Cover 12 Hours After Novel Chapter 37 - Gold Class, Part II
12 Hours After Novel Chapter 37 - Gold Class, Part II
Author :FromHell,프롬헬

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Translator: Khan

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1. Would you like to pay $500,000 and use the Gold Class service from tomorrow? Y/N

2. You must agree to the automatic withdrawal from Gold Class. Do you agree? Y/N

3. Please enter the bank and number of the account you want to withdraw from automatically.

※ The deposit will be made at 8 a.m. tomorrow. At the same time, you will receive a Gold Class guide.

※ Skills are available from Gold Class. Please check the guide.

※ Please use the Customer Service to change your payment account number in the future and to raise your class up and down.

Something was clumsy, but there was a contract coming up. I read it carefully.

‘They’ll give me a guide tomorrow at 8:00. Skill…’

I clicked Y, Y, and entered the stock account number that contained $1,500,000. Then I gulped once and finally pressed the “Application” button.

[Gold Class subscription is complete. Thank you.]


The next morning, I went to work faster and earlier than usual. I hoped there were few people there at 8:30, but when I came at 8, there was really no one.

‘It’s nice to be able to concentrate.’

I knocked on the keyboard to get the email, thinking that way. But the moment it was from 7:59 to 8:00, my cell phone rang first. ‘Yiing.’

There was a message.

[The withdrawal of $500,000 has been completed. You will be promoted to Gold Class immediately. Please check the guidebook in your mail.]

I entered the mail site at the same time as I watched the MTS on my cell phone. In the stock balance, $500,000 was gone like a ghost. And I had an email fifty-five minutes earlier than usual.

[Gold Class Guide]

These guys did a good job. I clicked on it.


[Skill Guide]

[Starting with Gold Class, you can get upgraded news with active and passive skills added. Each skill can be used and enhanced by investing points. The cooldown time of the active skill is based on the same 30 days as the subscription period. Each skill requires the same skill point as the level up.

ex) 2 Level Enhancement = 2 points; 4 Level Enhancement = 4 points]


Finally, there was a story about the skill that I was curious about. I looked down on the scroll.


[There are currently three different skills available in the Gold Class. Skill points currently not allocated are 2 points.

People search Lv1 (Active Skill)

Search the name of a person to receive additional news. The search term can only contain the last name and the first name of Korean characters, and if you have the same name, you can get other people’s news, and if you don’t have news with that name, you won’t get any news at all. You can change the name you enter every day.

Ranking News Lv1 (Active Skill)

In a specific category of 12 Hours After, you can get a news item that has high cumulative views for one hour. Only available once a month.

Additional News Lv1 (Passive Skill)

Get another news item at 8:55 p.m. The contents are the same as the existing news, and active skills can be used the same.]


I slowly finished reading it. Then I read the information again, going back and forth.

‘I need one point per level. Then I can’t pick one two consecutive times and take the second level… I can only pick two out of three and upload them at level one.’

I went down the scroll a little further. Like in a game of character creation, there was a button next to it.

[Select – Cost 1 Skill Point]

‘Well, I think this is a matter of careful choice.’

I looked at the monitor for a moment and thought about which would be the most helpful. Number one was a little difficult. People Search. Conditions were tricky, as they described.

‘Only by name… I am going to get the same name.’

There was an incident that came to my mind first as I read the explanation. It was the most recent election for the mayor of Seoul.

‘Last time, if I had searched for Joo Sung-won or Lee Hee-chul, it would have been an easy game. But you want me to use it for that?’

It wouldn’t be bad. The last time in the case of the political theme, the Me Too scandal was so nuclear to political news that even if I chose the “Politics” category, I would continue to receive news about it, but I would not have been able to receive it in that particular way.

‘But if I have this characteristic, I will be able to track the news of any celebrity in politics as well as in other fields, like the president, the prime minister, or the high-ranking government official of the Ministry of Finance and Economy. Or I’ll find out what the big company president or CEO, or the big business, or the strong business people are talking about.

‘It looks good. I think I can get a lot more refined information than usual. Money stories. But if the name I’m searching for is not famous, or if it’s too common, I won’t get the information I want.

‘Well… but I think it’ll be very useful if I keep that in mind.’

I went over it a second time. The second skill was ranking news. It would show the news with the highest number of views in the next twelve hours.

‘I don’t think it’s bad. First of all, it’s the hottest news, so it’d be nice to use it well. However, it should be remembered that the hottest news may not have anything to do with money.

‘In addition, it’s only once a month. That’s a bit disappointing, too. The name search above gives me one more news item all month, and only once. It feels a little hard. I think it’s time-concentrated or something.’

I went over the third skill for now.

‘Skill No. 3 is the only passive skill. It’s the simplest, the most intuitive. The news shows 12 Hours After at 8:55 p.m. one more time after 12 hours. Not bad. If I think simply, the chance to make money seems to double. But if I get it in the evening, I’m going to hear what would happen in the morning. Then, it wouldn’t be hard to apply to the stock market.

‘It’s 8:55 p.m., twelve hours from then, it’s 8:55 a.m. the next morning. That means other people will know the news before the market opens. I can’t make money on the news that everyone knows. If this helps, it may only be meaningful when I trade overseas stocks or options, like the United States and Brazil, that are in the opposite side of the world from Korea.’

‘It could be helpful, or shall I move on?’

I agonized for a moment with my arms folded. People Search certainly looked better than the other two. I didn’t have any specific ideas on how to use it right away, but I thought I would get used to it. I was worried about number two and number three.

‘No. 2? Ranking news? Only once? People only click the provocative news: there’s been a mass assault, and there’s a celebrity scandal or an incident. Then it’s no use for me. Number three? Shall I turn my eyes overseas? I have $1,000,000 now, so shall I move on? Shouldn’t it be worth $10,000,000?’

But I was thinking like that, there was something that came through my mind.

‘Wait a minute… Culture… Life category…’

Due to its characteristics, the Life/Culture category was so dense and there were too many topics related to everyday life that there was not enough news to click on. There was no interesting news of an incident that was going to cause a click in time. So, considering the news, there was nothing but an extremely dusky, time-consuming article like.

[You can do it, too. How to manage the time to grind a cat’s hair.]

[Tomorrow, it will rain all over the country. Take your umbrella with you.]

[A woman who is sexually harassed in her daily life. A new novel that tells the story of the socially weak.]

It was not a place where there was news that came with lots of view counts, except for one time, 8:40 on Saturday night. There was only one news that people would click on a lot.

‘The lottery number!’

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