“I know I have let you down in the past. I have no opinion even if you want to scold or beat me up, but looking at our past relationship, can you save my family’s business?” Wang Rui lowered his voice and begged Cheng Anya.

Once his company survived this stage, he would definitely ‘pay her back’.


Who did she think she was? Yang Zekun was from a rich and powerful family. How could Cheng Anya be compatible with him? Moreover, she had a seven-year-old son. ‘Yang Zekun was probably just playing with her,’ Wang Rui thought evilly.

Ever since knowing that Cheng Anya had a seven-year-old son, Wang Rui was filled with hatred. When he was dating Cheng Anya, he could not even get a kiss from her. Therefore, the son was definitely not his.

He assumed that Cheng Anya cheated on him seven years ago. She was skittish and even had someone’s child.

She was the one that betrayed him first!

“Master Wang, oh, Master Wang, you must have looked for the wrong person. I am just an ordinary secretary. What has your business getting into trouble got to do with me? Sorry, I don’t have the ability to save your company either!” Cheng Anya said coldly. F*ck, could he be any more shameless?

“No, you can help me plead Yang Zekun. He was the one that gave the killing order. Now, nobody in the business industry dares to invest in our company. If this goes on, we cannot survive for any longer. Anya, I beg you to help me. I can give you anything you want. I committed the mistake as Yingying was the one that seduced me first. I can ditch her as long as you help me!” Wang Rui said tolerantly, his face seemingly beseeched. He looked as if he was anxious, as if he was afraid that Cheng Anya would not believe him.

Cheng Anya’s eyebrows stiffened. To be honest, she had been studying and taking care of Ning Ning for the past few years. In the beginning, she was young and could only do jobs such as washing the dishes and delivering newspapers and milk. When she was older, she began working part-time at various companies and she almost tried all sorts of jobs and met all sorts of people.

Among those people, there were many womanizers. They wanted her to sleep with them and took advantage of her just because they were rich. Cheng Anya had met quite a number of them. When she was Klose’s secretary, she got to interact with the big shots in London. However, there were also some scum among them who were very obscene.

However, there was not a single man who was more shameless than Wang Rui. He totally changed Cheng Anya’s understanding of how shameless a man could be.

He was ungrateful, not accountable or responsible… He was mean, shameless, and obscene… He was such an embarrassment that he would be a disgrace to his ancestors!

“Wang Rui, can I beg you to understand the current situation? I can’t help you as what senior wants to do has nothing to do with me. What happened to your company also has nothing to do with me. I have no responsibility or obligation to help you,” Cheng Anya said coldly. He had only himself to blame and not others. “You are only a passerby to me, even more unfamiliar than a stranger was to me. Please do not claim relationship with me. I feel overwhelmed.”

Wang Rui’s face went livid, his eyes morphing into balls of fury. He felt really embarrassed after he was taunted by Cheng Anya.

“Cheng Anya, how can you be so heartless? To you, it is just as easy as lifting your hand. Do you know how many people would be jobless, and how many people would cry if my company goes bankrupt?” Wang Rui clamored sharply, his eyes red with anger.

“Why did you have to say it in such an indignant way? Wang Rui, as a man, you are begging a woman just for your career. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?” Cheng Anya sneered unceremoniously. She narrowed her eyes and a trace of a sneer flashed past the corners of her lips. “Don’t think that I don’t know about your scandals just because I just came back to the country. For the past few years, you let Yingying accompany those old men in order to get investments. You could even resort to doing such things. Are you still a man?”

“You… How did you know?” Wang Rui gasped. Cheng Anya was right. In order to get investments, Chen Yingying indeed sacrificed her body. On the one hand, he felt that Yingying was dirty, but on the other hand, he needed her help. Wang Rui thought that nobody knew about it.

“If you don’t want anyone to know, don’t do it. The business industry is filled with the same few people. What kind of secrets can be concealed?” Cheng Anya sneered, deride flashing past her brows. Actually, she knew about it out of coincidence.

There was once when she accompanied Ye Chen to meet a few customers. It just so happened that the people sitting beside them were talking about it and she happened to overhear their conversation!

Those few people actually started talking about how good Chen Yingying was in bed in public. She had to say that it was sorrowful.

The sorrows of two people.




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