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12 Hours After Novel Chapter 118 - You’re Fired
Author :FromHell,프롬헬

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Translator: Khan

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Two weeks ago, I set up a list of directors for Sapphire TV, including CEO Ahn Yong-kyun, and wrote down the names on a daily People Search: Ahn Yong-kyun, Kim Jung-kyun, and Park Kyu-seok.

But there was no news related to it. Only articles regarding CEO Ahn Yong-kyun were there.

[CEO Ahn Yong-kyu sold all the shares he held.]

[Ahn Yong-kyun, the founder of Blue E&M, will leave the company.]

Only such news came out.

‘It’s obvious that something’s happening…’ That was what I thought, and I changed the direction. ‘Blue E&M’s main business is Internet broadcasting… Did they get into trouble with Internet broadcasting?’

The answer came out soon. I picked some of the best BJs on Sapphire TV. Then I tried to put the real names of the BJs in order by fame. BJ Won-kyu, Lee Won-kyu, BJ Night Princess Han Chae-young… and around tenth place, BJ Kippa Jung Chil-yeon.

Then came the answer. Early next month, on a general programming channel, BJ Kippa, who had been popular for his usual violent broadcasts, would have a collaboration with the “My Big Television” program, and he would sexually harass a girl group in front of a thousand viewers. It was radical. Somehow, the details were not given. The article cut some content and showed the only part of the rest… [He exposed his penis…]

That was how it was described. Of course, it went crazy. In the past, when a band did similar things on live television, all live broadcasts were turned into delayed broadcasts, but there would be no such device on Internet broadcasting. Why did he do this all of a sudden? The guy must have conspired with Tak Joon-gi and Ahn Yong-kyun.

In the past, when someone had paid him tens of dollars on the Internet, he had shaved his head with a hair trimmer, or he had quarreled with people on the street, or he had done a crazy broadcast. By that standard, if someone would pay a few hundred thousand dollars for something, he would do it without hesitation. If he was a BJ in the top ten on European TV, the number one in the industry, he might refuse, saying, “I can do it in a few months.” But Sapphire TV was smaller than European TV. This lunatic was not in the top ten.

“I’d like to take BJ Kippa off the list, and BJ Cherry Hyang, and BJ Bbakbbak.”

I tackled all the BJs in the list, even the problematic or alternative BJs, in front of the board of directors, including President Ahn Yong-kyun. They seemed a little surprised at my remarks. In particular, Ahn Yong-kyun’s face was slightly pale. It seemed his card was blocked.

Another director who didn’t know the circumstances asked me, “What’s this about, CEO Han?”

“I sometimes watch Sapphire TV, too, but these guys… a bit messy. BJ Kippa usually does a lot of strange things. The show of BJ Cherry Hyang is too erotic. BJ Bbakbbak has been swearing too much. So I hope you will take them off the list. I’m sure a lot of viewers are going to come over to us. I’m afraid something bad will happen.”

“Oh, yes, but…”

I turned my head and said, looking at President Ahn Yong-kyun, “President Ahn, how do you think? Let’s get these guys out.”

It was a little cruel, but I decided to ask him openly and waited for his answer.

“No, I think it’ll be fine. These guys are usually violent, but… I’ve talked about it enough in advance.” He said so in a cold sweat. It seemed that he decided to keep his path to the end.

“Hmm… really? Are you thinking like that?” I was a bit blurred. Everyone would say nothing if I went strong from here, but I decided to let it go. I was still not supposed to know the news about the CEO’s stake sale. “What do you think, other directors? I still want to be safe.”

At my words, the directors rolled their eyes fast. ‘Who would they choose, the founder or the first major shareholder?’

They might be worried between their CEO or an investor. But that was just for now, because CEO Ahn Yong-kyun had already sold most of the shares he had. He was just waiting for a public announcement. Then the force would be turned on me rapidly. I kept it for now without a final blow.

“Then please talk to one another and report back tomorrow. I’d like to change the list. I prefer more gentle and comfortable ones than the ones who do the provocative broadcasts.”

That was all I said, and I got up with Secretary Seo and Jang Geun. I was just passing by today, so there were only a few board members present.


That afternoon, there were two news stories at Blue E&M. The first one was one that I’d seen, [CEO Ahn Yong-kyun’s 7% stake was sold.]

The second news was the new one, [The stake of CEO Han Sang-hoon of Invictus Investment is 6.7% and Vice President Jang Sang-jin has 0.3%.]

The reactions of the investors who saw it were mostly like this:

– The stake of a major shareholder has increased. Why did CEO Ahn Yong-kyun sell? Is it personal?-

– CEO Ahn Yong-kyun must have handed over his shares to CEO Han Sang-hoon and Vice President Jang Sang-jin… Whether it’s bad news or good news? Anyway, Investment genius CEO Han Sang-hoon has increased his private stake. It’s good news, right?-

Individual investors seemed to think that this was simply adjusting our holdings in the company. Vice President Jang and I had only picked up what he had sold, but there was such an opinion among them.

– Maybe Han Sang-hoon tried to kick Ahn Yong-kyun out of the company, and this happened.-

In some aspect, their guesses were right, like the net of the sleeping man catching fish. It was not a very wrong guess. No matter how he started a business, no matter if he was a CEO, his power was much lower if he didn’t have a stake in it. His position could be changed by me at any time. There was a real reaction from Blue E&M.

