Cover 12 Hours After Novel Chapter 194 - The Emperor Who Has Become God, Part IV
12 Hours After Novel Chapter 194 - The Emperor Who Has Become God, Part IV
Author :FromHell,프롬헬

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Translator: Khan

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“They’re ready. Let’s go, boss.”

I followed Secretary Park with a nod. President Kwon Oh-hyuk of OH Entertainment followed me. He seemed nervous, as I looked at him still fiddling around with his tie. I said, lightly putting my hand on his shoulder. “Don’t be too nervous, President Kwon. All you have to do is smile and talk about work.”

“Ah, yes.”

Passing through a few red pillars and pushing through a door bearing two golden dragons, a neat-looking middle-aged man was standing before us. He opened his arms and told me something in fast, high Chinese. “… Han Shèzhǎng.”

What I understood was the last word, ‘Han Shèzhǎng’ which I had been often called in China. I could make a rough estimate of what it meant, without having to listen to the interpretation of Secretary Lee.

I responded to him in the Chinese that I had practiced this morning. “Rènshí nǐmen hěn gāoxìng.” It meant, ‘Nice to meet you.’

He shook hands with me and offered me a seat opposite him. The person facing me was Longjingquan, the Shanghai Party Secretary. He was a promising politician who had grasped Shanghai’s power at a young age. Shanghai was capitalistic enough to be called the economic capital of China, so he was the best target for me to gain a foothold into Chinese politics.

“Rènshí nǐmen hěn gāoxìng.” He greeted me and Kwon with a smile, as our side was the one holding the money.

‘Although not official, the Chinese Communist Party usually divides into three factions: the Communist Youth League of China run by Hu Jintao; the current leader Xi Jinping’s fellow Princelings, the Crown Prince Party; and Jiang Zemin’s Shanghai Clique. With Xi Jinping’s prolonged rule, the power of the Communist Youth League of China and Shanghai Clique was greatly reduced, but the financial crisis recently helped them to rise again.’

I was thinking of keeping China’s nationalist hardliners in check by pushing this Shanghai Clique. In this way, I would benefit the economy and reduce the security threat to our country. Since Longjingquan was the next leading figure in the Shanghai Clique, just working with him and enhancing his stature would help me achieve my goal. To him, I, who was the richest man in Korea, and the owner of a 1.2 trillion dollar investment company, would be also helpful. He seemed to be well aware of that, too.

I spoke to him through Secretary Lee, “There’s a saying that the ground hardens after the rain. There have been tough times in recent years, but I think China’s economy is going to get back on its feet.”

I was a little sorry that I was saying such a thing, but I was serious about it. China was still a country with 1.4 billion people and great potential, although it had been hit hard by the U.S. for its rapid growth.

Secretary Lee conveyed the words of Longjingquan, the Shanghai Party Secretary. “In the process, I hope President Han, Korea`s richest man, will help us a lot.”

“Of course. Ah… Before I start talking about business, I have a present from Korea. Please take it.”

I looked at Secretary Park as Secretary Lee continued the words I had prepared. Secretary Park brought him the gift box he was carrying. Inside it was a Goryeo celadon-style teacup and kettle set. The teacup had a crane on it, and the kettle was shaped like a turtle. The color had the unique jade color of Goryeo celadon.

“I have heard that the Chinese like tea, so I prepared it.”

The teacup of the Goryeo celadon seemed a little different to his eyes, who had seen so many high-end goods as a power of the Communist Party.

“Oh, yes.” He looked at the teacup with a grin, and opened the turtle’s back. His eyes widened slightly. He looked at me and said, “They’re so beautiful in color. Thank you, President Han.”

I thought as I listened to him, ‘He is a person who has come all the way up here, avoiding the checks of the Princelings of the Crown Prince Party.’

There was a USB in the turtle he just saw, which had the information Crow had gathered, needed for him to rise higher in the Communist Party. It wasn’t my preferred way of doing things, but it was essential in China, where the state media was still powerful and freedom of speech was not high.

I replied, “The turtle is a symbol of longevity, isn’t it? I think… If you drink tea from this kettle, you’ll live longer.”

He seemed to have understood my message 100%. “Thank you for the precious gift. Let’s take the tea from this kettle and drink it today.”

At his thin smile, I recalled Senator William Turner on the other side of the world.

‘Most people who have come up to this position have similar aspects. Their background, personality and appearances are different, but there is a strong desire for power. I give a sword to a man of ambition, and he will brandish it himself. And then, gradually, he will be subordinate to me.’

I moved on to the next item on the agenda, as if nothing had happened. “Then let’s talk about the opening of the hundredth View Box. President Kwon of OH Entertainment, who’s sitting next to me, will explain the event.”


My first goal, my power expansion in the U.S. and China, went ahead as scheduled. If I tracked Senator William Turner in the U.S. news and Longjingquan in the Chinese news, I could easily see their progress. There was no immediate news of them taking office as the U.S. president or as premier of China, but they would soon be if I worked on it.

