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12 Hours After Novel Chapter 4 - Train To Seoul
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I woke up from sleep. I looked at the window and saw the sun coming in between the blinders. I opened the blinders and greeted the morning sun for a while.

‘Whew…’ Even though the warm sunshine had heated up my skin, I still seemed to be dreaming.

‘What was it? Yesterday’s meeting?’

It was a strange meeting. They gave me a cell phone for nothing, but grown-ups used nicknames.

‘… wasn’t it all an exaggerated production? To give a sense of mystery?’

I picked up the cell phone. I saw the conversations they had yesterday.

– It was fun today.

– It was fun, everyone.

There was no stock story, and only a very useless greeting. It was an incomprehensible gathering.

‘The most incomprehensible of all…’

I picked up my cell phone, entered the portal site, and searched for ‘Tak Joon-gi’.

There was a man in his forties wearing glasses. The profile read, ‘Suyeon Travel Director.’

‘Why is he doing this?’

The Master T who hosted the meeting was this person, director Tak Joon-gi. I had been suspicious since I heard that name from Kaiji yesterday.

‘Isn’t Mr. Tak… a person from Suyeon Group?

Suyeon Group was a chaebol in the top ten groups in Korea, in the third generation of the chaebol group set up by the founder Tak Jin-woon during the Japanese colonial rule. Chairman Tak Jin-woon had three wives in his lifetime, and Tak Joon-gi was the second son of his fourth son by his second wife. So Tak Joon-gi was a grandson, far from the center of the group, and the director of a group travel company, not a core business unit like chemistry and electronics.

‘Why is the chaebol III doing this? Because he has too much money? Or he has seen too many comic books?

‘It seems like he is playing this strange geek because he has too much money.

‘Anyway, the information they gave me… what about it?’

All I had to do was earn money. Therefore, I decided to look for the stocks that they announced at the meeting. First, Future Media. It was set to open a zombie blockbuster, Train to Seoul.

‘If it’s September 5th, that’s today.’

‘This is a definite material. A movie distributed by a movie distributor makes money when it hits the box office. I don’t need to look for its earnings surprises. Sales are up by the number of moviegoers. If the first day’s assessment is good, the stock price could rise. However, the stock price is already quite up in anticipation. It’s a little scary to go into since the movie could be awful. Well…’

I watched it for a while, then looked for the zombie film. 8:20 today was the first showing. It was 8:05 now. Fortunately, a movie theater was within a three-minute walk from my studio. I started taking a shower right away.


“Son. Did you finish your pee? Why don’t you come out? Are you all right?”

The man opened the bathroom door carefully, but there was a boy who had turned into a zombie. The man was surprised. The son who had turned into a zombie bit his dad’s throat. “Aaaaaaaaargh!”

At the same time, the woman in front of me screamed. “Oh, my God!”

I also held my hands together, they were a little slippery. They were literally sweaty hands.

‘It’s fun. It’s a well-made film.’

Sometimes the plot was noticeable, but the direction was very good. I was immersed in it without knowing it.

‘I think it’s going to be a good show.’

I held up my cell phone. It was 8:52.

I was almost late seeing the movie. I turned on the app and opened the mailbox. To do this, I got a back seat in the theater on purpose, so as not to let the lights on my cell phone interfere with others. It had only been half an hour since the movie started, but I had a feeling that this movie would be a great hit. 8:55. As soon as I got the email, I put ‘Kang Joon-ik’ in the People Search.

[Thank you for the support of director Kang Joon-ik.]

It was up. I clicked on the article.

[The Director of the zombie movie Train To Seoul, Kang Joon-ik, thanked the audience. The movie released today…]

‘Not like this.’

I ran through the article quickly. What I wanted was a specific number. In the middle of the article, there was the number I wanted.

[Train To Seoul, which was released today, was a big hit today alone, drawing sixty-four thousand viewers from across the country. The combined number of people who made reservations for the evening show are estimated to exceed eighty thousand…]

Eighty thousand viewers on the first day. I didn’t know how amazing it was. I read the article through. Unfortunately, there was no story that Future Media shares had risen by a few percents.

‘Do I have to buy this stock? Shouldn’t I?’

I’d like to buy it if that’s the way it was, but I was reluctant to buy it because of the suspicious meeting.

– Is this a trap? No, no matter how good the information is, we can’t predict the number of viewers. It’s a movie, it’s a novel. It’s the realm of God to predict what’s going to be a big hit…-

I turned on the MTS. Future Media was starting at $42. At +0%, the trading was about to begin. They said they were not sure whether the movie would be successful or not. I would be the only one in the world who knew how many people were watching today at this hour.

But the fact was that it had already been recommended here. Other rich people were paying attention to the stock. Some people already bought and held it.

‘If I go in now, someone’s going to make money. I can’t help it. The information was slower than others, so let’s pay a little premium and buy it. It’s stupid to miss the chance in order to buy it too cheap. It’s too risky to inject all $7,000,000. Let’s buy $2,000,000 or $3,000,000.’