“Boss, you have a call.”


“This is Kim Jung-kyun, vice president of Blue E&M. He wants to talk to you secretly.”

“Really? Put me through to him.”

When I answered the phone, he said in a bright voice, “How are you, boss? I’m Blue E&M’s Kim Jung-kyun.” The voice was familiar, and I matched it with his face.

“Oh, yeah. I saw you this afternoon, right?”

“Yes, boss, nothing but, I agree with what you said today.”

He clung to me quickly and told me such a story. It was a kind of loyalty pledge. CEO Ahn Yong-kyun sold his stake and he was no longer at the CEO level. If he disobeyed me, I could change him any time.

‘You’re a quick-witted man.’ It was not a bad thing to be quick to notice, if he had proper judgment.

“When I heard about it, other directors felt the same way. Everyone’s saying you’re right.”

“What did CEO Ahn Yong-kyun say?”

“I’m not sure. He left work early today because he was sick.”

‘Did he go to report to Tak Joon-gi?’

“Yes, I see. Anyway, I really want the BJ list to be changed a little. I want them not to be on the show. I’m a little…”

“Yes, I think so, sir. I’ll try to make sure that’s the case.”

“Thank you, I’d appreciate it.”

“Yes, boss.”

‘In any case, that BJ Kippa won’t be on the show in the end. If Kim Jung-kyun can’t do it, I’ll do it myself. In addition, if this is done, I’ll ban him for the rest of his life. I don’t want him to be on Sapphire TV again.’


The next morning, at 8:55 a.m. I had some correction news when I received the emails.

[The sexual harassment scandal of BJ Kippa we sent you on August 7th has been corrected by the involvement of a reader…]

Kim Jung-kyun, vice president of the company, must have gathered the directors and confirmed he was out, as I had said.

‘All right, I’ve stopped this…’

I then turned on the HTS and saw the chart of the Blue E&M. Perhaps today was supposed to be a decline in the stock price. The sudden sell-off of the CEO’s stock would be a surprise to the ants, and they would dump their shares, too. Vice President Jang and I took the entire stake and offset the concern. The asking price was at the range of +4%.

‘It was traded at -4%. Then, Tak Joon-gi would have done a huge sell-off with the short stock sale since the short stock sale, which bets on falling stock prices, would benefit from lower stock prices. The short stock sale that has proceeded over the last month is probably the work of Tak Joon-gi. But from today on, he won’t be able to benefit any more. Both of the planned bad news are blocked.

‘That’s not the only thing. If stock prices go up, he should suffer another loss.’

As the market opened, Blue E&M started trading at +4%.

– Han Sang-hoon bought this stock. It should be a big hit.- The news brought a lot of people to buy the stock.

‘Now Tak Joon-gi has to buy back shares that are more expensive, eating mustard in tears. He has been fucked twice, and he must be getting feverish.’ As I thought about it, the phone rang. I answered the phone and heard Secretary Seo’s voice, “Boss, CEO Ahn Yong-kyun is here.”

I thought he’d call, but he came to see me himself.

‘Hmm… what will he say?’ I told Secretary Seo with such thought, “Let him come in.”

Soon, the door opened and Jang Geun came into the president’s office with CEO Ahn Yong-kyun. Jang Geun was supposed to come in together with anyone, for whatever reason. Most people wouldn’t be able to do anything stupid when a 190-centimeter muscular man was watching them from behind.

CEO Ahn Yong-kyun said to me, lowering his head, “Well, I’ve decided to do what you wanted.”

I had already known through the correction news. “Oh, that’s great.”

“And… selling that stake of mine… was because of my personal circumstances. I should have told you in advance. I needed quick cash in a hurry.”

As I listened to him, I thought, ‘He’s lying to the end…’

In fact, I thought he could speak plainly, because I had known all along. I had come all of a sudden and stopped BJ Kippa, and I had bought back all of his stake. I didn’t say anything, but all the circumstances were in my favor, like the case of Bisang Construction. But the difference from the last time was that I no longer intended to be consistent with my ignorance.

I spoke to him, “Yes, I see. Let me ask you just one question.”


“How much did Tak Joon-gi say he would pay you?”

His face was pale when the name came out, and he couldn’t say anything. In fact, it was just a bomb. I already knew. I meant to shut him up.

I continued, “I don’t want to talk too long. You can leave the company by yourself next week… or I’ll open an emergency board meeting next week and fire you.”

When I invested in any company, I had said ‘I don’t touch management or personnel management’, but there was only one exception; when they did something wrong that would obviously result in a loss to our investment. This time, he had nothing more to say, as I had caught him conducting just such an operation.

Ahn Yong-kyun, who had received a fatal blow, answered, his body shaking, “No… what the hell… how…”

I said to Jang Geun with a nod, “Jang Geun, take him outside. I don’t want to see him any more.”

“Yes, boss.” At my words, Jang Geun approached him, grabbed his armpits and almost carried him out of the president’s office.


This was the end of the defense. Now it was time to attack. That afternoon, a message came at just the right time


-Crow has completed his mission. Please decide where and when to get the report.-

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