Cover 12 Hours After Novel Chapter 18 - An Orphan Adopted Into A Chaebol Family, Part II
12 Hours After Novel Chapter 18 - An Orphan Adopted Into A Chaebol Family, Part II
Author :FromHell,프롬헬

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Translator: Khan

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Before the purchase of Jiwoo Entertainment, there was one thing I was worried about.

‘What if the initial price is too high?’

‘Someone may have acquired this merger and acquisition information. Brokers and institutional investors who are looking for stock information are sensitive to this information, because it is big money. Prior to that, the major shareholder, his acquaintances, and senior executives also use internal information to trade stocks.

‘Of course, in this case, it is illegal, and if they get caught by the Fair Trade Commission, they will be handcuffed immediately, but that is not so much because they use a nickname account such as a distant relative or acquaintance. The use of a nickname account is not only open to KOSDAQ, but also to the KOSPI.’

Thirty seconds before the opening, I checked how much the initial price was.

‘Isn’t the price running from the start?’

I feel uneasy. Until yesterday, there was no movement, but if the merger and acquisition information were to spread, the stock price could begin at the upper limit price of the market, around +30%. And then, I would not buy a stock, and I could not help but look at the stock at the upper limit price, like a dog chasing a chicken.

‘Please, let it not go up more than ten percent at the start…’

My concern was complete, baseless anxiety. The initial price was $2.94. The deal was about to start at the -2% level.

‘What is this?’

As a result, I was in a situation where I was afraid of getting off and could not buy, rather than worrying about getting up.

‘No, it surely said that the acquisition would take place today…’

Like the incident of Yuhwan Securities, which went down to -30%, and then was over at -3%, there was no clear information. I had no choice but to look at the stock price in a state of anxiety. I checked the article of 12 Hours After again. I scrolled down and quickly scanned the lower part, not the part I read earlier.


[Jiwoo Entertainment has been a stock under Issues of Administration due to a sudden deterioration in financial statements and the recent unreasonable investment failure. It has solved the current financial problems by receiving the funds of the BEU group. According to an official in the company, this M&A was conducted as a secret matter known only to Kim Dong-il and several board members, and employees of the company, including the famous girl group Nine Tails’ members, were also embarrassed to hear this news in the afternoon.

But as if predicting this confusion, Wang Wei, CEO of the BEU Group, who became the major shareholder through the merger, held a press conference at around 6 pm today and said, “We will make generous investments and support for Jiwoo Entertainment to enter China. I expect that the combination of Jiwoo Entertainment’s excellent human resources and BEU Group’s network in China will create a great synergy.” He reassured Jiwoo Entertainment shareholders, Jiwoo Entertainment artists, and artists’ fans.]


‘This M&A was conducted as a secret matter…’

I was somewhat convinced that people in the company did not know, and it was very likely that this would not have been revealed to institutional investors yet.

‘Institutional investors and foreigners in the first place have little interest in stocks selected as Issues of Administration. If stocks bought with customer’s money are delisted, they will write an apology and explanation.’

‘So… is it just a simple adjustment to go down today? If it is falling as a stock of Issues of Administration… it’s not strange to lose two percent a day… If so, it’s a great opportunity.’

The moment I concluded, the stock market started at 9:00, and the initial price was -2%, $2.94. Unfortunately, the color of the chart was red. In other words, some people were selling their stocks while crying. If they stayed one more day, they might make a profit, but ants could not see a day ahead of them.

I started to buy from there, sharing a little bit of my money, fifty-eight thousand dollars.

‘Yiing. Yiing. Yiing.’ My cell phone was starting to vibrate.

[Buy order is completed.]

[Buy order is completed.]

[Buy order is completed.]

It was the very sound of money-making vibrations that took place at the last meeting. What was a little disappointing was that as it was a stock in Issues of Administration, I could not use a margin account like I did last time. The securities companies implemented the policy in the name of protecting investors, but it was clear that they were afraid of not being able to receive money back if they were delisted, after they lent investors money at margin.

‘Anyway, it doesn’t help a lot…’

I grumbled and continued to put in the buy orders. It was a bit of a pain to do so and I glanced at the other office workers. Everyone was busy with their work. Heo, who was a hindrance in everything, did not bother me today. I put up my work screen and kept buying stocks.

Jiwoo Entertainment’s market capitalization was about thirty million dollars. As it was a very small company in the KOSDAQ, which was crowded with small and medium-sized companies, the stock price edged up 0.1 percent and 0.2 percent with my fifty-eight thousand dollars. But I didn’t care, and I kept buying little by little. But then, by 9:10, suddenly someone else’s buying came in, and the stock price suddenly popped up.

Until just now, it was at -3%, $2.91, but the share prices playing under the negative line turned fast into a plus, at +2%, $3.06. I was a little embarrassed.

‘Who is this all of a sudden?’

The stock that I bought so far was only forty thousand dollars worth, just over two-thirds of the fifty-eight thousand dollars. I still had to buy eighteen thousand dollars more, but the price had gone up because someone else had bought the stock. I swiped through the trading by trade agents.

[The Upper Trading Agents

Duri Finance 168,500

Jinsung Securities 13,100

Merritt 4,000

Jooin Securities 2,000

Kiwi Securities 500]

My account was Jinsung Securities. In a word, I was the second person on that table. But someone was buying stocks at random with a Duri Finance account. I had no choice but to suspect.

‘Someone’s using a borrowed account?’

But there was nothing I could do about it, even if I doubted it. I started buying without looking at the price like before. However, the stock price increased more and more at 3%, 4%, and 5%. I saw every trade volume by trade agents as if a racing player was looking at a rival ahead of him.

Duri Finance 215,500

Hanshin Securities 137,000

Merritt 64,100

PJ Securities 40,000

Jinsung Securities 15,100

Other securities accounts are now scrambling to buy the shares. Now I was sure. Information on merger and acquisition was open on the market. It was just that they didn’t buy it because they were afraid of someone. Then there was only one choice I could make: I would buy shares at market price with all the rest of the money. It was like a customer taking all the money out of his wallet and giving it to a merchant, saying “Give me everything you got.”

But I did not have time to think. I had to buy it cheaper than others.

[Buy order at the market price, full.]

[Buy order is completed.]

My cell phone rang again from my hand. After the buying, I saw my account balance.

Holding Stock

Jiwoo Entertainment

Shares: 19,141

Purchase Price: $3.03(+1%)

Purchase Amount: $57,997

Current Price: $3.21(+7%)

Current Value: $61,442

Profit and Loss: +$3,445

I barely bought the shares at $3.03. I started to buy it when it was at -2%, but it became 1% as I bought it with the price increase.

‘Huh… There was someone who had the information…’

But then, the moment I thought about it, the price of Jiwoo Entertainment skyrocketed, triggering VI, the Volatility Interruption. The current price was $3.33(+11%). The Volatility Interruption was a system that temporarily stopped transactions when the volume of purchases or sales was too high.

‘What is it?’ I saw a trading window. Now it had stopped at the current price of +11%. By the way, the remaining purchase amount was at +30%. It was hung at the upper limit price. I clenched my fist. ‘I hit the jackpot!’

After a while, as VI was released, a little deal took place at the upper limit price of +30%, and after that, the volume of people trying to buy any more stocks was scrambling up to the upper limit price. It was like they seemed to cry out, “Please! Please! Please sell it to me!”

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