I bought the stock at nine o’clock.

Wi-ying! At the same time as the buy order was completed, the scream of zombies intersected. Geuwoeoeoeoeo!

I kept buying while watching the movie. Wi-ying! Wi-ying! Wi-ying!

The stock price rose gradually after the start of the market. Few people would watch a movie at this time. Someone, including me, kept buying it.

‘Are they the Garden Envy people?’

I was not sure, but they might also be included. In any case, I bought about $2,000,000 worth of stocks from 0% to 5% today. The average price was about +3%. Then I continued to watch the movie.

‘It’s fun until the middle, but it could be ruined after the second half…’

But it was fun until the end. I also liked the occasional gags and humanism. And as I left the movie, everyone else there gave favorable comments.

“Wow, that was funny.”

“I had fun, too. I’ll have my mom see it.”

It was not rational to decide on the purchase after listening to the individual’s assessment, but I wanted to buy more because I also enjoyed watching the movie. I opened the MTS and bought another $1,000,000. The unit price rose to +4%. Now I decided to wait a little while. But in the middle of it, I suddenly remembered.

‘That’s right. What’s the community saying?’

I picked up the second cell phone at the thought. I brought it with me on purpose. I was wondering what they were saying. I caught a Wi-Fi wandering around in the movie theater and entered the ‘Garden Envy’ app. Several chats were coming and going at the beginning of the market on the subject of this movie.


– The audience’s favorable. Even the critic I know says this will be a commercial success.


– I’ve seen it, too. It’s going to be easy ten million people. I’m buying too.


– I don’t like it.

This looked like an ordinary stock chat room.

‘Well, they took all the forms as they were… It’s normal again.’

I turned on the MTS and saw the stock price. $43.40. Up by +3%. It was normal. I didn’t earn or lose money. Still, I watched the stock price for a while. In 12 Hours After, the number of the first-day audience was 800,000 viewers and it said it was a big hit. But then, the number also came out at Garden Envy.

Triple K

– Mega Cinema Information. First-day results are estimated to be between 600,000 and 700,000. If it’s this big, it’s a big buy.

Between 600,000 and 700,000 people. It was less than 800,000 people, but it was still close.

‘Well, it’s the information of the movie theater. But the information I have is more accurate.’

I snorted and moved on to the stock price with MTS, but then the stock price went up. It was soaring.

[$46.20 (+8%)]

‘What is it this?’ As soon as this chat came up, the stock price went up. Someone must have thought it was credible information. I thought for a moment looking at it.



By the end of lunchtime, I was looking at two cell phones, eating sandwiches. First, in Garden Envy, some comments came up.

Dr. J.

– After buying, I put it on the doctors’ community. Thank you very much for your information.

Kim Gum-mo

– I bought it, too, and then I posted it on my law school website. I hope it has a lot of resilience.

Yoo PD

– I heard it was scheduled to be broadcast in Today’s Money.

In this way, they were trying to boost its stock price by burning information. It was a kind of manipulation. According to the MTS, the stock price, which had remained stagnant at 8%, rose 10% and 12% slowly over time.

‘… they’re obviously looking to sell one another.’

However, the stock price continued to rise. 14%. 16%. 18%. I watched it and sold it when my earnings reached $300,000. I didn’t have any solid information. I only ate as much as I wanted. After I sold my stocks in bulk, the stock started to adjust slightly. I looked toward the Garden Envy chat window.


– Somebody sold it. Approximately $3,000,000.

Do-joon’s mom

– I’ve bought about $1,000,000. Let’s go further.

Jin Sun-saeng English

– Isn’t it unconditionally holding the upper limit price?

‘I don’t think it’s going to be much higher. But I don’t know. In fact, if the buying money is bigger than the selling money, the stock price goes up.’

However, I didn’t buy it anymore and watched its price trend. The stock started going up higher even after I sold it, as if to go to the upper limit price. But suddenly there was a huge sell-off. The stock price that had gone as far as +22% fell down to +12%.

Do-joon’s mom

– What’s going on?

Jin Sun-saeng English

– Ah, I was so greedy. I’ll sell it with a loss.


– I’m –5%… I’m holding it.

There were also people who sold it with a loss. I waited for the market to end. Future media ended at +8%. In other words, some people lost money.

‘Well, even if they’re good at it, they’re rich ants. By the way, biting the source is not bad and the information is fast. It’s a good place for me to stay.

‘It’s just like an information fast reading club. I think that the concept is a bit weird. It won’t hurt if I use them as much as I can. In addition, seeing the resilience of the stock market, these people have their own money and the ability to invest other people’s money. I will buy first and then slowly spread the information to profit and get out.

‘The rich communicate neatly with one another, and the people who come in late complain little. I don’t know if it’s because of pride. If I refer to 12 Hours After, I can shine more and more here and I can affect the people who listen to the rich indirectly.

‘Next is the new drug, and the duty-free shops. I am sure they are good at smelling money here.’

I decided to use these people as my hunting dogs!

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