‘It’s only a matter of time before I get power in the two countries. It means that I will become a world power, beyond Korea. What I want will happen, and what I don’t want won’t happen.’

I then turned toward the second goal: peaceful reunification with North Korea.

North Korea wanted to keep its economy open, although there were complicated problems that could not be compromised with South Korea, such as communism, and a hereditary succession. It was moving slightly from pro-China to pro-U.S., with a long period of U.S. economic sanctions and looking at the financial crisis of its ally, China. Ideology used to be important in the past, but as times changed, economic power became more important.

‘In any case, the fate of South and North Korea are similar. It’s something the superpowers are aware of. Historically, the situation on the Korean Peninsula is always the same.’

In the old Joseon dynasty and the Gwanghaegun era, it was a matter of choice between the Qing dynasty and the Ming dynasty; at the end of the Joseon dynasty, it was between the Qing dynasty and Japan; during the liberation period it was between the USA and USSR, and now it was between USA and China.

‘In order to avoid this constant conflict, the Korean people have no choice but to be strong themselves. That can never be done in an environment where South Korea and North Korea antagonize one another. How can the nation become stronger when it is pouring tens of billions of dollars into the 38th Parallel, and it is difficult to exert all its energy out of the sea? The reality is that we cannot overpower even Japan, let alone the U.S., China, or Russia.’

I was busy trying to break this point.


“What about it, boss?”

I pushed the pad I was holding forward, and said, “It’s good just in this way concerning economic cooperation.”

Chung So-young, the president of Oracle News, ruffled her bobbed hair and focused on the part I pointed at. “I see.”

“There was a coercive statement urging large companies to participate, but they’ve changed a little bit, right?”

What had I pointed out was an editorial in Oracle News, which I’d drafted, and a professional reporter had edited a little. Before publishing, the article needed to be passed over by me for final approval, and then it would be placed on the Internet. When President Joo Sung-won saw this, he would base his policy with this.

“Ah, yes. It had a little strong expression, and I was afraid that it would be against the friendly readers from the big corporations. I toned it down a bit. Should I change it back to the original?”

“Yes. Let’s go to the original.”

“Yes. I’ll do as you say.” Chung So-young bowed her head and started to leave.

I looked at her back and told her, “President Chung.”

She looked back at me. I added, “Don’t consider the big companies too much. Our company is the largest.”

Chung once again bowed her head to me. “Ah yes, boss.”


After Chung went outside, I picked up the phone and called Secretary Park.

“Yes, boss?”

“I think I’ll have the meeting today after a long time.”

“The meeting?”

“You know the meeting, right?”

“Ah, yes, I see. I will tell the executives of each company.”

“Yes, please. The date is…” I looked at the calendar and said the date I wanted. “We’d better do it next Thursday. The place is… Let’s go to the hotel lounge like last time. It was comfortable and nice.”

“Yes, sir.”

The meeting was none other than what had been previously called the Garden Royale. I didn’t bother to call it by that name now, but the people attending were the same. They were the third and fourth generation of big corporations, except for one person, Tak Mun-su. Ever since Tak Mun-su had been arrested and sentenced to twenty years in prison, I hadn’t heard any word from the meeting again, but when our company’s market capitalization exceeded a trillion dollars, I started calling them back. I wanted them to cooperate with what I wanted to do. In the past they used to treat me as a newly rich man, but now I was really rich, and they were just so-so.

The purpose of the meeting was simple. As I wrote in my editorial, I was going to encourage them to invest in North Korea. Pulling the president in using an editorial, pushing big business owners in meetings, and doing so, everything would go as I planned, and as I wished.

Having sent President Chung and Secretary Park to work separately, I checked the remaining schedule. I was finished for today.

‘Shall I go home then?’ I got up from my seat. These days, I often went home as early as possible after work, since I missed my daughter and son. Four-year-old Seo-hyun, who had just started to speak, and one-year-old Se-hyun, who just passed Doljabi, were the center of my life. I simply packed my bag and headed for the door.

“Where are you going?” The two secretaries outside got up from their seats.

I sent them down with my hands and said, “Home. I’m going home.”

“Yes, boss.”

Leaving my two secretaries, I stood in front of the elevator and pressed the up button. Soon the elevator arrived, and I got in and pressed the penthouse floor where my family was waiting.

I had served as the leading investor in the global economy, the secret power that drove global politics, and as the owner of a company with thousands of employees… but my favorite position was right there, the father of Seo-hyun and Se-hyun.

“Penthouse.” At the same time as the mechanical voice spoke, the door opened and the voice of my daughter Seo-hyun chimed out, “Wow, it’s Dad!”

I caught my daughter, who was running at me extremely fast. “You will be hurt. Slow down!”

From within came my wife with Se-hyun. Thanks to her natural beauty, she was still pretty and lovely.

“You left work early.”

I hugged Seo-hyun and looked at Se-hyun, who was being held by my wife. While earning a few trillions of dollars, sometimes I had a scream-pleasing moment of pleasure, but I didn’t think there was a happier time than when I was with my family at home.

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